Beauty Routine: A Practical Guide 2019

Establishing a beauty routine will ensure that you treat everything you need for your skin, hair, nails without forgetting anything and in a well-organized manner. After all, no one wants to come in at the time of the party and have their whole skin dry or their hair dull. No need to spend hours in the bathroom looking for a product that is lost in the closet!

It is important to adopt the habit of performing treatments, such as exfoliate the skin, do capillary hydration or apply a repair mask with certain frequency, on certain days. In the midst of a troubled routine, this habit will consolidate gradually, with little effort. This may be weekly, but others should be done every day, so here are precious tips in the form of routine beauty guide, with an ideal daily routine and then a weekend routine, to make it easier.

Put an order in any mess!

The first step in achieving a daily beauty routine is to organize all of your products, preferably in one place. Make life easier by putting them all on a surface and check what is in the expiration date and / or what is still useful to you; whatever it is. Once you are sure that you are keeping just what you need, the next step is to organize them in a box, so that you can find everything quickly.

Some beauty procedures like exfoliating the skin or doing a deep moisturizing in the hair are not necessary to do daily; therefore, these products can be kept in a separate place to not occupy so much space.

The makeup can be divided by style, for example:

  • The light ones, that you use daily, can be in a separate bag while the heavier makeup, used only in parties be kept in a separate bag.
  • The brushes can be put together. These small selections, in addition to keeping everything very well organized, also prevents you from wasting time looking for the ideal product for every occasion.

Daily beauty routine: indispensable care

Among the procedures and actions that must be done every day, the skincare routine is one of which you should give more importance and dedicate more time, so we will divide the ‘tasks’ by periods of the day:

Upon waking

  • Some people prefer to take a shower early, if you are one of them, avoid the very hot ones: at most leave the water warm. The ideal would be to use cold water. Your hair and skin feels good, as the hot water dries a lot and leaves the oily hair in the root;
  • Wash your body with an ideal soap for your skin type (if in doubt, consult a dermatologist) and wipe your face with a specific soap for this purpose, preferably neutral. After the bath, pass the moisturizer normally, with the body still moist, for the skin to absorb it better;
  • For those who just take that quick pass in the bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their faces, do not forget the cold water. In that case, it’s even good to wake up. After cleansing, use a tonic or a saline solution to balance the pH and return the mineral salts to your skin. After that, apply a light face cream to moisturize;
  • In both situations, right after the moisturizer, you cannot forget the sunscreen. In addition to preventing melanomas, it avoids photo-aging, which is, the appearance of the famous wrinkles and expression marks caused by the sun.


  • Throughout the day our skin usually accumulates a lot of dirt, so when you go to the bathroom to get your makeup done, use it and use a moistened wipe to clean your face – you will be surprised at the amount of dirt that will come out!
  • Re-apply the sunscreen and you’re done. Your skin is ready to be re-made and you’ll be more than ready for the second part of your day. Alternatively, you can use a BB Cream, which moisturizes and still gives that little one, or else a powder with a protection factor.
  • Throughout the day, use a moisturizer for the hands and enjoy to pass also on the elbows, which become quite dry;
  • Do not forget the lips; keep them always moisturized, especially in winter, whether with lipstick, lip balm or cocoa butter.
  • Do not forget to drink lots of water too! Consuming approximately two liters per day, in addition to doing well for your health, will prevent your skin from looking dry. Also, focus on a healthy diet and rich in antioxidant ingredients, such as salmon, saffron, olive oil, citrus and red fruits, carrots, cabbage, etc .;
  • If you think you are not getting enough vitamins, include a daily supplement. Look for a complex with vitamins A, C, and E, very important in maintaining youthful and beautiful skin, as they fight free radicals and favor the production of collagen, responsible for its firmness. They also help in the fight against acne and leave hair and nails strong and beautiful.

Before bedtime

Taking care of your skin before bed makes a big difference in the quality of your sleep; you will feel much lighter and more relaxed. The steps to the face are similar to those made in the morning:

  • Remove makeup completely ;
  • Clean and tone your skin – a good choice is to use micelles water because it cleans deeply the pores, which accumulate a lot of pollution and dirt during the day, as well as make and skin the skin.
  • Apply an anti-aging serum – choose one with retinol, which promotes cell renewal;
  • Lastly, apply the night moisturizer. Take a few minutes to massage your face while applying the cream, which will help relax your muscles and prevent wrinkles;
  • Another essential procedure, but, which should not be done every day, but 3 times a week, is the exfoliation. As for exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead cells and unclog the pores, it is ideal to take advantage of the bath and do a complete exfoliation both on the body and on the face, to leave the skin soft and shiny again.

How to care for your hair

Just like the skin, hair varies from woman to woman and specific products should be prioritized depending on their type: dry, oily, smooth, curly, with chemistry … Likewise, how often they should be washed changes according to its type, with the climate of the region where you live or with the activities practiced (gym for example). However, some cautions are general:

  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair;
  • Always apply a thermal protector before using a flat iron or dryer;
  • Use vegetable oils in length and / or tips after washing (rosehip or grape seed are great options);
  • Comb gently so as not to break the strings and gradually untwist.

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Beauty routine for weekends

Usually, it is the weekends when we have more free time and we can carry out more time-consuming treatments – and that demand more work. Also, since there are things that do not need to be done daily, you can book a space on the Saturday or Sunday agenda to devote to this special weekend beauty routine.

After all, it is not because some specific procedure is not part of your daily care that it ceases to be a routine procedure. Some treatments are recommended at least once every fortnight, such as:

  • Do a deep skin cleansing in a beautician, take off the eyebrows and do epilation (with wax can last up to 25 days; if you shave, you will have to do this more often);
  • For other details, such as doing the nails, moisturizing the hair and applying a face mask, once a week is an ideal periodicity.

Taking care of your beauty goes beyond aesthetics; it will make you feel confident and much more willing. Being good with you is the most important step to getting on with the world. And creating a beauty routine will do very well for your self-esteem, in addition to making you always beautiful and ready to rock!

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