The Best Bathroom Scales for 2019

If you are looking for the best personal scale, you will find that making the decision is not as easy as you might think, because the choice is very large and you also have to choose between digital and analog scales and different materials. Of course, it is also important that the scale is accurate, but this is not obvious at first glance. It is therefore all the more important to deal intensively with the various models. If you do not have the time, but you still want to make a good purchase decision, you can also follow our recommendation, because we have already taken the research work.

What to consider when buying personal bathroom scales

Finding the best personal scale doesn’t seem to be a big problem. But once you have looked at the range of models, it becomes harder to find the right model from the best personal scales in 2019. When you buy, you should first decide on a type of scale and then pay attention to accuracy, price range and appearance within the category.


A basic distinction is made between analogue and digital personal scales. In comparison, the new digital models – which provide much more accurate measurement results than analog models – perform much better. In price comparison, however, the analogue models are usually still ahead, apart from a few design pieces. The recommendation here, however, is clearly in the direction of the digital models, because even if you are simply looking for a low-cost personal scale that displays accurate measurement results, you will find what you are looking for here.

There is an almost infinite variety of different models on the market. These range from scales that match the decor of your bathroom to traditional analogue models with needles and high-tech devices that store weight changes of several people over a period of time and can display them on the illuminated display. Choosing the right type for your needs is therefore a matter of meeting your needs, benefits and ultimately your budget. You should therefore be clear in advance what you expect from the personal scale. Do you need to measure very accurately, or do you don’t mind minor deviations and do you attach more importance to a well-tuned appearance that suits your ambience in the bathroom? This is undoubtedly the decisive selection criterion above all others.

Once you have found the best type for your needs, you should set yourself a budget and compare the models in question in terms of value for money. In the top 5 list of test winners you will find different models for different requirements, so that you already have a good indication of price ranges, functions and types. If you orientate yourself on this, you will quickly find the right model for you and your family. When determining your requirements, it helps to attach importance to factors such as maximum load capacity, smallest measuring unit, available modes and options, memory space for several users (if you require weight monitoring) as well as a large – if necessary illuminated – display and a sufficiently large appearance area.

You should also consider in advance whether you want to measure more than just your weight. For example, some scales allow you to determine the body fat percentage (pay attention here to tests for accuracy, there are large discrepancies here) or the BMI. Finally, the question is whether you are more of a high-tech junkie, or more of a nostalgic appearance or simple operation value.


As mentioned before, the digital models have a clear advantage here, as they determine the weight much more precisely than analogue scales. The oscillation of the display needle is also a thing of the past here, as is the balancing that was common on analogue models before you got on the scales.

If, however, you don’t attach so much importance to a very high accuracy, you also have the choice between many very inexpensive analogue personal scales when choosing a suitable scale. Analog scales can also still shine in terms of operability. Some digital scales have the disadvantage – especially in the low-budget range – that you have to make new settings each time before ascending because they are not stored. This includes, for example, height, gender, etc. when you determine the BMI. These models therefore fall far behind the analogue models in terms of user-friendliness and you should prefer a good analogue scale to a very inexpensive digital scale if it has weaknesses in handling.

Although weight is certainly not the decisive factor in determining physical health, it is still an important factor. If you want to use it as a health indicator, be careful not only to determine your exact weight but also to determine supporting values such as body fat percentage and BMI as a guideline. Because then you have with a good personal scale over years a useful helper for the determination of extensive health data directly at your feet.

Budget and appearance

A good and exact scale with a good illuminated display to determine and display the exact weight is already available at a price between 15 and 25 dollars. The more functions you need, the more expensive the models become. It is recommended not to buy a very cheap scale, which promises very extensive functions. Here is usually saved at some place – and no matter at which place, it leads to trouble. If the material processing is bad, you will not enjoy the scale for long. If the technology is bad, the scale will refuse the service completely or show inaccurate values for example with the body fat determination. If you want a lot of technology, you have to be aware that you also have to pay considerably more than for a simple device.

When choosing the right optics, you should not ignore the safety aspect! Chic models with glass treads are beautiful, but often impractical because they become slippery when wet – unfavourable for use in a bathroom!

Personal scale test winner – Top 5

Who doesn’t know it: The old suffering with personal scales: Depending on how they stand or on which scale one climbs, each time a different weight is displayed and one doesn’t really know what is going on at all.

In the test you find the best personal scales in 2019, whereby all digital models indicate the weight to 100 gram exactly and the result is also reliable. So you no longer have to look for an exact personal scale, because this criterion is fulfilled with all models. The only mechanical personal scale that made it into the list of the best personal scales in 2019 in the tested entry-level price range is the Korona model.

1. TFA Dostmann Jazz 50.1001.54

The digital personal scale from Dostmann was the test winner. The model captivated in the test above all by the high load capacity up to 200 kilograms with nevertheless 100-gram accurate display. In addition, the display is very easy to read and is equipped with a backlight.

The scale switches on automatically when you step on it, eliminating the need to switch it on and off. In addition, the extra brite step surface of 38 x 33 was convincing in the test, so that it is also excellently suited for people who live on big feet.

The scale was also convincing in the long-term test and the DMS sensors reliably provided good and accurate results.

The scale is equipped with a continuous surface of frosted glass and has a very minimalist design. This is the only criterion that the one or the other tester was a little disturbed by, because there is still a little potential for improvement in terms of optics. Nevertheless, the exact personal scale from Dostmann is absolutely recommendable and convinced in all areas.

The test winner of TFA Dostmann convinced by a simple design and an overall good price-performance ratio, which it solidly processed and up to 200 kilograms load. However, the model is not suitable for everyone. You can quickly see the advantages and disadvantages of the scale from the following overview.


  • High load capacity: The scale can be loaded up to 200 kilograms, making it particularly suitable for heavier people.
  • Minimalist design: Less is sometimes more. Thanks to the continuous glass surface and the large illuminated display with easily readable numbers, the model is simple, but blends smoothly into its surroundings.
  • Good sensors: Thanks to the good sensors that TFA Dostmann has installed in the scales, the measuring accuracy is very good and accurate to 100 grams, so you can also rely on the displayed weight.


  • Slippery surface: As already mentioned in the test report, the scale can become very smooth in damp conditions due to the frosted glass tread surface! You should bear this in mind if you want to weigh yourself after a shower or bath. If the glass mists up, there is a risk of an accident.

 2. Soehnle 61350 PWD SilverSense

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The Soehnle digital scales – like all tested models – are within the same price range. The SilverSense measures 100 grams accurately up to a load limit of 150 kilograms and can also be switched between kg and st/lb.

The dial is also very easy to read, but unlike the test winner it is not equipped with a backlight.

On the other hand, some testers liked the design of the scale slightly better than that of the test winner. Because transparent safety glass and a metal frame were used. The overall workmanship is high-quality and chic.

Just like the test winner, Soehnle’s model switches on and off automatically when you step on it and when you leave the scale.

Anyone looking for an accurate personal scale that is somewhat more unusual in terms of design and can do without a load capacity of up to 200 kilograms can also be recommended to purchase the Soehnle model, because it is in no way inferior to the test winner – apart from the background lighting – in terms of accuracy and material quality. However, there were slightly more failures in the long-term test than in the test winner, but the difference was minimal, so it did not lead to a devaluation.

Soehnle’s good personal scale is simple but well equipped. It has few weaknesses, which is why it was rightly able to secure a place among the top five personal scales in 2019. A brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages can be found in the following list:


  • Built-in technology: The built-in measuring sensors are good and also very accurate. The scale is accurate to 100 grams, has a load capacity of up to 150 kilograms and you can switch between st/lb or kg.
  • Design: The design is very chic due to the partially enclosing frame and the glass step surface, but not too obtrusive, so that the scale fits well into the room.


  • Slippery surface in wet conditions: Experience with the Soehnle model has also shown that the surface becomes very slippery when it is damp in the room. So be careful when using the scale in the bathroom.
  • Display: The display is easy to read, but has no backlight, so it may be harder to read depending on the lighting conditions.

3. Etekcity Digital

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The Etekcity personal scale is made of black glass with two electrodes inserted, which switch on the scale when it is walked on barefoot. The measuring accuracy is very good with a load capacity of 180 kilograms. At 30.2 x 30.2 cm, it is slightly smaller than the test winner, has a blue backlight and displays the last measured weight even further after leaving the scale.

All in all, the design has convinced many testers and the balance also passed the long-term test flawlessly. In comparison to the other models, the disadvantage that it only switches on when the electrodes are triggered was noticed in the test, so it cannot be used with socks or shoes.

If you don’t mind, however, you’ll get a very good personal scale in a modern black design, which is just as convincing in terms of measuring accuracy and quality as the previously placed scales, and in terms of load-bearing capacity of 180 kilograms, is located between the two Soehnle and Dostmann models.

The patterned black glass makes the Etekcity scale a real eye-catcher. The inner values were also convincing in the test. Unfortunately it also has some weaknesses, which is why you should consider before buying whether the model is suitable for you.


  • Design: The device from Etekcity is elegantly designed in black and therefore looks noble and chic.
  • Accuracy of measurement: The overall measuring accuracy is good and the load capacity of 180 kilograms is sufficient for most people.
  • Automatic switch-on and switch-off: When the scale is stepped on, it switches on and off automatically when it is left again. It couldn’t be easier.


  • Only usable barefoot: The automatic switch-on and switch-off works via sensors that only start when the scale is walked on barefoot. It cannot even be used with socks.
  • Slippery when wet: If the glass gets wet, the scale can become very smooth and slippery. Especially in the bathroom after a shower or a hot bath caution is advised.

4. Beurer Cristal GS11

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Beurer’s personal scales were also able to convince in the test with regard to quality and measurement results. It can withstand loads of up to 150 kilograms, also has a self-activating function and is made of transparent glass with metal-colored applications. The display is somewhat less contrasting than that of its competitors, but this is hardly noticeable in everyday use. Only if you have a severe visual impairment or attach great importance to an illuminated display can the Beurer be discouraged from buying.

The design could convince many testers, but the scales showed an overall slightly worse accuracy in the test than the previously placed ones. The tread area of 30 x 30 cm is large enough, but also somewhat smaller than with the other models.

The test showed that Beurer’s personal scales tend to display different results depending on where they are placed. Smaller irregularities have had a stronger effect here than with the exact digital personal scales of the other manufacturers.

However, the Cristal GS11 was convincing in the long-term test because the results remained constant and the overall durability is also very good. Beurer’s scales are also elegant and simply made of glass. Compared to the favourable price, it is very well processed, but also has one or two weaknesses. Whether a purchase is worthwhile for you, you can recognize fast by the confrontation of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Automatic: Thanks to the automatic activation when the scale is stepped on, all you have to do is climb on the scale when you want to weigh yourself.
  • Price: The device is very inexpensive and yet so well manufactured that the long-term test was no problem either.


  • Display: The display is not illuminated and has slightly less contrast than the competition.
  • Danger of slipping in wet conditions: The tread surface made of glass can make it smooth on the scale if it is damp or if you step on the scale with wet feet.

5. Korona Gwen Electronic Glass Scale

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The Korona mechanical personal scale is the only non-digital scale that has made it into the list of the best personal scales in 2019. The great advantage of such scales is certainly that they work without battery and therefore promise an almost infinite life. However, due to wear and tear, mechanical personal scales tend to become less accurate over the years.

The scale has a load capacity of 150 kilograms and is divided into kilogram increments. Another major advantage over digital personal scales and also over the test winner is the rubberized weighing surface. Because the scales made of glass always have a small risk of slipping, especially in the bathroom, where it can always be a little damp.

However, the test also confirmed that the basic measuring accuracy of a mechanical personal scale is far behind that of a digital personal scale. For design reasons, it is of great importance that you stand exactly centered on the scale. Otherwise, the results may differ.

In principle, however, the scale has been convincing in terms of measuring accuracy and durability when used correctly.

If you are looking for a mechanical balance, the Leo model is recommended. Simply designed and constructed without bells and whistles – that’s all a personal scale actually needs.


  • Mechanical: The mechanical construction means that you do not need a battery or an on/off switch.
  • Rubberized weighing surface: Due to the rubber coating, there is no danger of slipping, even with wet feet or a damp surface.
  • Price: Thanks to its simple construction and mechanical function, it performs very well in price comparison.


  • Design: It is certainly not a piece of jewelry. The functional model is simply designed and kept in the traditional style.
  • Accuracy of measurement: Compared to digital scales, the measuring accuracy is significantly lower. As a rule, however, it should be absolutely sufficient for domestic use. If you are centered on the scale, the result is sufficiently accurate to weigh yourself.
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