The Best BB Creams for Dry Skin 2019

BB creams are the best way to avoid makeup on your face. BB cream stands for Beauty Balm Cream or Blemish Balm Cream. The product comes from Asia, where this type of foundation has long been standard in make-up. For a product to be called a BB cream, it has to fulfill several functions. Usually, this includes sunscreen, a radiant result, moisturizing, and foundation. BB creams are available in different forms today.

The best BB cream 2019 to buy

You want to know what the best BB Cream is? Then you are exactly right here. We take a look at selected creams in this comparison test and answer some important questions about the application and effect of these special care products on the facial skin.

1. Nivea skin Care BB cream

A great surprise has been BB Nivea skin Care cream. It has even beaten BB creams of much more pretentious brands. This cream promises to provide up to 5 functions at the same time: it moisturizes and illuminates the skin, unifies its tone, closes the dilated joints, covers imperfections and protects the skin from UV rays (SPF 10). It is no exaggeration. The texture is thicker but the cream spreads easily, it is absorbed quickly and has a very pleasant aroma. In addition, the packaging has a practical format. What results can you expect? The cream will unify the tone of your skin, cover imperfections and, in turn, give your skin a natural look – something that does not always get a make-up. Your skin will be hydrated throughout the day. To make it last longer you can try the following trick: give it a pass of powders during the day. To end,

2. La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB cream

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This La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB cream stands out for a perfect consistency, neither too liquid nor too thick. It is easily applied and absorbed well. In addition, its texture is very soft and light does not oil or overload the skin. On the contrary, you can notice its soothing benefits on the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day and has a great ability to cover imperfections. Another of its advantages is the relatively high SPF 20 racial factor to which the skin will be protected from harmful UV rays.

3. Vichy Idéalia BB cream

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Vichy Idéalia BB Cream From the renowned Vichy brand you will see the skin illuminated and beautiful. What’s more, this BB cream manages to conceal traces of fatigue, unify the tone and hide small imperfections of the skin. The consistency is optimal, easy to apply and quickly absorbed. The cream contains fat in its proper measure. In addition, after prolonged use, you will notice the reduction of wrinkles. Therefore it is recommended for mature skin since it replaces the effect of anti-wrinkle day creams.

4. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream

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It is an effective cream at a fantastic price. Although it has a thicker texture, it is absorbed relatively quickly, covers imperfections and moisturizes the skin effectively. It is recommended for dry skin that does not tend to suffer the gloss effect. If your skin is mixed, it would not be a good choice. However, in this case, you can try the BB Garnier Pure Active cream, indicated for acne skin, which not only conceals the imperfections of the skin but at the same time serves to prevent them.

5. Olay Total Effects BB cream

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And finally, we recommend the Olay Total Effects cream. It is a moisturizing day cream and, at the same time, rejuvenating. It also has a certain amount of the legendary makeup base Max Factor. This formula gives the skin a natural and healthy tone, perfect hydration, nutrition and coverage of imperfections. If you prefer a scented cream, this could be a good option. Despite the shape of its container and the dispenser not so practical, it is worthwhile to bet on the cream, as its benefits will compensate for this problem.

Frequently asked questions about BB cream application

How does the BB cream work?

The concept of a BB cream is the combination of day cream, moisturizer and foundation, often rounded off by a sun protection factor. Thus, the BB creams are true cosmetics all-rounder and combine many functions that are important for skin care.

The BB Cream has been around since the 60s of the last century. The inventor is the German skin doctor Dr. med. Christine Schrammer, whose care products are still very much in demand today.

At some point, the BB Cream trend also came to Asia. There, this concept was taken up with joy – it is no coincidence that bright, flawless skin is considered a beauty ideal. Meanwhile, there are many Asian manufacturers in this area, which attract attention especially by high built-in sun protection factors in the BB creams.

A BB Cream is much more than just a tinted day cream – in addition to opacity and skin care, it often contains sunscreen and anti-aging substances. With young and unproblematic skin, the trend even goes so far that a BB Cream often makes the application of a foundation superfluous.

What should a good bb cream have on it?

The manufacturers sometimes interpret the BB Creams slightly differently. Sometimes there is more anti-aging, sometimes sunscreen disappears, and the consistency also varies considerably from one care product to another.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of features and functions that we think make a good BB Cream.

We identified the following important points during our BB Cream test:

  • Good covering power of impure skin, bumps, pores, redness, pigmentation marks and dark circles.
  • A natural appearance without a mask-like effect, in that the BB cream adapts to the skin tone without seams and streaks.
  • Pleasant and well-distributed consistency that is easy to apply and adapts to the skin structure.
  • Long-lasting result – ideally all day, with occasional powdering.
  • Good fertility, so you only need a small amount of BB Cream for the application.
  • Matting properties, no darkening, no greasing.
  • Natural care ingredients, no ingredients with allergy potential.
  • Good compatibility, so that the BB Cream can also be used to cover the eye shadow.
  • Sufficient SPF, which should not be too high. A high permanent sunscreen is not so good for the skin, because then you may eventually lack the vitamin D.
  • Important to conclude: The BB cream should not be overpriced.

On the basis of the expression and the weighting of these criteria, each user can determine what is the best BB Cream for her.

What should be considered when applying BB cream?

The BB Cream application should proceed in the following steps:

  1. After the usual skin care, the skin should be smoothed as desired with a primer and prepared for the application of the BB cream.
  2. For very dry facial skin you can still use moisturizing day cream as a base for the BB Cream. The care effect can also be increased by a previously applied vitamin C serum.
  3. Due to the fertility is often enough to pump the BB cream for the whole face.
  4. Apply the cream either with your fingers or for example with a beauty blender.
  5. In our BB Cream test it has been shown that a brush is less suitable for application, as it absorbs too much of the precious cream.
  6. Distribute the BB Cream sparingly on the face to make the result look as natural as possible.
  7. Before using for the first time, check at a small spot on the face to see if the BB Cream color fits.
  8. Important: Immediately after application, the cream is often a bit grayish, only after a few minutes it adapts to the skin tone.
  9. If the opacity in some places is not enough, you can help with a little more BB cream or with a concealer.
  10. For matting, apply a little powder if necessary and possibly hide something at the edges.

When is the BB cream recommended?

Due to the diversity of different concepts, there is actually the right BB Cream for every skin type:

  • Normal skin: moisturizing, smoothing bumps, balancing the complexion
  • Oily skin and combination skin: matte effects, long lasting even complexion
  • Young skin: basic care through to replacement of foundation / concealer
  • Mature skin: Anti-aging care, optical skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
  • Sensitive or irritated skin: natural and hypoallergenic BB creams, anti-inflammatory, long-lasting hydration, gentle care and coverage

On the basis of the diverse properties and variations, anyone interested in beauty can now find the best BB Cream for them.


  • BB Creams (Blemish Balms) combine the properties of different skin care products.
  • In addition to covering impurities and wrinkles, they also smooth the appearance of the skin and improve the complexion.
  • Many of the BB creams also contain UV protection and anti-aging skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic or collagen. So for every skin type, a suitable BB Cream can be found.
  • After application, the care product adapts to the skin structure and skin tone. To better match the color of the skin, the BB creams are usually offered in several different shades.
  • When choosing the right BB Cream, it is important that the care product contains as little as possible no preservatives or fragrances. This reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergies.
  • From our point of view, BB Creams are a very useful invention and enrich the daily skincare program with their variety of functions.
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