The Best Blower Brush 2019 – Expert Review

A blower is a practical and economical device that will allow you to loop, waving or gives volume to your hair. It is the ultimate all-rounder in the hairdressing accessories department.

By itself, it replaces your hair dryer and your brush. It allows you to have a hairstyle with a minimum of effort and time. The blower brush is a device that dries and that caps your hair.

How does a blower brush work?

There are a whole lot of fan-shaped brushes, each with its own particularity, but overall, their operation is the same. This one is also very simple. The blower brush connects to the mains and has an on / off button that is usually on the handle.

Once the blower brush is on, you must adjust the temperature according to your hair type. Its principle is simple: hot air passing through small holes is blown from the center of the cylinder. It allows you to dry and comb your hair.

Blower brush or hot brush?

They are often confused and yet they are very different from each other. The heated brush does not replace the hair dryer but completes it. Indeed, it is used when the hair is dry and to make a blow with one hand.

The blower brush saves valuable time since it dries and smoothes your hair with the same device. It is suitable for all types of hair, is used simply and effortlessly for a hairstyle of the most successful.

If you hesitate between the two, know that the blower brush is more convenient since it combines two devices in one . If you want a device just to make a few curls on your dry hair, the heated brush is then more interesting.

The choice between the two is therefore a personal choice that you will have to make depending on the use you make of your brush!

How to choose a good blower brush?

A blower brush is a device that allows you to dry, smooth or curls your hair like a professional. If you are wondering how to buy a blower brush of a better value, to save you time in your search, we suggest you through this guide to purchase the best blower brushes, to learn about the main features to consider: power, coating and ion technology.

The best 2019 blower brushes

Purchase guide

The power

To easily find the model that suits you, follow our tips to buy a good blower brush. We suggest that you first consider the power of the unit. It is important to inform yourself in advance about the power of each device that may be the object of your choice since it guarantees the efficiency and safety of its use.

If your hair is long and thick enough, it would be better to choose a fan brush with a power greater than 1200 Watts. While for short hair and more or less fine, it is better to choose a device with a power of less than 1000 Watts. This level of power is one of the guarantees of the speed of the treatment of your whole hair. This is why it is necessary to adapt it to the thickness of your hair.

If your hair is very thick then you opt for a low power model, then you will spend a lot of time than expected to use it. While a blower brush too high power may damage your hair and you will lose energy for nothing if they are too thin and their thickness is not related to said power.

The coating

The passage to the price comparator should be preceded by the verification of a second very important characteristic. This characteristic concerns the coating of the blower brush. Mastering the appropriate coating for your hair type is necessary to avoid opting for a device whose effectiveness in treating them will leave something to be desired.

Tourmaline and ceramic are the two best materials when talking about blower brush coating. Both are able to evenly distribute the heat on your hair so that drying is fast and smoothing is effective. They ensure that the brush slides easily over your hair for you to use it with minimal effort. These materials ensure that your hair stays bright and shiny after each use.

Ionic technology

Before you ask where to buy a new blower brush, it is necessary to check whether the device you are going to opt for is equipped with ion technology or not. It is important that you inquire about the existence of this technology because it guarantees the health of your hair.

Through this ionic technology, a blower brush ensures diffusion of negative ions on your hair to neutralize any positive ions that prevent your hair from easily smoothing. This technology quickly reduces static electricity on your hair and prevents frizz. If you make a habit of using a blower brush with ionic technology, it makes your hair silky and glowing over time. Moreover, ion technology ensures that your hair care is effective.

1. Philips Blower Brush Hp8651/00

This Philips blower is perfect for those who want to give volume to their hair or who want nice waves without damaging their hair. You will have a choice between 2 temperatures. Depending on your hair type, you can choose a temperature of 160 ° C or 190 ° C.

It is a fan brush with retractable pins. Your loops will be successful without risk that they get entangled in your brush. Its tourmaline coating and ion technology preserve your hair and eliminate static electricity from your hair. Its cord is rotatable for a most enjoyable use.

2. BabyBliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

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You want to achieve without effort and in record time a brushing worthy of a pro? Let yourself be seduced by this smoothing Babyliss heating brush. Its original rectangular shape allows you to smooth faster if you have long or medium hair.

It has 3 different temperature levels. You can adjust it according to your hair type. It has 126 pins for smoothing in 3 dimensions. The first dimension will prepare your hair by detangling them gently, the second dimension and its 50 flexible silicone spikes will guide and clean your hair without hanging them.

And finally, dimension 3 is composed of ceramic pins that will protect your hair during smoothing by distributing heat evenly for a bluffing result.

3. Remington CB65A45

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In your search for the best blower brush, it would be wise to make a comparison and select some models with interesting features like Remington CB65A45 to facilitate your choice.

The brush has a diameter of 45 millimeters implying that it is suitable for longer hair at least shoulder height.

The power of this model allows you to save a lot of time while brushing while guaranteeing a really surprising result. It allows you to straighten the hair faster than a straightener and even to wiggle it slightly if you wish.

This model can be used in two temperature levels, 120 ° C and 180 ° C allowing you to adapt it to your hair according to their nature and their thickness.

It stops automatically after 60 minutes to ensure your safety and limit the risk of damaging your hair due to a possible burn.

In addition, this model is compact and lightweight, weighing just 0.7 gram giving it unparalleled maneuverability so you can easily handle it and carry it wherever you go without worrying about being cluttered.

4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush


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Due to its design, features and performance, this BaBylissPRO can be the best rotary blower on the market.

Its design is compact and its handle is fine allowing you to handle it with great ease when you use it. It has a power of 700 Watts allowing you to perform your blow dry quickly regardless of the type of your hair.

To ensure the shine and protection of your hair, it has a ceramic brush with boar bristles with a diameter of 38 millimeters allowing you to easily and quickly treat your hair whether thick or thin.

It comes with ion technology to eliminate electricity on your hair and ensure the effectiveness of products that you use whatever their nature.

This model has two rotational speeds and two temperature levels from which you can choose according to the result you want to achieve.


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To find out which is the best blower brush on the market, just check if the characteristics of the different models that you consider in your selections are comparable to those of the most popular brands including Helen of Troy.

With a power of 1000 Watts, this model allows you to smooth any type of hair in a short time they are thick or thin.

It is accompanied by a Thermo-Protect function that allows you to know the temperature that suits your hair when drying to prevent you from overheating the abyss.

It also has an EHD technology that allows you to distribute the heat well and get an impeccable result regardless of the type of your hair. It has a three-level temperature adjustment allowing you to adapt the brushing to the nature of your hair.

This model is coated with tourmaline allowing the uniform diffusion of the temperature between your hair for an incomparable smoothing result. It comes with five accessories including the flat brush, volumizer, retractable pimple brush, thermo brush, and dryer to further optimize the treatment of your hair.

6. GA.MA Italy Professional GB0102 Innova

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To find out how to choose the right model for you among the best 2019 blower brushes, simply check the features of GA.MA Italy Professional GB0102 Innova as they can help refine your search.

This model is of an incomparable elegance, it is easy to handle, and it allows realizing different types of hairstyles for a really impeccable result that can hold longer.

With its power and performance, this model gives you the opportunity to achieve with the least effort several styles of hairstyles for your hair. It heats up quickly and allows you to make curls of incomparable perfection that can hold for a long time.

At the time of delivery, it comes with six interchangeable heads between them to push the limits of your creativity in the application of different types of hairstyles trend to your hair. Thanks to this characteristic, it would be possible to successfully perform all the hairstyles that even a professional cannot achieve.

It comes with an ionic technology that easily removes static electricity from your hair to ensure softness and shine. It can be set to two temperature levels to allow you to use it to the heat that suits your hair for a flawless result that lasts longer.

How to use a blower?

To enjoy a hairstyle in record time, the blower brush becomes an indispensable accessory. It can provide satisfaction in a matter of minutes and offers you almost a new head. However, if you are still novice in its use, we offer this article to show you the necessary instructions for its proper use.

Plug in and turn on your device

Always equipped with cable, this device works only on mains. In order to take full advantage of its functions, install near a power outlet to avoid installing extension cords. These could be cluttering if you had to move. But also, check that its connection is compatible with the voltage supplied by the current.

Privilege security

Be sure to bring maximum safety when using it. Avoid contact with wet objects. Follow the instructions of the product; do not apply it on wet hair if it does not offer it. For lighting, wait for the plug to be plugged in before pressing the power button. And for shutdown, turn off the device before unplugging the cable.

Nevertheless, some devices such as the Remington CB65A45 offer an anti-overheating system and an automatic shutdown of the machine after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Choose your accessory

The accessories may vary depending on the style you want for your hair. Because of this, the brush head is removable to satisfy you. Generally, it is provided with a locking system. Just turn it from left to right (or conversely depending on the model) to unlock and remove the current head.

Vary the temperature

You also have the opportunity to choose the temperature that suits you. Usually, it is always preset by the device, but with directional buttons, you could move it up or down. Other models even offer the possibility to display this value thanks to a small LCD screen located on the handle.

Select the speed

The speed can also be changed according to your expectations. With this feature, you’ll save a lot of time in preparation. With the BaByliss 2735E, you will have the chance to practice this action. You could then choose between two levels of performances depending on your needs and the style of hair you want to achieve.

Make regular movements

Even if you are in a hurry to finish, do not forget to make steady and regular movements to not dry out your hair. The handle must be ergonomic so that the device does not slide fingers in full use. The i Pro Rotating Brush 800 AS550E has this advantage. In addition it is equipped with a practical dual rotation feature. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you will feel at ease.

Advantages of blower brush

These new brushes are often the combination of several accessories and gradually replace our old but classic hair dryers and round brushes, not always easy to handle when you do not control the movements.

A blower brush will literally facilitate your hair routine. It is both a hair dryer and a heated brush, designed to brush, comb, dry and blow dry like at the hairdresser. You will not need to worry about the days when you have to wash your hair, dry it and comb it in record time so you do not have to be late for work.

It works indeed on wet hair, achieving in one go two steps in one: drying and blow drying. Thus, you will get professional results easily and quickly, regardless of the type of hair you have!

There are blowers, heaters and presses. They all have advantages and disadvantages that you will see later. But overall, the blower brush is a real time saver and adds a real style to your hairstyles. And do not think they are too expensive, quite the contrary, you find a lot less than 50 dollars that are already worth seeing.

So do not go to the salon as often and test the blower brushes, you will not be disappointed by our selection!

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