Best Body Shavers 2019 for a Look That’s Smooth Without Irritation

Finding the best body shaver is not an easy task, because you have to pay more attention to what you might initially think. So in addition to the shaving result, the blades and the processing in general, the battery life must be right and you have to think about which areas on the body you want to use the trimmer. If the research effort is too time-consuming and you prefer to make a good purchase decision quickly and without any effort, we can help you further, because we have already done the research for you. So we can use the waterproof Philips OneBlade QP2520/90 Recommend fully as a trimmer because it achieves good shaving results, the battery lasts a long time, it adapts well to the skin and is also very durable. If you want to buy a waterproof multi-dimmer that is universally applicable, also the Multigroomer MGK3020 of Braun can be highly recommended, because it offers a very good delivery, is solid, offers a good battery life and a very good price-performance ratio.

Body Shaver Purchase Advisor

A body shaver (also called body razor, body trimmer or body groomer) is ideally universally applicable and can be used for different body regions. He is not specialized in a particular area compared to the beard shaver or electric shaver, but more universal. In the test, we have examined the most popular models and give you a recommendation in the form of our top-5 list of the best body shaver of the year 2019 by the hand. Before you make a price comparison or decide on a model, however, you should consider the differences between electric and manual trimmer and the most important purchase criteria. This is the only way you can filter out the best equipment from the large selection and decide whether you prefer an expensive device,

Properties of a body groomer

Unlike a hand shaver, a body shaver works electrically. This does not necessarily have to be with a battery or a mains plug, but can also work with simple batteries. However, the fact that the trimmer separates the hair electrically and does not cut off with an immovable smooth blade, as is the case with a wet shaver, sets it apart from body hair shavers. However, even a simple wet shaver can be considered as a body shaver – especially if you are looking for a particularly cheap razor to remove the body hairs.

Basically, a body shaver works like an electric razor. It can be applied directly to dry skin, sometimes even wet shaving is possible. This also makes sense, because with shaving foam or soap, the hair can be soaked well. Ideally, a body trimmer is waterproof, so it can be used under the shower. However, some universal models, which are also suitable for the hair of the head or the cutting and trimming of the beard, are not. Here you have to decide if necessary between universal usability and special body groomer and make a compromise.

Buying criteria

When choosing the right model, you should pay attention to a few things. An overview of the most important purchase criteria we give you here in the hand.

Blades: Whole body razors usually have several blades. However, many blades are not necessarily better. Much more important is that the blades are sharp. Typically, the blades are regularly swapped by body shavers. However, this does not always apply to large combination appliances, as these often work according to the principle of an electric shaver, as known from the hairdresser. On the other hand, it is important to oil and maintains the blades.

Battery: If you decide to buy a battery-operated model, it is important to pay attention to the capacity, ie the battery life, and also check the charging time. Simple batteries do not last as long and need to be recharged for a very long time. This can lead to long waiting times. Especially for a full body shave, the battery should last for at least an hour. It is also good if they have the option of operating the device at the mains power as an option.

Processing: A solid processed trimmer lasts longer. In particular, watertight models that use electricity must have a solid and good outer shell to prevent water from entering, even when working with the unit in the shower.

Shaving results: The results of shaving are directly related to the processing of the blades. For a full-body shave, it is also very helpful if the shaving head as wide as possible, otherwise it takes a long time to reach all parts of the body. For fine work around the neck, in the genital area or for cutting and cutting the beard, however, a smaller precision trimmer is helpful. Some models, therefore, offer different trimmer attachments.

Applications: Depending on the model, you can not only use the device to trim the hair of the body but also cut the nose and ear hairs, the scalp hair or the precision cut of the beard and so on. Here you should pay attention to the supplied accessories and the information regarding the use and suitability on the part of the manufacturer. Because of course, you cannot use everybody shaver for the head, the face or the genital area and vice versa. You should, therefore, think in advance for which areas of the body you want to use the device, because the best body trimmer is of little use to you, if you ultimately cannot edit the regions that you want to edit.

Also for the intimate shave?

For intimate shaving, you must always bear in mind that the risk of injury is higher and the body region is particularly sensitive. Therefore, only a model that works completely safe and with high-quality blades should be used here. Maybe – depending on the skin type – a hand shaver is better suited for the bikini area or the intimate area than a body groomer.

Although many high-quality devices are also suitable for the intimate shave, but a specially designated as a pubic shaver model may be useful. Regardless, be sure to soak your hair in advance to make it easier to cut.

Best Body Shavers – Top 5

If you want to buy a trimmer for shaving or trimming your body hair, you have a very large selection of different models. Which construction method is most suitable for you depends entirely on your requirements, your budget and your ideas. In the test, the most popular models were scrutinized and the test winners summarized in the Top 5 list of the best best body shaver of the year 2019. Epilators were not tested here, but only trimmers that are suitable for the removal of body hair.

Suggested products

1. Philips OneBlade QP2520/90

The best body shaver in the test is the one blade by Philips. It impressed in particular by the good scope of delivery and the good results in connection with a safe application.

Unlike a razor, the hair on the Philips model is cut and not shaved. The device adapts very well to the body and facial contours, so it is equally well suited for shaving and trimming the body hair. On average, a blade can last up to four months a week with two facial shaves, depending on the nature and intensity of the beard growth. The device can be used both wet and dry and is therefore very well suited for use in the shower. Inside, there is a lithium-ion battery that can run for up to 60 minutes before powering back to the device for about 4 hours. Of course it can also be used with a connected cable.

The desired hair length when trimming can be varied by the trimmer attachments between one and five millimeters. The delivery includes two blades and four attachable trimmer attachments. Overall, the workmanship is very good and very few testers complained of skin irritation if they have worked with the OneBlade. Of course, it’s not as clean and smooth as a wet shaver, but the handling is easy and the results are good overall. Only the slightly higher volume compared to other compact electric trimmers disturbed some testers. Overall, it is still in the normal range. Only if you want to do full body shaving, you should rather resort to a model with a larger attachment, as this can take a long time with the small head.

The test winner among the best body shavers of the year 2019 could convince by a good delivery and good results. However, he also has one or the other weakness. Whether the purchase is worthwhile for you, you can weigh again well on the basis of the following comparison.


  • Shaving results: With the oneblade you can achieve very good and clean results.
  • Adaptation: The adaptation to the body and facial contours is very good, so it is well suited for both shaving and body hair removal.
  • Durability: The blades last quite a long time, which keeps the follow-up costs under control.
  • Wet and dry: By building the device, you can use it both dry and wet and shave even in the shower.
  • Battery pack: Despite its small size, the lithium-ion battery lasts for up to an hour.


  • Not a very smooth shave: A very smooth shave is not possible with the device, since the smallest possible hair length is around half a millimeter.
  • Unit size: Since the essays are not so large, the device is only partially suitable for a full-body shave.

2. Braun Multigroomer MGK3080

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Braun’s 9-in-1 set is a complete package that includes all the essentials for shaving and body hair removal. In the set are in addition to the trimmer with two attachments for trimming and shaving four attachable trimmer attachments for the length variation included, as well as a nose and ear shaver and a small precision trimmer. In addition, the set includes a Gilette Flexball wet shaver. Thus, you are prepared for all cases and have with the complete set for all hair on the body an ideal disposal option on the hand. Taking into account the scope of delivery and the overall very good workmanship of all components results in a very good price-performance ratio. The model’s battery lasts up to 60 minutes at a time and recharges very quickly within 60 minutes.

All parts are 100% waterproof, so using them under the shower is no problem. The model itself can only be operated wirelessly, once it is empty, you must therefore wait a short time until it is reusable. The results were consistently very good in the test and the handling was easy and comfortable. However, all essays are relatively narrow, so that the removal of body hair takes a relatively long time. However, if you only want to trim certain areas, you will be very satisfied with the Braun multifunction device, even if there are better devices on the market for each individual subarea. As an all-round solution, the model is still very well suited.

The Multigroomer by Braun is a very good body shaver, who was able to score in the test especially by his many different essays and functions. Whether the purchase of the all-round device pays off for you, you can use the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages to weigh quickly.


  • Delivery: The delivery is very good, because in addition to the device with two essays in the set four attachable trimmer attachments, a nose and ear shaver and a small precision trimmer and a wet shaver included.
  • Universally applicable: Due to the many different components of the set you can use it for all body parts for hair removal.
  • Processing: Overall, the workmanship is good and solid, and experience with the body trimmer has shown it has a long life.
  • Battery pack: The battery lasts one full hour and can be fully recharged within another hour.
  • Waterproof: Since the device is completely waterproof, it can also be used well in the shower.
  • Price-performance: Priced the device is in the lower middle range, which results in a very good price-performance ratio.


  • Essays: All essays are quite narrow, which makes it only partially suitable for full-body shaving.
  • Results: The trimming results are not optimal, because it is an all-round device that has better specialized competing models in each subsection.

3. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

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The Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49 offers the option of smooth shaving without attachment and trimming with three different attachments (3, 5 or 7 millimeters). The device can run for about 50 minutes in continuous operation, but must then again for a full eight hours to the power outlet. Since the device is completely waterproof, you can easily use it even in the shower.

The results were overall convincing in the test and the model is generally suitable for all body regions. The device is also suitable for a whole body shave, because the attachment is quite wide and slides well over the different body regions and bumps. Thanks to the very good and smooth results, the model convinces especially in the chest, back and face.

However, caution should be taken when shaving, because if you do not shave on smooth surfaces or the skin is not stretched, depending on the attitude, the risk of injury is quite large, because the scissors can cut into the skin. This made for a deduction in the overall ranking in the test.

As already mentioned in the review, the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49 is a combination of an electric shaver for shaving and a body shaver. Whether the device pays off for you, you can weigh again on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages for yourself.


  • Close shave: Unlike most other body trimmers, you can also make a smooth shave with the Philips model.
  • Waterproof: Since it is completely waterproof, you can also use it in the shower.
  • Wide essay: Thanks to its wide attachment, it is also well suited for full-body shaving.
  • Flexibility: The head adapts well to the body contours, so shaving of the chest, back and face is also possible.


  • Charging time: The battery needs a full 8 hours to power for a running time of around 50 minutes.
  • Risk of injury: Compared to other trimmers, the risk of injury is greater if you keep the device wrong.

4. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 6800 with Precision Trimmer, S6880/81

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The S6880/81is a very affordable body trimmer that comes with five different attachments and with which you can work very accurately and well. The operating time is up to 90 minutes with 2 AA batteries, a battery is not included here, making the device for daily use is not as good, because in the course of time follow-up costs incurred by the battery purchase.

The set includes a trimmer attachment and a detail razor attachment, both of which are suitable for relatively small areas. Thus, the model delivers good results, but is less suitable for the whole body shave, as it simply takes too long.

Nevertheless, the compact and affordable device is solid overall, fits well in the hand and is completely waterproof, so it can also be used well in the shower. Overall, the model is ideal for those who want to trim certain smaller regions every now and then or want to trim a 3-day beard. For daily and large-scale use, however, the model is less well suited.

If you are looking for a cheap device, the Philips Series S6880/81 is certainly a good choice. Whether the purchase is worthwhile for you, you can best estimate, if you compare the strengths and weaknesses of the model with each other and balance for themselves.


  • Price: Priced the model is located in the entry area, so it offers a very good price-performance ratio.
  • Delivery: The scope of delivery includes various trimmer attachments as well as a detail razor attachment, which allows you to work very accurately.
  • Results: The results are clean and accurate and it works well with the device.


  • Small essays: Since all attachments are very small, the device is not suitable for full body shaving.
  • No battery: The device is powered by 2 AA batteries and cannot be recharged.

5. Panasonic ER 1611 Professional

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The hair clipper from Panasonic is a professional hair, beard and body hair cutter with a large head and excellent workmanship. The blades are carbon/titanium coated and cutting lengths between 0.8 and 2 millimeters can be achieved with the adjustable shaving head. With attachments, lengths of up to 15 millimeters are also possible to cut the scalp hair.

With a shaving head width of 45 millimeters, the device is also very well suited for larger surfaces and with a cutting capacity of 54,000 hairs per second, the device is extremely efficient. You can use the model in both cable and battery mode and the charging time is very short with only one hour for operation up to 50 minutes. Despite the size of the weight is only about 265 grams, which makes the model very good in the hand and does not lead to fatigue even with prolonged use.

The bottom line is that the device is very solidly built and durable for a long time. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for use in the shower. But who can do without it, receives a universal trimmer with excellent performance and good workmanship. However, you also have to dig a little deeper than for simple variants.

Actually, the Panasonic model is a professional hair clipper. In the test it has been shown that with a good shaver you can also trim body hair properly and over a large area. Whether the device is suitable for you, you can quickly weigh if you consider the comparison of the pros and cons again.


  • Results: The results are very good for beard and body hair, as well as for the hair on the head.
  • Processing: The processing of the device itself as well as the blades is very high quality, so it has a long life.
  • Essays: Thanks to the many attachments you can reach hair lengths of 0.8 to 15 millimeters.
  • Head: The shaving head has sharp and good blades and is very wide at 45 millimeters, which makes it well suited for full-body shaving.
  • Power: The engine works very hard, which makes it very efficient when cutting.
  • Battery pack: The battery is fully charged within an hour and lasts up to 50 minutes.


  • Not waterproof: You cannot use the shaver in the shower because it is not waterproof.
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