Top Best Epilators for Men to Buy in 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Hair removal is not exclusively a female practice. It is also a beauty treatment very popular with men. And with the many technological advances in this regard, they can be served. It is simply necessary to define the easiest way to proceed: pulsed light, laser, electric hair removal, etc. Find all the important elements to consider in this purchasing guide that we offer you. Some models of quality men’s epilators will also be presented in this article to help you make your choice. On the other hand, if you only want to buy a top quality men’s epilator, choose the following two models. Phillips HP6576 is waterproof, comes with 3 bidirectional shoes and respects your skin thanks to its rounded head and hypoallergenic grid.

What are the best men’s epilators of 2019?

Purchasing guide

Many people support the use of an electric hair removal device to remove unsightly hair on certain parts of the body. Man or woman uses this device with an unshakeable reputation for reliability and performance. It should be noted that these two qualities are not enough to qualify a device as the best electric epilator for men in 2019. This qualification requires consideration of other criteria, such as the speed and durability of hair removal and the safety of the user. These few tips will help you choose the ideal epilator, that is, the device that allows you to safely remove your hair and enjoy satisfactory epilation.

Guide to the best male epilator

Nowadays, men can enjoy soft and smooth skin thanks to the best electric epilator for men in 2019. There are huge differences between women and men when it comes to hair removal. These differences are reflected both in the parts to be depilated and in the technical characteristics of the depilatory device. It should be noted that in men, body hair, especially that of the intimate parts, is more important, and their hair is more rigid. This is why it is better to buy a top-of-the-range device.

The performance of the device

When it comes to hair removal equipment, men have a wide range of choices. Many suppliers offer epilators especially for men. The purchase of a depilator is a significant investment. To benefit from an advantageous investment, you should choose a high-performance epilator, equipped with multiple options and equipped with several accessories. The device must allow the user to perform effective hair removal and have a soft and smooth skin. It should be noted that a high-performance device guarantees long-lasting hair removal. This means that the frequency of hair removal for those who use hair removal equipment remains very low.

The technical characteristics of the epilator

For a reliable and fast depilation, it is necessary to consider the number of tweezers. The plurality of tweezers optimizes the reliability of depilation. These tweezers remove the hair at the root one by one. Depilation is faster thanks to the electrical function of the device. The best male epilator has a clipper and razor function. This saves the user from having to buy other shaving devices. For comfortable and painless epilation, the skin must relax. Underwater hair removal is one of the best ways to achieve this comfort. The watertightness of the hull remains essential. To guarantee the safety of its user, it is recommended to opt for a wireless electrical device.

Opinion on the best electric epilator for men

Many people testify about the benefits of the best male epilator. More and more men are using this device to remove unsightly hair from their bodies. For men, hair removal is no longer a trend. It has become a necessity.

Recommended products

1. Phillips HP6576

Main advantage

The device is waterproof. As a result, you can use it in the shower without fear of damage. In addition, you also have the option of cleaning it with water when it is being maintained.

Main disadvantage

Additional functions such as hair suction would have made this model more convenient to use.

High-performance men’s epilators respect your skin during use. This is one of the advantages this model gives you access to. However, it could have been even more interesting with some of the features offered by various devices of the same type.

Main features explained

Comfort of use

Phillips HP6576 is comfortable to use. There are many parameters that give an idea of its ability to offer you this comfort. Indeed, this model respects your skin during its use. This is due to its patented rounded-edged head and the hypoallergenic grid that accompanies it. In addition, its trimmer is bidirectional to trim long hairs efficiently and then you can shave using the grid if necessary.

It is advantageous to access such characteristics since not all skins are the same. Some people are sensitive and mowing or shaving exposes them to irritation if they use inappropriate equipment. The use of this product offered by the Philips brand protects you from this type of problem.

The accessories

Phillips HP6576 is available with 3 hooves. This way, you can access several cutting styles. The hairs can be trimmed to 3, 5 and 7 mm according to your wishes. Already, considering this criterion, you have the choice to choose between different cutting heights to have the style adapted to your needs according to the look you want to adopt. You are free to change this style as you wish, without switching to another device. All you have to do is change your hoof.

You may also not use a hoof and in this case, shaving gives a net result. These accessories have a bidirectional shape. This way, you can mow in both directions. This makes its use more convenient and even more comfortable. 

Autonomy and waterproofing

This model comes with a rechargeable battery. This offers a 60-minute autonomy for a charging time of only 1 hour. This way, you won’t have to wait too long before you can enjoy it. In addition, the proposed autonomy allows you to maintain your body properly through your back, armpits, torso, abdomen and shoulders. Let us not forget the legs and the pubic area either. An indicator light indicates the state of the charge. It gives you an idea if the battery is full or low.

In terms of waterproofing, this model does not fear contact with moisture. Therefore, you can use it without constraint in the shower for a clean result. However, nothing prevents you from using it in a dry environment either. In addition, you can clean it with water after each use for use in a clean condition as well.

2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

 If you want to enjoy the performance of a professional device when depilating, you can choose this model. It is a pulsed light epilator. The advantage of using such a system is that it provides a sustainable result that tends to be permanent over time. It is suitable for use on the face, armpits, arms, bikini line and the entire body. As a result, you do not need to acquire different devices to remove hair from all parts of your body.

This device offers 5 levels of energy that you can adjust as you wish. It only takes 6 to 12 treatments for your hair to be reduced to 90% depending on the level you choose. The highest is the most effective, but if you are new to this material, it is best to use the lowest first. This feature indicates that this equipment is suitable for a variety of needs.

The device offers up to 400,000 flashes for long-term use even if you plan a complete treatment on your body. You only have to change the lamp if the corresponding display shows 0.

The use of a men’s epilator provides comfort if you have high-performance technology at your disposal.


  • Several levels of settings: This equipment offers 5 levels of settings to choose according to the desired effect and experience you have in using a hair removal device of this type.
  • A good capacity: With 400,000 flashes, you can use this device for a long time. His head is extended so that there is no light leakage.
  • Easy handling: This item is easy to handle involving only settings through its LCD screen using your fingertips.


  • The device switches off regularly: A user indicates that this device is regularly switched off during use.

3. Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator For Men

From now on, pulsed light hair removal is only accessible in beauty and beauty salons. You can practice it at home using this Poshions device. Lightweight, small and using an LED display, it is easy to handle and can be used without constraint at home. This model is characterized by its two-in-one function. Indeed, it offers two lamp heads that can be replaced and dismantled if necessary.

The hair removal head or HR is used to treat different parts of your body. The Skin Rejuvenation or SR is dedicated to whitening your skin and solving your wrinkle problems. You don’t need to make a lot of investment to access these benefits. Only one equipment allows you to enjoy it. Thanks to its performance, this equipment reduces hair by up to 90% only after 6 to 12 weeks. It is only necessary to ensure that you do not exceed three months and to ensure continuous monthly treatment.

This device is economical as it offers you 400,000 flashes for a considerably long lifetime. The level of energy used can vary in 5 levels depending on the area of the body treated to make it suitable for different needs.

To enjoy pulsed light technology at home and in comfort, choose this model.


  • A 2 in 1 device: This product is a two-in-one pulsed light epilator. To switch from one function to another, simply change the lamp heads. One of them is suitable for body hair removal and the other for skin rejuvenation. This model meets a variety of needs.
  • Optimum efficiency: Your hair will be reduced by 90% only after 6 to 12 weeks of use of this item. By taking advantage of this efficiency, you will no longer have to bother to wax frequently.
  • A long service life: Its 400,000 flashes allow this product to give you the benefit of a long life.


  • Result after a few treatments: A single treatment may not be enough to see a convincing result. The indicated processing time must be considered.

How to use a man’s epilator?

Contrary to popular belief, hair removal is not only for women. Indeed, men also adopt this habit to bring more softness to their skin. In this context, men’s epilators are increasingly popular on the market. To help you make the most of it, here are some practical tips.

Read the instructions for use

Before starting any action, please consult the instructions. The information it contains will allow you to know how your device works. Be aware that there is a wide choice of epilators and everyone has their own method of operation. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, get to know your device.

Prepare your skin

It is important to know that depilation attacks your skin. It is therefore important to prepare her for this step by giving her all the care she needs. Then start by exfoliating the area you plan to wax. For sensitive areas, opt for a gentle, small-berry scrub. Once the scrub is done, continue with the skin’s hydration. In this sense, use a moisturizing cream or milk.

Prepare your device

Your epilator can work with a battery or with a battery. It may also need to be plugged into an outlet. It all depends on the model chosen. But the most important thing is that it is well loaded. Indeed, you would certainly not like to stop your depilation in the middle of your chest when the device is completely discharged. Therefore, check the battery level before you start.

Repeat the experience

Depending on the method you have chosen, pulsed light or electric hair removal, the result varies. The first type of hair removal is effective yet slow to work before all your hair disappears. It is then necessary to repeat the operation at least nine times before the hair completely disappears. As for the electric epilator, the experience is painful but the amount of hair gradually decreases with use.

Pay attention to certain precautions

When depilating, it is very important that you pay attention to your skin, especially if you have many moles. Avoid skinning them at all costs as this can be dangerous. Also, check beforehand that the depilatory cream you use does not contain any chemical elements to which you are allergic. And finally, be aware that the method of hair removal should be done according to the hair type and skin type. If the latter is categorized as fragile, then it is best to prioritize the gentlest methods. Otherwise, you are free to use a more radical means.

Maintain your property

Remember that the epilator is a skin care product and is often in contact with your fragile and injured skin. It is therefore necessary to clean it regularly and eliminate the bacteria deposited there. To do this, brush the head of your epilator with a toothbrush. Then remove it and immerse it in water to remove all the hair. As for bacteria, get rid of them by cleaning the device with a cotton wool soaked in alcohol.

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