Best Eyelash and Growth Serums

Do you have short eyelashes that are almost non-existent? This buying guide, then, is just for you! In the following lines, in fact, we will recommend the best eyelash serum on the market, and having beautiful, long but above all healthy eyelashes will no longer be a problem.

And ‘common to many women the hassle of not having thick lashes and blacks like the ones you see in ads for mascara or make-up.

Or why weak and prone to fall or because scarce and thinned out, the eyelashes do not seem to match ever to our ideal of beauty.

Some women try to remedy by applying mascara with a stretching and volumizing effect, but unfortunately, these cosmetics, most of the time, fail to work miracles and give us the lashes of our dreams.

Still, others try to mislead by playing with eyeliner and eye shadows, so as to pass the problem of eyelashes into the background.

Finally, the last unfortunate beach for us is that of the false eyelashes, which can be applied with glue: it is useless to mention the inevitable foolishness if the eyelashes should come off, fall or, worse, hang over the eyelids.

The primer for eyelashes may turn out to be quite useful, but if you want a lasting result, there remains but one solution: the serum for eyelashes.

What is the best eyelash serum?

In the following list, we will recommend the 6 best eyelash serums on the market, which can be purchased through the various online sales stores.

Sorted by price, starting with the cheapest with the lowest price, up to the most expensive; the products we will describe have been selected after long and careful research.

We also urge you to read the opinions and reviews of customers who have already purchased these serums, in order to have as many items as possible to add to the evaluation of your choice. To do this, simply click on the links after each item description.

Below we present the best eyelash serums:

1. Belle Azul eyelash serum + Lashes

The first product on our list is the Belle Azul eyelash serum.

This serum is rich in natural extracts that will help to regenerate and protect the eyelash structure so that it appears thicker and longer. Furthermore, the liquid will generally make them healthier because it will strengthen each individual eyelash.

It is also possible to apply the product on the eyebrows in order to make them thicker and obtain a more intense look. The results will be visible in 4-8 weeks, with an application equal to twice a day.

The composition of this serum contains selected natural extracts, known for their regenerative and protective properties. These will help strengthen eyelashes and stimulate new growth.

The bottle is 7 ml and will guarantee concrete results after just a few weeks!

2. GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

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This extremely effective product stimulates the roots of the lashes and helps them grow, making them at the same time thicker and healthier. The first results will be visible after 4 weeks, but the real effects will come after 6 weeks.

The bottle contains 5 ml of liquid, sufficient for about 5-8 months of application; the composition is made up of natural and nutritious ingredients which, combined together, will guarantee a “premium ” quality.

This serum will not fade your eyelashes and the side effects are very rare, practically non-existent.

Those who wear contact lenses will have to remove them before applying the serum and then they can put them back. Be careful not to let the liquid come into contact with your eyes, if so; dry yourself with a napkin or a cotton pad.

The use of this product is not recommended for people with conjunctivitis, trachoma or other eye diseases.

3. Simon & Tom Eyelashes Growth Serum

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The Simon & Tom eyelash strengthening serum will help your eyelashes stretch, making them stronger, thicker and healthier.

Unlike our hair, eyelashes do not always receive the treatment they deserve. The use of mascara and false eyelashes, in fact, if carried out in a hasty and abrupt way, can cause weakening and the eyelashes, with time, begin to lose their shine, length and thickness.

Eyelashes Growth Enhancer Serum was developed to increase the length and density of eyelashes and at the same time makes them stronger and more resistant.

The beneficial effects of the serum are also found using it on the eyebrows, increasing their density and stimulating their growth.

This product protects the lashes from damage and the fall, thanks to its natural ingredients – such as, for example, the Argan Oil of Morocco, which is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants, panthenol, and other natural extracts, the which restructure, moisturize and stimulate the growth of eyelashes-.

Visible improvements already after a week and results within 4-8 weeks, for a sensual and intense look.

The incredible formula of this serum has been clinically approved and is suitable for all skin types; it is paraben-free and has not been tested on animals.

4. JEUXLORE – Eyelash Growth Serum

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Jeuxlore eyelash serum is 100% composed of natural ingredients and vitamins, which will regenerate your eyelashes making them perfect. The results will begin to appear after the first month and, if you continue to use it regularly, you will have thicker and healthier eyelashes in no time.

This product also guarantees a curved effect, covering the lashes with an elastic layer of ultra-fine pigments, nourishing waxes, and polymers.

The life of the eyelashes is divided into several phases: the first is that of growth, which occurs during the first month and which then leaves room for a phase where the eyelashes must remain attached to the eyelid, for the remaining 5 months.

Unlike many other products, which act on the surface during the initial phase, the Superlative Lash serum acts at the root of the lashes, favoring their lengthening and increasing their volume?

And that’s not all: this serum also extends the life of the eyelashes, supporting them in the later stages; in fact, with its nutrients and vitamins, it invigorates the lashes keeping them hydrated and healthy.

5. Lé Fair Lash Ageless Skin

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Le Fair encourages us not to spend time and money with substandard products from the disappointing results and offers us its enhancing serum: Fair Lash.

If you want beautiful and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows, you only have to apply this product once a day and wait for the incredible results that will begin to be seen already within the first few weeks.

Made up of top quality ingredients, specifically selected to stimulate eyelash growth, the combined action of these nutrients will ensure excellent results with each use, without irritating and damaging the skin!

The application is very simple: you have to spread a thin strip along the upper contour of the eyelashes once a day, before going to bed. Apply the product on the root of the eyebrows, before sleeping, after cleaning them well.

With this serum, you can have longer, thicker eyelashes and eyelashes without excessive use of those harmful chemical-based mascaras. Begin to make your eyelashes grow immediately and flaunt them proudly!

6. InstaNatural Eyelash Increase Serum and Eyebrow Serum

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The latest product on our list is the InstaNatural eyelash and eyelash serum. Thanks to its powerful formula with peptides, this product will guarantee the regrowth of your eyelashes, without irritating the eyes.

The InstaNatural serum promotes healthy and strong eyelashes thanks to a number of active ingredients equal to 3 times that of the imitations on the market, perfect to nourish and strengthen your lashes.

Accurate clinical tests have shown that this serum increases eyelash length and density by up to 26% after just two weeks of use, and up to 66% after 28 days.

These results will guarantee you long and thick eyelashes that you have always wanted, without ingredients that could pose risks to your eyes.

What to expect from an eyelash serum?

I know, most of you would like the serum to act immediately, best eyelash serum giving your eyelashes new life in a few days.

I am sorry to disappoint your hopes, but this is not possible: an eyelash serum, even the quickest, needs at least 2 weeks before showing substantial results.

The fundamental aspects to be examined when considering the purchase of this product are different:

  • Delicacy: product safety comes first; buying a delicate serum that does not cause irritation or itching, cannot be missing among the requirements of a quality serum.
  • Easy application: it is essential that the serum is simple to apply, maybe even fast, so as not to demoralize you and make you lose interest in using it.
  • Hydration: it is very important to moisturize the lashes, especially those just born, so as to make them grow healthy and strong.
  • Results: Obviously, a good eyelash serum must bring real results in a maximum of one month.

The active ingredients of the serum penetrate the ciliary follicles in order to make the long and thick eyelashes grow; in addition, they provide them with hydration, nourishment and protect them from pollution.

The elements that promote growth are creatine and vitamin E, while for hydration and anti-inflammatory properties it is better to use Aloe Vera or green tea.

Eyelash serums are usually composed of ingredients such as panthenol, lavender oil, arginine, hyaluronic acid, mineral substances, and other plant extracts.

Another crucial factor to take into consideration is the presence of components that prolong the life of the product and avoid the multiplication of bacteria inside the cosmetic bottle.

The life of the eyelashes goes from 100 to 150 days and the serum acts during their growth to make them healthy and strong; we are not just talking about an aesthetic factor, this part of our body, in fact, has a very specific role: it does not let any impurities enter the eye.

Taking care of our eyelashes, therefore, has the same importance as taking care of any other part of our body, with small addition: a more beautiful look!

How do you apply eyelash serum?

One of the essential things to get good results, through the application of eyelash serum, is regularity.

You must be systematic and apply it every day for the times indicated in the instruction booklet (which is always good to read in order to take into account possible precautions and side effects).

It is advisable to apply the product in the evening, every day, for at least 3 months; but as mentioned above, the first results should be visible after a month.

First of all, make sure the skin around the eye is clean: if you wear make-up, provide yourself with a make-up remover that completely eliminates all traces of makeup.

Most eyelash serums have a sharp applicator, similar to that of eyeliner, which allows the liquid to be applied directly to the lash line, both upper and lower.

If you want more black and bright lashes, instead, you should use a comb brush like the mascara one, in order to reach the entire length of the “hair”.

Through dermatological and ophthalmic examinations, the compatibility and reliability of eyelash serums are impeccably controlled, to guarantee the safety of the products put on the market.

Moreover, obviously, all the ingredients present in the composition are indicated on the package, so that, if you have allergies, it is sufficient to read the instructions carefully.

Eyelash Serum Prices

As with all cosmetics, the philosophy of the “highest price = best quality” applies to eyelash serums.

However, we must remain vigilant because this rule is applicable only in a general way and there could be cases where extremely expensive eyelash serums do not deliver the desired results.

The answer is, literally, under your eyes: reviews, buying guides or serums by professionals who test the products by trade, are, precisely, the answer to your question.

What should a good Serum for Eyelashes do?

When we consider buying a serum for eyelashes, what we are looking for is a treatment that is quick and effective. It seems that expecting results for a while impatient us, and we need to keep expectations alive, we need results already.

But the truth is that all treatments take time, and eyelash serum should meet all expectations, which are basically longer thicker and stronger hair.

Ideal eyelash serum should also hydrate and nourish the hair follicles to ensure the smooth growth of hair or hair that is about to be born, thus ensuring its rapid growth and preventing it from breaking or breaking easily.

The treatment for eyelashes must be dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, which guarantees us that the product is safe both for the skin of the eyelids and for the eyeball, and of course, that it does not have any undesired side effects.

Something important is also that it is easy to apply. For this, the most important thing is the applicator that it includes. It is usually equipped with a small brush that makes it easy to deposit the right amount of product at the base of the eyelashes.

And we also want it to last a long time. In this, we must look at the amount of product that has each container, as it can be a bit misleading. Most have 3 ml, some have 5 ml, and very few offer up to 7 ml. Keep this in mind when choosing a serum or another.

How do Serum for Eyelashes work?

The texture of the serum promotes the absorption of the product by the skin, reaching more easily to the deepest layers of the skin, where the hair is born. On the contrary, the creams offer a superficial treatment and therefore nothing effective.

The composition of its formulation, rich in active ingredients, will reach the follicle where the hair of the eyelash is born, enriching and nourishing it to ensure a much longer growth period, which will provide long and thick eyelashes.

In addition to providing everything necessary for the hair follicle to grow healthy, it adds protection. A layer will cover the entire length of the hair isolating it from external agents, such as pollution or wind while avoiding evaporation leaving each hair perfectly hydrated.

However, you have to be realistic. Each skin is a world and can react differently from one user to another. Let’s not forget that the cycle of the eyelashes is from 100 to 150 days, in that period the hair is born, grows and falls naturally.

The eyelashes have an important function for our eye health, thanks to them and the eyebrows, they prevent dust, and sweat, pollen, etc. can enter the eye, causing ulcers or wounds difficult to treat.

Lashes have a protective and moisturizing function for the eyes, and therefore, the longer and more voluminous, the better they will perform their function and the more enigmatic our eyes will be.

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