10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Every Occasion

To obtain all possible variations of eye makeup, make-up palettes offer a variable range of colors and adapted to your desires. Depending on the effects and the look you want, you can choose the one that suits you best!

To broaden your horizons, you can opt for the palette pallets. These last are on the rise in the cosmetic department. They will allow you to vary the tones, make gradations or other styles of make-up trends, but also to save space in your bag or in your bathroom. Rather shiny, glittery or matte, light or darker? Which effects to choose and which colors to turn to? We deliver the best advice to find the pallet of your dreams.

How to choose the best shadow palette in the market?

In the next section we will present a guide to buy the best shadow palette. Therefore, we have selected the most relevant characteristics that you should consider in order to make an accurate and accurate choice. The main thing is that you can feel comfortable with your purchase and that it allows you to make proper use and enjoyment throughout the day.


Each type of shadow can be very useful for certain moments, you just need to know clearly their properties and know how to use them efficiently. Although palettes usually do not come with much versatility in this aspect, you can find one or two that serve you with double function, such as delineate and blur, for example.

In the first place are the shadows in dust that are the most common. They come in the most varied colors and are very easy to apply. Sometimes, they are usually a bit dusty so the best practice is to shake the applicator a bit before placing it on the eyelid. Leaning on a pre-base can also be very useful; its purpose is to fix more accurately the color and, therefore, is more durable.

Also, there are cream options. These are also easy to apply because you do not need any special knowledge, they can even be placed with your fingers. Their most positive aspect is that they tend to last for a long time and, therefore, a large number of styling professionals take advantage of their characteristics using them as a pre-base before the application of a powder shade.


These products always come in several colors. When it comes to establishing a comparison of shadow palettes, it is necessary to pay attention to detail, as it could be inconvenient to acquire a case with 12 shades of which we only feel comfortable with two. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate other options and thus prefer one where at least 70% of the colors are of your liking.

Generally, the pallets are oriented to a specific range of colors, where from a base several derivatives are obtained. For example, it is very common to find in cosmetics stores, palettes that go around warm colors such as browns, reds, and gold, among others. Cold colors such as greens, purples or blues are usually less popular.

But, if it’s versatility, neutral colors are the champions par excellence. Its possibilities of use are endless and are perfect for any occasion. In this range, there are usually light tones very close to white, natural colors and pink.

In the selection of colors, beyond the possible use that will be given, the personality of the user is also of vital importance. This is because each woman knows her skin and the colors that best highlight her attributes, but not only this, but also the possibilities that make her feel comfortable and well presented.

Skin complexion

Shade is the easiest criterion to find on a price comparator. The choice of this one for your eye shadow palette must depend on your complexion. To begin with, it is important to know that skin types are defined by the shades (matte, medium or light) and undertones that will have to be defined.

The identification of your complexion will necessarily require the definition of the color of the veins of your arms. Then it’s very simple. If these are green, it means you have a warm sub-tone. You will therefore need coral, brown or orange shades. If your veins are purplish, it means that you have a cold sub-tone. To ensure harmony with your skin, you need a palette of violets and roses.

If you cannot determine the color of your veins and they are neither purplish nor green, you should choose a neutral palette. In simpler terms, this means that everything fits you; you will have no trouble finding the right shade for your complexion. 


Many pallets are designed from the factory with different colors and, at the same time, different effects to be able to combine with each other and thus achieve impact finishes. You will always have the opportunity to get a good and economical option, you just have to assess the characteristics you have and, obviously, how much it costs, in order to establish a price quality relationship.

Within the world of shading finishes there are different types and each has a recommended use. For example, those that have shimmer effects include glitter and, sometimes, glitter. These are allies of the foreground for party nights, as they highlight your eyelids.

There are also the satiny, these also have brightness but, in reality, is very dim. They can be used both for day and night, and also as a complement of matt powders to give better effect.

Finally, matte shadows are those that do not show any kind of brightness or sparkle. Because of this fact, they are useful in different scenarios, even as a basic part of the makeup itself as they work as eyeliner, to give more depth, as a basis for shimmer or satin finishes, among others.

What is the best eye shadow palette of 2019?

We have selected 10 of the best eye shadow palettes of 2019; therefore, your work will be much easier when choosing. We recommend you review each of the reviews and, based on this, choose the one that is really right for you.

Recommended Products

1. Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline New York Eyeshadow Palette is the best product in this comparison. It is a good value for money and is ideal to achieve a beautiful combination of colors, whether to go out during the day or to accentuate the make-up feature in the evening.

This beautiful case is equipped with an applicator foam tip that will allow you to degrade or fade the colors, according to your desires. With its 12 make-up, you can create several mixtures of tones and realize different looks. For example, have the freedom to create a variation of dark brown to make perfect smokey eyes.

You can also find pink and gold shades for a beautiful nude effect. There is no risk of deceiving you. For a successful make-up, first drop the lighter shade. Then choose a darker brown to accentuate and emphasize the eye area.

If you want to brighten your eyes tonight, do not settle for the classic eyeliner and mascara. To help you find the best make-up pallet brand, we have the Maybelline New York Model The Nudes.


  • An applicator available: To perfect your makeup, use its applicator that has a foam end. Your gradients will be sublime for an unforgettable evening.
  • Effects at will: Just by mixing 12 shades, you can get all the tones you have in mind. This is the ideal model for those who have a preference for nude effects.
  • A good price-performance ratio: Who said you had to pay a large sum to have a mesmerizing look? Even with a limited budget, you will have access to this complete kit.


  • An inefficient stick: The stick delivered with the palette is not enough to perfectly apply the makeup; you will always take a brush with you.

2. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

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The best makeup palette is the one that offers shades of tones according to your habits, whether you are a fan of nude make-up or smoky eyes. In this case, let yourself be tempted by this model of Smashbox Cosmetics. It is perfect to change your look easily by creating a simple alliance with neutral tones.

Rather dull or shiny? Whatever your style, in this palette you have at your disposal 14 shades, including seven matt and seven brilliants to use in liner or small touches to brighten the look. The pale beige will serve as a base. Then you can opt for the tone that best suits your look and that rhymes with your mood. From gold to silver, to velvety black, there is everything you need to showcase your eyes.

This item will easily find its place in your makeup bag or on the shelves of your bathroom. For a precise application, he is equipped with an ergonomic brush with two tips. His small mirror adds a point to its practical side.

Where to buy the best palette of the moment? From now on, stop asking yourself this question and opt directly for Smashbox Cosmetics Full exposure.


  • For all looks: Smashbox Full Exposure Palette can be used by all people. In the blink of an eye, you can go from the nude effect to the smoky look.
  • A variety of colors: Whether you’re a follower of matte effect or brilliant style, you will not be disappointed. Even if you want to keep a natural tone, its beige is of a perfect elegance.
  • Discrete accessories: Given its size, this kit will fit well in your kit and will follow you anywhere. Thanks to its small mirror, you can always make yourself a little beauty, even in the office, between two meetings.        


  • Non-intense colors: If you prefer intense looks, it will be necessary to insist a little when you put some colors.

3. Makeup Revolution 32 Eyeshadow Palette

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The make-up of the eyes must be in harmony with the color of your hair and associate with the different colors that make up your outfit. If you are looking for new eyeshadow to complete your makeup kit, do not hesitate to choose this product. Created by the brand Makeup Revolution, it could be the answer to the question: what is the best makeup palette on the market?

Practical and complete, this palette offers you a large mirror so that you can put makeup in comfort without acquiring this accessory apart. It brings together 32 bright and matte tones, with original hues that will allow you to make a make-up of day, evening or party with ease.

Those who want to rely on discretion and elegance will be served with the clearest nuances. People who want to create a mysterious and chic look will be able to play with the shades of browns to make a beautiful, smoky eye. Users who want to add a haunting touch to their style will opt for silver or lightly glittery blue.

No more little makeup in a hurry. Make your own, knowing which palette to choose. For example, you can turn to this complete kit Makeup Revolution 32 eyeshadow.


  • For any event: This material is suitable for all types of events you will attend. Whether you’re out in a box or want to keep natural tones for work, this palette will fill you.
  • A faithful mirror: Never separate from this kit when you go to baby. Indeed, a mirror is integrated. It will guarantee you a great precision for your retouches.
  • A complete pallet: Dark as light, the different shades is all matte and glittery. So you can play between shades to refine or darken your eyes.      


  • The absence of a brush: The kit does not include a brush, which is a bit constraining for a palette with multiple colors.

4. Pretty Comy Waterproof 18 Colors

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Just like shoes and bags, eye makeup palettes are essential. Some of them just make us dream and for the most part, it’s hard not to fall in love with their hues and design.

How to resist this pretty Comy case? Cheap, it will probably delight future buyers with small budgets. It is composed of 18 long-lasting and waterproof makeups to make a natural effect makeup, far from fuss, or a glamorous and red carpet style of the most irresistible. When using them, do not worry that a possible contact with moisture removes the product applied easily.

The evening is waiting for you; it’s time to parry your eyes a thousand lights. Dark shades like goldstone, black and hematite are perfect for beautiful shading. The sunset, bronze or birthday make-up will go perfectly with the hazel eyes. To give a new shine to the emerald eyes, there is the flamingo and the glow kit.

Finding the best performing and cheapest palette is quite possible. Pretty Comy Waterproof 18 Colors figure well among these rare models.


  • Moisture resistance: Fall for this long-lasting makeup if you want the complexion of your eyes does not disappear in contact with water. Indeed, it is a waterproof kit.
  • A natural rendering: If you are more like keeping a natural style while taking care of your eyes when you go to work, this palette is for you. Otherwise, its beautiful nude colors will also help you to even out your complexion.
  • Beautiful gradients: From now on, you will succeed your gradients with these 18 shades. From gold to black metallic, through fuchsia, you can illuminate your eyes according to your outfit.       


  • More effective for a clear complexion: If you have a darker complexion, you will need to apply thicker layers.

5. Angmile 18 Colors Matte and Glitter

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Compared to the eyeshadow solos, makeup palettes for the eyes accumulate several advantages. You still do not know which one is right for you. If so, why not buy this one? It contains everything you need to brighten your eyes.

Signed Angmile, this palette captivates with its starry sky design and lends itself to daytime makeup or a party look that throws it. It combines 18 blushes in the same box, which will allow you to take several shades during your trip or during your travels, while saving space.

Discover these eight matte shadows and these ten sparkling eyes that are waiting for you to explore the nuances and the art of make-up. Waterproof and highly pigmented, they guarantee an optimal hold. Your makeup goes with you for a long time so you do not have to apply it frequently once outside your home.

Do you know Angmile 18 Colors Mat and Glitter? You will not need to compare several models of palette makeup, it is already perfect.


  • A nice packaging: Its magnificent case covered with stars will conquer you immediately. Whether you go on a trip or going out to have fun with your friends, the palette will discreetly hide in your bag.
  • A fascinating brilliance: Compared to other models, it has well-pigmented makeup. Even if you are in a moderately lit room, its glittery hues will bring out your soft look.
  • A long outfit: You will be fascinated to discover that the layer you have applied will remain intact, even after a busy day. Waterproof, blushes are resistant to moisture and sweat.   


  • Sticky glitter: Some people who use it have complained glitter blue stains that stick a little too much on the fingers.


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The amber shades will never go out of fashion and MAC knows it. For this reason, they have at your disposal this palette that provides ample possibilities for your special make-up of the night or day to day.

Its nine colors offer the option to put the imagination to fly and achieve a different impact with each design. In addition, with its tonalities in matte finish you will grant naturalness to your face without subjecting it to abandonment; while with the satin tones you will achieve an impact with your eyes. It also includes two bright options that will highlight your eyes; these are very useful to go to the disco or a wedding at night.

The best thing is that you will have all this available in a single case, which will offer you a double benefit: the possibility of transporting it anywhere and a considerable saving by not having to purchase everything separately.

If you are looking for the best brand of shadow palettes then you should try the Mac Amber Time Nine palette, a compact nine-color amber and natural tones that stand out in a sober makeup. Know your specifications here.


  • Colors: This Mac palette comes with nine colors in amber and brown, in both matte and satin and frosty, allowing a makeup with subtle or striking finishes.
  • Pigmentation: The high pigmentation of these shadows facilitates the makeup, in addition to allowing versatile combinations.
  • Duration: The Mac makeup line is designed to last for hours and hours since its application and shadows are no exception. The makeup of the eyes will be intact during the day or night.
  • Application: The high quality of the product makes its application easy and simple. You will not have to brush the brush several times to achieve the right color intensity.   


  • Size: The size of the shadows represents the main counter to many users, who, although satisfied with the product’s performance, complain about how small they are.

 7. W7 Eye Shadow Color Palette

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If you are looking for the cheapest options on the market, the W7 Eye Shadow Color Palette is a reference. Its twelve colors that cover an important range, will allow you to make many combinations and the best effects; from the clearest, such as white, to beautiful shades of bronze and browns.

On the other hand, the colors are maintained for a longer time, effectively covering the entire area in which they are placed. For this, bring a special applicator that will give you the facility at the time of making the blur, thus achieving a better distribution.

In addition, to give you attractive ideas, on the back they refer to the appropriate way to combine colors to obtain more beautiful and satisfactory results.

This brand offers a set of 12 colors in matt and bright tones, with a range ranging from pink to brown and bronze.


  • Colors: In this palette, 12 colors stand out, ranging from pink tones, through blacks and grays, to earths with browns and bronzes, as well as white, which can be combined for five finishes.
  • Pigmentation: Its high pigmentation concentration powders provide color almost instantaneously, highlighting each stroke.
  • Duration: The W7 Eye Shadow Color Palette do not need touch-ups during the day or night, because thanks to the high quality of their product, they can last several hours without falling off by sweat.
  • Application: Its application is simple and practical, in addition to that if you are not a makeup professional, on the back of the product you will get a series of tips to combine and apply the colors.  


  • Colors: Due to the predominance of light tones, this palette may not help to highlight the features in brown skins or, in any case, demand greater use of color.

8. Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultramatte V2

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This case is one of the best options available to answer which is the best shadow palette. And it is that both its design, as its variety of colors, in cold tones of matte type, gives an interesting concept to get out of the routine.

On the other hand, the texture is creamy so they turn out to be much more durable. In turn, not only serve to make shadows but can be helped by special applicators and function as eyeliners.

With the variety of colors that include, some light and other dark, going green and blue, you will achieve a complete result with this palette.

The palette includes a mirror on the upper part of the case, so retouching at any time will be a very simple task. In addition, it has the ideal size to include in your luggage when you go on a trip.

This case of shadows is unusual because they come in cream and untraditional colors, so we include their pros and cons below.


  • Colors: This palette of shades combines 12 intense matte-style colors, including blues, browns and purples, indicated to outline and create intense eye makeup.
  • Pigmentation: These shadows have intense pigments, so it goes well in any skin tone.
  • Cream: They are creamy shadows easy to mix and apply, even as eyeliner.
  • Application: It is a palette with easy application, especially because its case includes a wide mirror for when you should touch up any detail.      


  • Quantity: The main complaint about this product has to do with the amount, as some clients consider it too little.

9. Beauty Glazed Rose Gold Edition

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To get a make-up as done by professionals, you need to have the right tools. Beauty Glazed offers us the best palette of shades of relation quality price, thanks to its first characteristics and its low price.

Its 18 colors occupy warm and neutral tones that you can use to highlight any look. The users who have acquired the product notice with positive value that they are very durable over time, and can easily fade without generating spots in other areas of the face.

As it also includes some colors with glitter, it is convenient to apply them with a special brush that is slightly moistened, in this way its effect will be more striking and the pigmentation will be adequate. However, it can also be placed gently in order to make a good outline of the eyelid.

This brand offers a set of 18 colors of professional quality, easy application and good pigmentation. Thus, you can clarify your doubts about which shadow palette to buy.


  • Colors: This palette includes 18 colors in matte, satin and frosted tones, which when combined provide stunning make-up for day and night.
  • Pigmentation: This product of professional quality is provided with a good pigmentation, favoring the intensity of each color.
  • Duration: After a correct application, these shadows can last without problems throughout the day or night, without the need for retouching.


  • Brush: The brush included in the case is very basic to apply the type of shadows that come in the palette, especially the polished ones, according to some buyers, who recommend moistening the brush a bit and going.

10. NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Palette

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To establish that this is a product suitable to be the best shadow palette we have based on its multiple characteristics that provide ease of use and versatility of combinations.

First of all, its 16 colors that include warm tones in matt and glossy versions stand out, which serve to make you look pretty all day long, as well as attend to any special outing that may arise during the night.

Since colors offer good pigmentation and last longer, you do not need to touch up regularly, so the content will last for a long period. The shadows are well protected in a hard metal case that will prevent abuse with daily use. For many users this may be the best shadow palette of the moment, because it offers an attractive range of colors, good blur and long duration. Here we leave your pros and cons.


  • Colors: This palette of shadows contains 16 colors, ranging from natural tones to the brightest oranges and browns, in both matt and glossy styles.
  • Pigmentation: The shadows have a good pigmentation, which facilitates the diffusion technique and combination with several colors.
  • Application: The pallet comes in a metal case with its respective brush, which facilitates the application of the product, which can be used every day.
  • Duration: The duration is one of the most outstanding qualities of the product, which adheres well to the skin without falling off with sweat.    


  • Loose: Some users say that the shadows can be very loose powders. However, this aspect does not affect the final makeup finish.

How to use a shadow palette

Make up correctly is an art, but if you have some ideas clear can become an activity that is enjoyable and recreational, help you look good and attract the eyes of others. If you have doubts about the use of a shadow palette, the following recommendations may help.

Choose the right contrast

Basically we can say that shadows, regardless of the range of tones to which they belong, are divided into light and dark. It is important to keep this in mind so that you use those that belong to the dark classification to emphasize the contours and outline. They can also be very useful to give depth to the look and reduce proportions.

On the other hand, one of the functions that light shadows can perform better is to illuminate specific areas, such as the arch under the eyebrows or to help create striking contrast effects. If they are used in the mobile eyelid they can be useful so that the small eyes look bigger if they are applied with prudence.

We recommend that you analyze the anatomy of your eyes to decide in which areas it is more convenient to use each type of them and if you like the result. It may also be appropriate to use more or less contrast between light and dark until you find the balance you like most.

Remember that experimenting can help you discover what favors the most for the appearance of your face, so dare to spend a few minutes trying new options.

Choose the right tones in each case

In the choice of colors each person has a special inclination towards certain tones. But it is convenient that they combine either with your skin tone or with the attire that you will wear.

Although it is not an inflexible rule, light-colored skin can be better combined with cool shades such as green blues, pinks and combinations, while brighter ones may be better highlighted with warm-like shades. The exceptions can be handled with care and contrasting with other related tones always keeping the harmony between them.

The trend of fashion can suggest many options, but finally your particular style can give an original touch that makes you feel comfortable. This can influence the security you project, something important in your personal arrangement.

Carry your shadows properly

If you think it will be necessary to touch up the shadows after a few hours, it may be advisable to consider using an adequate transport. This is especially important if the presentation of the same is in compact powder, since in case of a fall it can cause a disaster difficult to clean of your belongings.

For this reason, we recommend that you always make sure that the case closes correctly and does not open easily. Also, cosmetics are not in your pocket near objects that may be important. Preferably use an exclusive compartment for your articles related to makeup.

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