The Top 10 Best Facial Cleansing Brushes Right Now

Need a deep cleansing of the face, without necessarily going to a very good beautician? The facial cleansing brush is for you. However, as this is a very delicate question because it concerns the health of your face, you have to pay attention to the choice of this device. With different types of facial cleansing brush available, it is important to consider several elements, namely the type of cleaning that the brush is capable of performing (cleanser, exfoliant, etc.), its speed and many more.

How to choose a good facial cleansing brush?

Facial Cleansing Brushes are nowadays marketed under several brands on the market. In order to accompany you in your choice and to avoid you getting lost, we will give you advice on its main criteria of choice: movements, speed and options.

Purchase guide

Brush operation mode

Within the brushes that we find in the market there are two main operating systems. One is that of the rotating brushes, which simply rotate in a circular fashion. The other is the vibratory system, which applies movement on the skin to remove dirt from it. As a third model, we have mixed products, which include functions of vibration and circular rotation at the same time, obtaining greater efficiency. Obviously, there is a difference in how much each model costs, but there is also a difference between what each system offers us.

The circular mode is the most frequent in the products that we find in any comparison of facial brushes. This system moves the brush over the face at a certain speed, which we can regulate in the highest quality models. This spin system drags dirt and removes it from the face passing it to the brush.

The vibration mode, in this case, causes the skin to move under a vibrating element, which by this movement lifts and carries away dirt, while giving a pleasant massage. Again, it is a function that we can configure in the highest quality models, to perform a more or less deep cleaning. Finally, in mixed models, we can take advantage of both systems, obtaining both a deep cleaning and a pleasant massage on the face.

Elements included

Although for now we have talked about the body of the product, now we will look at the elements included to proceed with the cleaning. Some accessories that rotate and are in direct contact with our skin, so that the analysis must be deep and effective. Especially if you have problems such as sensitive skin or mixed skin, since there are specific products designed for these skin types.

In this case we talk about the brush heads, which precisely because of their design can be used in different types of faces. These brushes are made with different types of fibers, either natural or synthetic, which have different levels of intensity for cleaning, but also the softness needed by more sensitive or delicate faces. It is usual for the brush to include different heads to cover several demands that you may have. In any case, always verify that the model includes what your face needs in terms of brushes.

The other large family of heads is made up of brushes for specific or specific use. In this case we can find brushes that serve to exfoliate the skin, to massage it or even with waxing functions. Various functions that you can use just by changing the type of head you are using. Again it is convenient to see if these heads are adjusted to the use you give the brush, as well as if you can buy additional brushes, either by replacing the ones you have or by adding new functions.

Comfort of use

In order for a facial brush, whether of economic or high cost, to be effective, it is important that the product be comfortable to move and use. The work of facial cleansing is a work of precision where having a model of tight size and that you can place in the perfect angle is something fundamental.

Currently, almost all facial brushes work with battery, so you will not have to worry about the cable when it comes to cleaning the skin. It is also important to have a pleasant format in the area of ​​the product, so you can maintain this iron control mentioned above. Check both the design of this area and the materials of it, so that the product does not slip from your hands either.

Something that is much more important in those models that we can use wet, for example, in the shower. This has the obvious advantage that the water directly removes the remains of dirt from the face as you brush the face. The good thing is that this function does not add much amount to how much the brush costs compared to a conventional model. Therefore, it is highly recommended


To find out how to buy a better-value facial cleanser, you should check the speed of this product after the first criteria above. This characteristic should especially be considered during the selection of an electric model.

The majority of these equipments are accompanied by at least two speeds to give you the choice to adapt the rhythm of the movements made to your needs. Be aware of the possibility of making this adjustment if you would like to enjoy more comfort using this device. Sensitive skin needs to be treated with great delicacy compared to normal skin tissues. Otherwise, there is more risk of attacking or damaging them because of cleaning.

The options

You want to know where to buy a new facial cleansing brush and would like to study a price comparison to plan a budget to dedicate to the purchase of this product. However, before moving on to this point, you should learn to know the options that come with this equipment.

To benefit from several possibilities of use of this material, you can check the presence of additional heads which accompany certain models. Cleaning actions whose proposed components can benefit are not necessarily the same. It is the same with regard to the texture of the hairs located at each of them. There are those who only wash this part of your body but there are also accessories performing massages.

The best facial cleansing brushes from 2019

A facial cleansing brush is an accessory that is finding more and more place in bathrooms. In order to use one in an excellent condition, we must focus on quality and not just a cheap item, but the effectiveness is not satisfactory.

1. Philips VisaPure Essential

The Philips VisaPure Essential has been recognized as the best price-quality facial cleansing brush of this selection. It has a dual movement, vertical rotation, and vibration, to produce a cleaning 10 times more effective than manual cleaning. The vibration gently separates the impurities from the skin and the rotating movement drags them, generating a deep facial cleansing.

It is recommended to divide the face into 3 zones (T-zone, left and right cheek) and perform 20 seconds of this soft and deep cleaning to each area.

It also has a 1 minute timer, at the end of which it automatically switches off, to avoid excessive treatment.

The VisaPure Essential is water resistant, to be used comfortably in the shower. A full charge of 6 hours gives 30 minutes of autonomy. It comes with a brush for normal / mixed skin and a base that serves as support and charger.

As you decided to find the best facial cleansing brush of the moment , it is convenient that you evaluate the pros and cons of this option, which users have promoted positively.


  • Timer: It has a one minute timer, so you can choose it as many times as you wish, and focus little by little on each zone for a total cleaning.
  • Washable: It was expected that this type of utensils can be in contact with water without deterioration, so that you can wash the device after using it, and thus maintain hygiene and its useful life.
  • Autonomy: When completing the continuous loading process for 6 hours, you have 30 minutes of autonomy, without being connected to the power supply cable, a prudential time to complete the efficient cleaning of the face.
  • Accessories: Its accessories include two types of brushes, according to your skin type.
  • Ergonomics: It has a complete ergonomics so that the manipulation of the brush is comfortable.        

2. Beurer FC-45

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Among the cheapest facial cleaning brushes, we have the model FC-45 of the brand Beurer, which not only cleanses the skin but also stimulates the blood circulation of the same, thanks to its 2 intensities of rotating massage, a smooth speed for sensitive skins and a normal speed for any other type of skin.

The FC-45 facial cleansing brush offers a deep and gentle cleansing of the skin and pores, suitable for use in your daily cleaning routine. It can be used in the bathtub or shower because it is certified as IPX7 waterproof, or splash resistant. This cleaning head has a rotating movement that cleans up to 4 times more than manual cleaning.

It works with 2 AAA batteries included and has a low battery indicator. As part of its compact and ergonomic design, it has a hanging ring.

A more profitable budget is possible if you buy cheaper products, such as this model, whose pros and cons we will present below.


  • Speeds: It allows you to choose between two speeds, so you have the level and power of cleaning appropriate to your needs, while having a good energy consumption.
  • Splashes: It is resistant to splashing water, which means that you can use it with a good level of safety in the bathtub or shower.
  • Ergonomic: It has an ergonomic design easy to handle, store and transport, hence you can count on this device where you need it and without much effort.
  • Batteries: It includes its respective batteries that allow it to work correctly, dispensing with the connection to electricity, avoiding inconveniences.  


  • Depth: Certain clients question the level of cleaning depth achieved with this product, but in general it has received positive opinions in this respect.

3. Remington FC2000

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Another example of the best facial cleansing brush is the Remington FC2000 designed exclusively for men’s care. This model also works with double acting, rotating and vibrating technology, to remove and extract impurities and deeply clean the pores.

Includes 3 head brushes: one normal for daily cleaning, helps eliminate impurities and revitalize the skin; one for skin and short beard, cleans deep even with short beard and softens the skin and facial hair; and a pre-shave that provides a toning massage to soften the short beard and prepare the skin for a more comfortable shave.

It is water resistant, ideal for use in the shower. It has 3 cleaning speeds and a minute timer, with a warning every 20 seconds to change from one area of ​​the face to another. Includes recharging base, travel kit and protective caps.

Located among the first places of reference of customers in the line of best brand of facial cleansing brushes , we have the model Remington FC2000, whose most important features you can read here.


  • Rotary: The head is rotating and generates vibrations, hence the cleaning results are quite acceptable with respect to the expectations of the users.
  • Cleaning: You can clean the device easily, because it is resistant to water and will not be harmful to come in contact with it.
  • Illumination: It has LED lights that illuminate the face during the cleaning process for a better visualization of the process.
  • Accessories: Three different types of brushes are included, depending on the level of shaving your face has, or the cleaning mode you want.
  • Speeds: You can choose between three different speeds, depending on the level of depth you need when doing the cleaning, so that the results will be according to your requirements.

4. Braun Face 810

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When looking for the best facial brush, it is no surprise to find a model from Braun, one of the leading brands in personal care products. The Face 810 of Braun adjusts two facial treatments, depilation and deep cleaning of the pores, in a single accessory, which has an elegant and compact design, so you can take it with you wherever you want.

The epilator has an extra-fine head, with 10 micro-openings and 200 movements / second, to capture with precision and delicacy even the finest and shortest hair (0.02 mm), eliminating it from the roots and leaving a smooth and hair-free skin until for 4 weeks. Work single speed, selectable in two directions, from left to right and vice versa.

The facial cleaning brush works with micro-oscillations to deeply cleanse the pores of the face, eliminating traces of makeup and impurities, to achieve a radiant skin in just one minute.


  • Functions: This device has two functions that can be used by users, as it serves as an exfoliant and also as an epilator, so that you can get more out of it.
  • Washable: Its cleaning is quite simple, because it allows to wash in an easy way, because it is resistant to water.
  • Accessories: It includes the two basic heads according to the function you want to use, either as an exfoliant or epilator.
  • Compact: It has a compact design that not only makes it easy to use to hold it and store it comfortably, but to carry it without problems from one place to another.        


  • Noise: In the opinion of some users, the utensil is noisy during its operation, however, this will vary depending on the place where it is being used.

5. Silk’n Sonic Clean

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Silk’n Sonic Clean is a cleaning brush that incorporates two movements: vibration and pulsations. It is a device suitable for use on the forehead, nose, chin and any part of the face, since it also has 2 speeds, soft and deep, to properly clean all skin types.

The soft-bristle microfiber brush effectively removes make-up, dirt and dead skin cells. The movement of vibration helps increase the flow of oxygen through the skin to improve blood circulation.

The pulsating movement helps to improve the elasticity and the general appearance of the facial skin. It has a chronometer of 60 seconds to ensure a correct treatment time for each area of ​​the face. It is waterproof and wireless and includes a charging base.

If your initial question was, which facial cleansing brush would you buy? You may find an answer by knowing the favorable and unfavorable factors of this option.


  • Timer: It works with its respective minute timer, which allows you to do a quick cleaning and at the same time focused on each area of ​​your face if you wish.
  • Speeds: It allows you to choose between two speeds, depending on the depth and type of skin you have, in order to improve your appearance with the necessary level of power.
  • Spare parts: It includes a spare head in order to have the necessary spare after a certain time using this instrument.
  • Cable: It has its respective battery charging cable, so you can always count on this option to use the device when you need it.       


  • Flimsy: According to some buyers the device is a little weak, so that it gets to deteriorate during the first months of use; however, other users say it has been very robust.

6. Braun Face 831

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Braun Face 831 is devices that people include among the models able to answer the question: what is the best facial cleansing brush on the market? Indeed, this device is able to play two roles. To switch to one or the other of its functions, it is enough to change accessory.

On the one hand, it is equipped with a thin head epilator that guarantees the precision of its use. It saves time and has a quality result with this feature. Even the most difficult hair to remove cannot resist it. This article is provided with 10 micro-openings. These components are designed to remove the finest hairs effectively without much effort.

On the other side, it can be used with a cleaning brush. During its operation, this product performs micro-oscillations. As a result, it cleans the skin gently and deeply. This allows you to remove makeup and exfoliate skin tissue without difficulty. Such washing is 6 times more effective compared to a manual process. For you to be sufficiently equipped by using it, it comes with a kit and an illuminating mirror.

Braun has the reputation of being the best brand of facial cleansing brushes. She also proves to us that she deserves this title with her Face 83, a small machine acclaimed by critics, thanks to its epilator function.


  • Epilator function: In addition to its cleaning brush function, it can also be used as a facial epilator. You will be able to remove the unsightly hairiness thanks to its 10 micro-openings of the hair removal head. It is usable on the mustache and the eyebrows.
  • Efficiency: The device performs micro-oscillations. This movement allows an optimal and deep cleaning of the skin. It will come out healthier and exfoliated.
  • Complete pack: Which facial cleansing brush to choose? Consumers definitely prefer complete kits like this one. It comes with an illuminating mirror, a storage kit, and a hood to protect the end caps.      


  • Not recommended on very sensitive skin: The brush can irritate them, especially with daily use.

7. USpicy US-FS008

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USpicy US-FS008 is an electric face brush. This article is made available to you in the form of 4 practical brushes. These components are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, massage and tone the skin. A single investment gives you access to this set of products at the same time.

This model has received an IPX5 waterproofing certification. Therefore, it can be used in the shower, in the bathroom or dry. Thus, you have the choice to integrate it into your routine by realizing the care of your skin. This device offers two adjustable speeds. Therefore, it is easy to use on different types of skin and for many kinds of expected results.

You have the freedom to use it on oily skin tissues, but also on dry ones. Its use ensures the release of pores, the removal of blackheads and the reduction of acne scars. This device is compact and lightweight in addition to the fact that it works wirelessly. As a result, it is easy to handle and can accompany you wherever you go. It points to the answer to the question: how to choose the best 2019 facial cleansing brushes?

If you are looking for the most powerful brush, you may find your happiness through this USpicy US-FS008. It is one of the top rated sites of sales. It is supplied with 4 brushes and is completely waterproof.


  • 4 brushes: You can change tip according to the action you want to perform. There is a brush to clean, one to exfoliate, one to massage and one to tone. It delivers comprehensive care.
  • Portable: Your device can follow you in your travels. Its volume and weight are limited. In addition, it comes with a hard case that serves as both supports for the brush.
  • Perfect seal: The tests of the users confirmed it. It can be used in the shower and even in the bath. The IPX5 waterproofness certification is deserved.     

8. ABOEL® Facial Cleansing Brushes

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Among the items it offers, ABOEL® offers you through this comparison a rotary brush for face. This device can treat even the most sensitive skin without attacking. This is because it is able to clean without drying the skin tissue of your face.

This item can used under the shower or dry according to your choice, because it has a waterproof IPX7 waterproof certification. That’s what gives you freedom on where you want to take care of your face. This model is already delivered with 4 replacement heads showing the profitability of investing in its purchase when you only have to switch from one component to another according to your needs. 

The bristles of this product are soft. This allows it to accentuate the effectiveness of foams and creams that cleanse this part of the body. They guarantee a thorough cleaning of the pores, the removal of blackheads and the progressive elimination of the scars that acne leaves. In addition, it is provided with silicone tip that helps remove impurities and at the same time massage the skin. The goal is to ensure stimulation to facilitate the renewal of its tissues.

You need to properly compare the products before you decide on which one to choose. In your list of interesting products, do not hesitate to include this production of the brand Live Beauty ®.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin: Do you have very sensitive and thin skin that does not support aggressive care? This cleaning brush is for you. It clears your skin of impurities with great gentleness and does not dry it.
  • Multifunction: It has 4 different heads including 2 brushes, a sponge and a pumice stone.
  • Speed ​​and Variable Direction: Depending on the type of care to be done, and especially depending on your skin type, you can choose between 3 speeds. In addition, the rotation can be done in both directions.       


  • Energizer: It works with 4 AA batteries. You can exhaust them in just one month.

9. SODIAL Electric Face Cleanser

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SODIAL Electric Face Cleanser is a manual facial cleansing brush. This is the model for you if your goal is mainly about buying a cheap brush. This is an article of good quality in its category. The part that comes into contact with the skin is at the same time soft and fine to guarantee its effectiveness in performing deep cleaning.

This equipment is compact making it easy to handle and easy to carry. Indeed, its dimensions are 8 cm in length, 5 cm in width and 5 cm in height only. As a result, he can accompany you wherever you go to do face care and remove blackheads wherever you are. This product is in wood color. It is nice to watch and it can find its place in any kind of room where this kind of equipment has to be placed.

In terms of maintenance, this material does not require special treatment. Its cleaning is simple and it does not take a lot of time to dry. Its hairs are marked by their flexibility and they make it possible to save money when they are used to apply products on the figure. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest cleaning brush on the market, this SODIAL Electric Face Cleanser should spark your interest. Many people swear by this product.


  • Manual and Electric: In the opinion of the users, this makes it more convenient. You will no longer be limited in your use by the battery life. No time to recharge, no batteries to buy. You can choose the speed of friction and the movement you want to perform.
  • Affordable: No need to allocate a large budget for the purchase of this product. It is accessible to all budgets.
  • Design: You will hardly find more compact. No motor or bulky battery, it is ultra light and slips easily into your toilet bag. She is also very elegant with her wood finish.


  • Too sweet: The bristles of the brush are too thin to remove blackheads and other encrusted impurities.

10. Philips SC5265 / 12

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Philips – SC5265 / 12 is a device that cleans the face more effectively than manual washing. It can be used in the shower. It is comfortable to use it since it is a wireless model. What allows working with more performance and control is, in this case, simpler not asking to make special efforts.

This article comes with a dual action technology. It combines a rotation and a vibration at the same time. These movements respectively allow the removal of impurities and eliminate them. Hence the ability of this best facial cleansing brush to perform a deep washes of this part of your body.

This product is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to 30 minutes. Such a charge lasts for 2 weeks even if you use this equipment in everyday life. In addition, the timer with this equipment is used to correctly treat the 3 main areas of the face including the T-zone, the left cheek and the right one. You will be guided through a short break when the moment comes to change position. The entire treatment lasts 1 minute and after the device turns off alone.

Loving taking care of your face, would you like to know where to buy the best cleaning brush? In this case, you need a powerful and practical product. This Philips SC5265 / 12 is therefore suitable for you.


  • Double action: According to the studies carried out by the brand’s researchers, simple rotation is not enough for optimal efficiency. They have therefore programmed this small device to perform in addition to small vibrations intended to unclog the deepest impurities.
  • Autonomy: In the ranking of the least energy-hungry products, this one would come first. This wireless model works with a battery. The load of this last one can last 2 weeks with a moderate use.
  • Timer: No need to time! It is equipped with a timer which informs you that the 20 s of care of a zone have elapsed.        


  • Wear: The brush wears quickly enough and will have to be changed regularly.

How to use a facial cleaning brush

This product has come to facilitate your daily routine of facial cleansing. It is a small device that, equipped with a tiny internal motor (works with rechargeable batteries or connect it to the outlet) removes residues of makeup and impurities from the face. It operates in two modes: rotation, with the aim of providing deep cleaning and vibration, for application in delicate skins.

How to use the vibratory modality

The peculiarity of the vibratory modality is that it operates on the basis of tiny oscillations of the head that, applied directly on the skin, removes with extreme softness the usual impurities that accumulate on the face.

Therefore, if you are delicate skin, it is best to opt for this mode that prevents any reaction of undesired hyper-sensitivity. However, good part of users prefer the vibration to the rotation of the head, since it is much gentler for any type of male or female skin.

Why use the facial brush regularly?

Its effects range from the effective removal of makeup, through the removal of impurities (urban pollution residues) and the preparation of the face for the application of various facial creams (exfoliating and moisturizing), to the massage that relaxes our features.

In this sense, it is highly advisable to opt for models that include or admit a whole variant of interchangeable heads, thus covering the whole range of use possibilities mentioned.

How to choose and clean the brushes

Try to privilege the use of soft bristle microfiber brushes. Also, remember that the rounded tips are the gentlest with the skin. To avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacterial fauna, you have to clean and thoroughly dry each head after using it. Always protect all components of dust, moisture and weather. When traveling with your facial brush, protect it in its case.

Battery recharge

The top of the range of this product is practically indicating how to apply it in each facial area and its timer is dosing the time of use focused by areas of your face. The autonomy of use also extends to half an hour daily; you do not have to recharge it but only once a month, making it possible to be unconcerned, with great comfort, of its frequent recharging.

Of course: you will never get rid of the cleaning and drying of the head (it would be too much to ask!). The outstanding ergonomics of most designs are the comfort of the equipment in your hand, with its anti-slippery contour. The average weight of the facial brush does not exceed 500 grams.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How do you clean a facial brush?

Facial brushes are for personal use, so it is not recommended that you share them with anyone else. In its head, impurities and dirt on the face usually accumulate, so it is advisable to wash it after each use. Depending on the model, you can wet it with water without any inconvenience. Then, place it under the tap and add soap, while you rub each one of its bristles. Do it gently and then rinse it until all the soap is removed.

Q2 How is a facial brush disinfected?

For the facial brush to be effective, it is very important to disinfect it frequently. In this way, you will end up with any impurities and accumulated bacteria. To disinfect the bristles of the head is as easy as to immerse it in a container with water and a little bleach for at least one hour. In this way, your facial brush will be free of debris and as good as new.

Q3. What is a sonic facial brush?

The sonic facial brush is an instrument equipped with a revolutionary technology that allows a more in depth facial cleansing. According to experts, it cleans up to 10 times deeper than a normal brush, but not only because it also contributes to the elimination of skin fat, eliminates dead cells and minimizes the size of pores. The result is a softer, healthier facial skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Q4 Is the facial brush suitable for a skin with acne?

Facial brushes, unfortunately, are contraindicated in acne skins, especially if there is an outbreak with very visible grains. Not in vain, the use of these beauty tools can make the situation worse. In short, facial brushes are not recommended for skin that is too sensitive and with severe dermatitis problems.

Q5 Is the facial brush recommended for oily skin?

If your skin is oily, but there is no presence of acne, then the facial brush is fully recommended. In fact, it is the type of skin in which you will notice more the effectiveness of this class of articles since they have been precisely designed to eliminate not only the dirt and makeup of the face but also the fat. For this reason, if your facial skin is oily, the results will be more visible, as it will be significantly reduced.

Q6 Can I use the facial brush every day?

The facial brushes are indicated for daily use, although there are several treatments that should not be done so often using these devices. This means that you can apply your daily moisturizer with the facial brush as you usually do or make-up. However, in the case of exfoliation, it is not recommended to do it daily, since the facial skin is very sensitive and could suffer. Of course, if you notice that your skin is drying too much, it is best to reduce the frequency of use of the brush.

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