7 Best Facial Saunas For Home and Professionals

Facial saunas are products with a double function. On the one hand, they moisturize the skin in depth, making it look its best without complications and on the other hand, these products are used to perform deep facial cleansing, eliminating all types of impurities in a simple way. If you are looking for a good facial sauna, the NanoSteamer model is a good proposal. A very complete facial sauna with a comfortable design at the time of being used, with the possibility of using oils and that, in addition, you can personalize when counting on mouthpiece of variable exit and modes of cold and heat. If you prefer an alternative, you can opt for the KingdomBeauty Facial Moisturizing Steamer  model, compact in size and with a good steam generation, with a treatment capacity of approximately 10 minutes.

How to choose the best facial sauna

Treat yourself to a moment of body care with a beauty ritual pays off the price invested to buy a facial sauna. It is a device capable of delivering steam at a constant temperature to act directly on the pores of the skin of the face to thoroughly cleanse and facilitate the action of creams and specific treatments to correct imperfections or wrinkles. If you don’t know which model to choose, compare prices and performance of the recommended ones.


Temperature control

The ranking that you will find below offers you some ideas from which to choose the product that best suits your needs: these are the devices that have been most successful on the market and have won the most flattering reviews from the public and critics.

An important feature that differentiates the facial sauna from the common pot of boiling water with which you make the fumigations, is the ability to adjust the temperature of the steam thus avoiding exposing the face to excessive heat, especially if particularly delicate.

Exposure to constant temperature allows the device to be used in different stages of beauty treatment, first to open the pores and clean the skin in depth and later after applying specific creams and masks to be removed completely.

Use of essential oils

The best brand of facial saunas will offer the possibility to customize as much as possible the operation of the device to get the maximum tailored to your needs. In this guide we want to highlight the benefits that offers the possibility of adding essential oils to the water, usually demineralized, that is used to create steam.

The deep action of the steam that dilates the pores allows the properties of individual oils to act at best and in depth maximizing their healing power. Choosing emollient oils, either with antibacterial properties or simply because of their pleasant smell, will allow you to vary the result of the treatment from time to time to fully enjoy a moment of pure intimacy.

Available accessories

Some devices offer the possibility of extending the equipment of the facial sauna to turn this moment into a real beauty session.

The presence of a storage compartment, for example, will simplify the make-up operations at the end of the treatment, because all the necessary brushes and accessories will be immediately available directly with the sauna itself.

But our advice is to ask yourself what use will be made of the sauna. The technology used, in fact, is not one of the most sophisticated and it is only a device that can bring the water to the state of steam to allow a constant and pleasant emission that invests the face to act on the skin purifying it.

A low cost, in this case, is not synonymous with an unreliable investment: on the contrary, it will be sufficient to look with due attention only for the basic characteristics, such as the solidity of the construction materials and a good assembly of the various components.

The best facial saunas of 2019

Do you want to save the beautician’s money and perform a face cleaning at home? Make sure you choose a good model of facial sauna, otherwise you’ll end up getting lost instead. Follow our purchase advice and you won’t have any problems.

Recommended products

1. NanoSteamer – Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Do you want and need to carve out a few minutes for yourself at home? This NanoSteamer device is the perfect excuse for a little relaxation, with the benefit of finding smooth and healthy skin. Among the best facial saunas on the market, this NanoSteamer device is very versatile and lends itself to different uses.

This facial sauna is equipped with an accessory for inhalation by mouth and nose, as well as a tank for perfumed essences. It works with two different power levels and is powered by an electrical outlet (with a power of 120 watts).

You can choose whether to use it with simple water (to be poured into the metal container) or use fragrant essences (to be inserted in the upper one, in plastic). It is also excellent for simple instruments: much better than the traditional pot of hot water, with its constant jet of steam, uniform and at the desired temperature.

Once we have evaluated the main characteristics of the product in question, we will summarize everything through an exhaustive list of pros and cons.


  • Lightness: The product is light and easy to handle. You can easily move it from the kitchen, while you wait for the oven to heat your lunch, to the living room, to watch your favorite TV series comfortably; and why not?! In the bathroom, if it’s urgent.
  • Two levels of power: You can adjust the power of the flow as you see fit, and according to your needs. In any case, relaxation and results are guaranteed.
  • Versatility: The product is suitable to be used both in the facial sauna mode and as a diffuser of fumes and essential oils or inhaler.


  • The steam jet seems a bit weak and has nothing to do with that of a beauty centre. Even if you choose power level two, the heat is not entirely satisfactory.

2. KingdomBeauty Facial Moisturizing Steamer

The KingdomBeauty Facial Moisturizing Steamer offers you now is particularly economical, easy to use and functional. In addition, it is not cumbersome, both when using it and when you need to put it aside.

It works both as a facial sauna and as an inhaler of essential oils, depending on the accessory used.

To enhance its action, otherwise a bit ‘dispersive, we recommend using the dear old towel, like those who do the fumigation with the pot of hot water.

Thanks to the moisturizing action of this tool, the skin will regain vigor and freshness. A 5-10 minute session (programs range from 1 minute to 10 minutes) is all it takes to give your face a healthier and more relaxed look.

Not the most advanced model on the market, but a good choice for those who prefer simple and immediate instruments.

Are you among those looking for low prices at all costs? Or among those who trust only the opinions of other users? As you can see our guide to help you choose the best sauna is also enriched with a list of pros and cons.


  • It exceeds expectations: Looking at it you wouldn’t think so, but in fact it does its job very well and the steam jet is fairly powerful. Of course, nothing to do with sitting in a beauty salon, but that’s all you need for good home facial cleaning.
  • Economical: It is included in the list of facial sauna products at lower and more advantageous prices. With a short 5-10 minute session, you’ll discover all the positive effects on your skin.


  • The mask sometimes it detaches from the main piece. This means turning off and interrupting the sauna to reconnect the mask and resume work.

3. Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steamer

One of the main advantages of this Panasonic EH-SA31VP model is the use of ion technology that allows you to split the water into microscopic particles that can penetrate better and deeper, effectively moisturizing the various layers of the skin, unlike saunas that produce steam normally.

As most users testify, the skin appears much cleaner than using traditional systems such as the classic hot water pot with towel to cover the face.

The pores are gently dilated, allowing the tiny droplets of water to penetrate inside. At this point the skin is ready to receive beauty treatments such as masks or a deeper cleansing because the products that will be used will act more effectively.

As far as the use is concerned, thanks to the adjustable nozzle it is possible to cover the whole surface of the face well. It is a facial sauna that can be used while seated: it must be placed permanently on a horizontal plane and, in the event of accidental tipping over; a safety device that deactivates the device immediately intervenes.

In the same way, the automatic switch-off is triggered after 15 minutes of treatment or when the water in the tank ends, so there is no problem if you forget it on.

A practical measuring spoon is supplied, which allows you to dose the right amount of water; the small tank can be removed and washed easily even in the dishwasher.

Here, in summary, are the main advantages and disadvantages of the facial sauna produced by Panasonic.


  • Ions: The ion technology allows splitting the water particles that make up the steam into microscopic droplets that penetrate better into the various layers of the skin, deeply moisturizing it.
  • Effects: Steam stimulation has positive effects because it removes impurities, stimulates circulation, moisturizes the skin and prepares it for a beauty treatment that will be more effective because the products used will be better absorbed.
  • Use: To use the facial sauna you have to sit down. A safety device intervenes if the appliance is tipped over, while after 15 minutes, or when there is no more water, the automatic shutdown is triggered.
  • Tank: A measuring spoon is supplied to be used to pour the right amount of water into the tank, which can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.


  • Noisy: For some, the device may be quite noisy.

4. ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer

There are several interesting elements of the ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer that should be highlighted. One of these is the possibility to adjust the steam jet on two levels according to your needs: some consumers prefer a more decisive spray, for others level two is too strong.

The package also includes a reducer that, slipped into the main body, allows you to have a more targeted treatment on the mouth and nose, ideal for hitting more effectively the localized blackheads.

There is also a practical dispenser to measure the right amount of water to be poured into the tank which, being made of aluminum and coated with Teflon, is able to withstand high temperatures perfectly.

Another very welcome element is the box where you can insert a cotton pad soaked in essential oils that transforms the facial sauna into a pleasant aromatherapy treatment.

Overall, it is a good quality product that, as has been pointed out, is very quiet, takes little time to heat and evaporate the water and, in addition, can be purchased at a price not excessive.

But, above all, it is an effective sauna because the majority of consumers confirm that the skin, after use, is actually more moisturized, clean and, with constant use, free of annoying and unsightly blackheads and pimples.


  • Two adjustments: The steam can be adjusted to two levels to meet the needs of those who love a very strong jet and those who prefer it more delicate.
  • Equipment: The equipment includes a practical measuring spoon to pour the right amount of water, a reducer to treat in a localized way and even more effective mouth and nose, and a box to insert a cotton pad soaked in essential oils and transform the sauna into an aromatherapy treatment.
  • Quality/price: It is a resistant, versatile, silent, effective product and can be purchased at a very competitive price.


  • Ions: The sauna does not have the innovative ion technology.
  • Overheating: Some users point out that the sauna may overheat.

5. KINGA Facial Steamer

Between the quality facial sauna models sold online we have also found this Kinga device. It is quite small (24.4 x 17.3 x 17.1 cm), comfortable to use and has two accessories, an inhaler and a steam diffuser, which allow different uses. It has a single tank, in which both water and essential oils (along with water) can be placed.

It can be used as a hot steam dispenser for suffumigation, again using the classic towel over the head to maximize the result. Although it perfectly performs all the basic functions of this type of equipment, this facial sauna has been ranked last in our ranking because it lacks that quid, that something more that distinguishes it from the others. To be preferred to the first models on the list only if you love the brand manufacturer!

Our guide to choos the best sauna on the market continues with the accurate illustration of what for users are the most obvious merits and defects.


Mask: It adheres well to the face and this is an absolute strength, since other products that serve for the same use, and not for a cheaper price, often have masks that are not very adaptable and annoying.


  • No compartment for storing oils, creams and other products.

6. Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

One look is enough to understand that this is a high quality product, made with attention and attention to detail and designed to last a long time. The Zenpy device works with demineralised water and creates a constant and pleasant vapour in a very short time. Its ion action expands the pores of the face, reactivating the circulation and preparing the skin for other treatments.

It is easy to move and control thanks to the special handle on the top, it charges quickly and is equipped with a container for collecting water. The nozzle is adjustable according to preference.

The only flaw of this product, which still has a very effective action, is the lack of a compartment in which to insert essential oils or other products of this type.

Very useful facial cleanser that, comfortably from home, allows us to obtain excellent results in a very short time. Here is a list of the merits and the few defects of this welcome product and at the end of the description you will find the link where to buy the sauna if you liked.


  • Ease: The product is very simple and intuitive to use, as confirmed by the numerous enthusiastic opinions; the system for inserting water is excellent and extraordinarily practical; the cleaning system is convenient and quick. This simplicity makes it a product that you will use without problems and without any effort, whenever you think it appropriate.
  • Steam: The steam is enveloping and immediately gives a new feeling of well-being, confirmed by the results. You will find the skin smoother and softer and over time you will feel it become more toned, thanks to the effective reactivation of blood circulation; dilates the pores, ensuring a deep cleansing.
  • Adjustable nozzle: Thanks to the directional flow, you can choose how you prefer to focus on which parts of your face. All this is ideal for maintaining a high level of facial cleansing and comfortable because you choose where to direct it.


  • Additional space: Unfortunately there is no drawer, also present in devices sold at low prices, or a small compartment for storing oils and creams. It would have been not only aesthetically pleasing, but useful to always have your favorite products at hand.

7. Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

If you are wondering which facial sauna to buy to drastically reduce the number of visits from the beautician, this Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer set is for you. At a very low price, in fact, allows you to buy not only a good facial sauna, but also a range of useful tools for cleaning and care of the face.

We are talking about an electric eyelash fold, a hair trimmer with double setting and a face cleaner masseur. All these accessories, obviously rather plastic and not excellent quality (at a price like this could not be otherwise), have their usefulness and, depending on your habits, you will end up finding them more or less useful. Keep in mind, however, that they are all supplied without batteries.

As for the facial sauna itself, it is a respectable product, with two different speeds to choose from and an action of 15/20 minutes, more than enough for a good relaxing session.


  • Accessories: Certainly appreciated is the presence of some accessories, such as the cleaning brush, the sponge cream spreader, the facial massager, which will make happy even the most demanding customers and give a new contribution to the basic functions.
  • Quality/price ratio: Although it is not able to replace the work of a professional in a beauty salon, it does its job very well and the cost of the device is certainly one of its strengths.
  • Nice design: The aesthetic line of the device, which is both light and functional, is pleasant.


Small mask: Does not cover the entire face, some parts of the face will not be reached by the jet of steam which may in fact be weak to the most demanding people.

How to use a facial sauna

Facial care keeps the skin young and clean, helping to remove impurities that lurk between the pores whenever you are subject to smog and pollution.

Sometimes cleaning with soap and water may not be enough, as it can only remove the outer layer of dirt, without being able to get to the bottom.

If you can’t go to the beautician for a deep cleaning, you might consider buying a facial sauna, tools that can deliver steam at a constant temperature to open and purify the pores of the face while you are comfortably in your home.

Constant steam

The fundamental characteristic of these devices is precisely that they emit constant steam at the chosen temperature. In this way you can customize the cleaning of the face without exposing it to excessive heat that could, however, spoil the skin. The sensitivity is also different depending on the threshold of tolerance of each person.

Simple to use

These products do not need any installation, they are equipped with a machine body with push buttons and rings to turn on and adjust the temperature, very simple therefore in use.

What is important, however, is the preparation of the face to obtain significant results.

Performing a treatment

For a complete treatment, it is very important to cleanse the face thoroughly with moisturizing oils such as coconut and sunflower oil before using the appliance. After washing the face with soap and water, remove the moisture by towelling with a clean towel. Then pour a knob of moisturizing oil into the palm of your hand, massaging the face to distribute it evenly.


Then proceed with the scrub procedure, a way to remove the surface layer of skin, usually characterized by dead cells that must be removed to allow a natural regeneration of the underlying skin layer.

The scrub can be made with special products for sale on the market or following a home preparation (among the most popular there is for example the one made with oatmeal and honey).

Move your hand with the scrub compound in a circular way over the T-section of the face, which is the most prone to the presence of impurities.

Preparing the device

After a few minutes of scrubbing you can start to prepare the facial sauna. Some products allow the addition of essential oils in the water to have a purifying effect. If you think it is appropriate, choose one of these facial saunas, bearing in mind that the cost may be higher. Fill the tank with water and possibly a few drops of essential oil (the most popular are the Tea tree, lavender and lemon). Now turn on the device, selecting the temperature that best suits your needs and place your face near the mask.

The time needed varies from 5 to 10 minutes, after which you can turn off the machine and use a moisturizer or facial tonic.

This procedure should be repeated at least once a week for a brighter and more toned face.

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