Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener Reviews

There is nothing more frustrating than having badly straightened hair after spending (or even losing) time pampering them. To prevent this situation from happening again, it is important to invest in a good hair straightener. For this purpose, a good device is judged on the material with which it is manufactured, its ability to adjust the temperatures and the size of its plates. You will find a shopping guide and a comparison on our site, but if you have only a little time to read, we advise you to turn to the Solano Sleekheat450 which is distinguished by its curved ceramic plates. This model is capable of heating in less than 30 seconds and is equipped with temperature maintenance technology. At his side, you have the straightener of the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, a new generation of hair straighteners that guarantees smooth hair every time thanks to its steam smoothing system.

How to choose a good straightener?

All straighteners are able to smooth your hair, but to ensure its durability and efficiency of use make sure to choose the right product. Through our buying guide for the best straighteners, we suggest you take into account 3 important features to save you time in your search. These characteristics include the constituent material, its plates, the smoothing temperature and the size of its plates.

Purchase guide

The material constituting its plates

Before asking where to buy a new straightener, take the time to know our tips for buying a good one. Before purchasing, we advise you to inquire about the material constituting the plates of the straightener to guarantee the effectiveness of the smoothing. In most cases, the plates are either ceramic, titanium or sometimes metal. Each of these materials is compatible with different types of hair.

The ideal is to choose a straightener having ceramic plates, because thanks to its better capacity to maintain the heat and to diffuse it uniformly, this material adapts to the hair of various natures.

Titanium is also able to retain heat in a constant way, but the ions it diffuses are too numerous so that this material is rather suitable for thick hair. Metal plates, on the other hand, make it possible to dress the hair which is the most difficult to smooth, but often causes a burn and can damage them. Moreover, their surface is perfectly smooth and exposes your hair to the risk of friction. So, to avoid buying a straightener that is not adapted to the nature of your hair, take note of the material that constitutes its plates.

Smoothing temperature

If you would like to know how to buy a straightener for a better value, then take the time to find out about the temperature at which the model for which you are going to opt for smooth hair. A straightener that operates at too high a temperature for your hair may damage it, while a straightener operating at a temperature too low for them may not be able to smooth them perfectly.

The ideal is to opt for a straightener model that can control the smoothing temperature. The ability to adjust the temperature allows you to adapt it to your hair type and will not expose you to any risk of burning them or seeing them again as before even after several passes between the plates.

The size of the plates

To not choose your straightener at random, it is necessary to check the size of the plates of each model that you are likely to buy to know if it suits the nature of your hair to then go to the price comparator. The thickness and length of the plates are essential to know if a straightener is better for your hair compared to another.

If your hair is long and thick, it is better to opt for a straightener whose plates have a thickness greater than 3 cm and a length that is close to 5 cm, whereas if they are short, it is better to choose one for which the thickness of the plates does not exceed 2,5 cm and the length does not exceed 2,5 cm.

The best straighteners of 2019

Thanks to the existence of straighteners under several models on the market, the elimination of unwanted frizz is now within the reach of all professionals or not. Nevertheless, to acquire one that is of better quality, you have to make a little investment.

Recommended products

1. Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

Main advantage

Solano Sleekheat450 ‘s heating time is really fast. Count within 15 seconds for the device to be ready for use.

Main drawback

If you have hair that is thick and difficult to comb, you must plan several passes to discipline your hair.

Main characteristics explained

The quality of its plates

It’s not just those who have hard-to-comb hair that needs to invest in hair straighteners. The proof, Solano Sleekheat450 is intended for any type of hair. As its plates are made of ceramics, users will be satisfied with the result, regardless of the type of hair. And the little plus that is only done at Philips is that the plates are not just ceramic, but they are Silky Smooth ceramics.

Therefore, the use of this model is not reserved for particular people. Whether you have a silky hair, thick, thin, fragile, wavy or dry, this straightener will be used without problem. But getting hair smooth can take a few hours when you come across the wrong material. Fortunately this is not the case of Solano Sleekheat450 which has cylindrical plates and which give exceptional results.

Its heating temperature

In a world straight out of a dream, all women will have shiny, silky hair. Unfortunately, we are in reality and this is not true. And as it is difficult to predict the type of hair of the next owner of this accessory, Philips has made sure that the heating temperature can adapt to all. For this, it gives users the possibility to choose between heating temperatures up to 230 ° C.

To make the choice, simply use the control buttons on the back of the device. And so you’re not mistaken, the LCD on the straightener will give you precisely the temperature of the plates you have chosen. The use of this device is not only very easy, but it is also very convenient and is within the reach of all.

The dimensions of the plates

Plates are the most important components in hair straighteners. It is therefore normal if we talk about it constantly. In addition to its temperature and the materials in which they were made, you must also take into account the size. Here, the width of the plates is 2.6 cm for a length of 9 cm. Even if some users find that this size is really average, we can say that these figures are sufficient for those who want an impeccable smoothing.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPRO is the next generation steam straightener. Its design has been redesigned to give it better handling. Its handle reduced to 138 mm allows an excellent grip. It is also lighter, more compact and its clamps measure only 44 mm. To adapt to all types of hair, it offers 5 temperature levels ranging from 140 ° to 210 °.

Its particularly strong anodized plates have a floating structure to provide uniform pressure along its length and to better adapt to the thickness of your hair.

This new pro-keratin straightener, activated when in contact with steam, provides extra protection for your hair fibers. No need to wait now because this steam is broadcast instantly with a rate of 3.5 grams per minute and continues. This technique is able to repair the fibers of your hair and prepares them before contact with the hotplates. They are thus perfectly preserved and moreover, you will obtain a perfect and long-lasting smoothing in half the time.

The BaBylissPRO is undoubtedly one of the best vapor straighteners available to individuals.


  • Stunning results: The combination of pro-keratin, relatively high flow rate steam, integrated combs and particularly smooth ceramic plates allow the BaBylissPRO to provide perfect smoothing in a single pass, even on particularly curly hair. Your hair will come out invigorated, silky and supple, from roots to tips as if it had passed under the hands of a professional.
  • Great maneuverability: This new version of the BaBylissPRO, thinner and lighter has gained maneuverability compared to its elder. Its grip is much easier and drag on your hair is done smoothly, without a hitch thanks to the particularly smooth structure of its plates.
  • For all types of hair: Its 5 temperature levels allow this straightener to smooth without difficulty and in a very fast way any type of hair, from the finest to the thickest. Its floating plates exert an optimal pressure according to the thickness of the hair and that of the wick to be treated.             


  • Price: The price of this high-end straightener is quite high but fully justified by its performance.

3. T3 – Singlepass X 1.5” Styling Iron

T3 – Singlepass X 1.5” Styling Iron is a model that can be qualified as the best straightener on the market, while containing features and features that are quite surprising.

This model combines both a surprising elegance translated through the coating of its plates and an unequaled performance thanks to the various functions which accompany it to guarantee to your hair an impeccable and more resistant smoothing.

This straightener model is accompanied by a steam function to make the hair fiber more relaxed to allow the smoothing smoothly and in the shortest possible time. In addition, this model comes with a comb to untangle your hair evenly from root to tip for a surprising smoothing quality.

Moreover, in order to improve the smoothing of your hair, this model also has an ion generator to ensure that the smoothing is done smoothly for a result even more brilliant, perfect, without electricity nor frizz.


  • Effective smoothing: Thanks to the combination of 2 smoothing systems: steam and ceramic plates (Advanced Ceramic Technology), the smoothing is most successful.
  • Ion Diffuser: Equipped with an ion generator, the straightener ensures smooth hair without frizz or static electricity.          


  • Tank : The tank of this unit is subject to some criticism because of its small size. It is also difficult to complete.
  • Little steam: The steam flow is not powerful enough.

4. CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

The best straightener that can meet your needs and the one that has characteristics distinguishing it from other models on the market leaving you no longer puzzled by the question commonly asked: what straightener should be bought.

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is one of these models thanks to its incredibly neat design and unmatched performance. Indeed, it is a steam model and floating structure. Thanks to these features, this model can effectively smooth your hair regardless of its type and length.

This model is high speed, a feature that allows it to not only smooth but also rebuild and protect your hair even if they happen to be in the worst condition they are.

With ceramic plates, this model can guarantee an incomparable quality of smoothing for your hair thanks to the easy sliding of the straightener. In addition, it comes with a removable comb that allows you to easily unravel in no time your hair during its passage in order to ensure the perfection of smoothing.

If it were necessary to find which is the best performer, this CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron would be a serious contender for the title. This steam straightener on floating structure is one of the most appreciated of the moment.


  • Steam : Smoothing with steam makes it possible to penetrate the products at the heart of the hair fiber and to relax it gently, without burning it or attacking it. This straightener is probably in a good position in the ranking of the most powerful straighteners with a flow rate of 3.5g / min.
  • Modular temperature: This device has 5 temperature levels ranging from 170 ° to 210 °, according to each type of hair.
  • Fluid movement: Thanks to its ceramic plates, the hair does not catch, they slide perfectly between the clamps. In addition, the comb untangles the wick for uniform smoothing.
  • Blow effect: The users of this straightener are very satisfied with the result obtained. The smoothing is impeccable, it is even very similar to a result in the living room with a bluffing effect quite bluffing.


  • Bulky: This straightener is rather bulky. You will easily find cheaper straighteners, lighter straighteners. But you may find it harder to find a better one.

 5. Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener

the variety of models on the market, the best way to find the straightener that is suitable for you is to establish a comparison. Among the products that you should include in your list should be all models with unique features like Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener which can be the best looper on the market.

This model with a well-groomed design and unequaled performance is able to smooth in one pass your hair of whatever type they are under the temperature of your choice.

For model plates that are coated with ceramics, you have the choice between flat plates allowing simple smoothing and curved plates to obtain tight or flexible loops, free for you to choose. By giving you the opportunity to choose between these two forms of plates that are both long enough, this model gives you the opportunity to enhance your beauty through your hairstyle.

Moreover, this model can perform the smoothing for temperatures ranging between 180 ° C and 230 ° C, adapted to the sensitivity level of any type of hair.


  • Smoother-looper: This unit displays conventional flat plates for smoothing, but also curved plates for curling. It is ideal for shaping and finishing the hairstyle.
  • Temperature: This iron can reach a maximum temperature of 230 °. He is quite capable of taming very curly, even frizzy hair.
  • Handy: Light, it is very pleasant to use. It also comes with a safe and convenient heat-resistant insulating mat that allows the iron to be laid during the straightening of each wick.


  • Has no insulating cover

6. Remington S5520

Remington S5520 Each straightener model seems to have attractive features so you do not know which is the best straightener on the market. In spite of the possibility of confusion that this situation can generate, the important thing is to know if the specific characteristics of the model in question are adapted to you or not and your choice will be made quickly.

For the Remington S5520, its specific features are simply incredible. Ceramic coated, the plates of this model are both wide and long up to 110 mm to allow to smooth quickly your hair regardless of their type and whatever their thickness.

For this model, the smoothing can be done in a single pass for a temperature that can vary between 150 ° C and 230 ° C depending on the nature of your hair for smoothing quality that can last as long as possible. After being plugged into a power outlet, this unit is ready to use after 15 seconds only to stop automatically after 60 minutes of use.

Moreover, it is accompanied by a wide rotating cord for more comfort during its use.

If we had to compare the best straighteners of the moment, the Remington S5520 would have many qualities to his credit. Equipped with an LCD screen and a turbo function, it is performing well.


  • Heats up quickly: The straightener rises quickly in temperature. It takes about 15 seconds to be ready for use.
  • Easy to use: The temperature is locked; you no longer have to worry about false manipulations that disturb your settings. And thanks to the locking plates, you will not get tired to keep the clamps well closed.
  • Heat-resistant storage pouch: No need to wait for the iron to cool for storage.


  • Burning exterior: According to consumer tests, the outer surface of the plates would be very hot. The risks of burns are real.
  • Hangs the hair: The plates are not very slippery and sometimes hang the hair.

 7. Philips HP8325 / 00

If you do not know yet how to choose the model that suits you among the best hair straighteners of 2019, then check the features of Philips HP8325 / 00 as they may interest you.

Suitable for both thick and long hair, the design of this model is well cared for and its performance is unparalleled to offer a perfect smoothing quality even if your hair is very thick.

For this model, its plates are ceramic has a width of 4.5 cm and a length of 10 cm. With these dimensions, the plates of this straightener are 40% wider to guarantee your long and thick hair a perfect smoothing in a single pass.

Featuring an ionic function, this model is able to eliminate electricity and smooth cuticles to give your hair an impeccable smoothing and incomparable shine. This model is ready for use after 60 seconds of heating for a temperature of 210 ° C ideal for thick hair.

Moreover, it comes with a 1.8m rotating cord for more freedom in your movements.

Do you continue to go to the salon or buy the best straightener to get the same result at home? The Philips HP8325 / 00 straightener is equipped with an ion booster that gives a close look and feel to a professional result.


  • Wide plate: The plates of this straightener are 4.5 cm wide and 10 cm long. They are ideal for long hair.
  • Cord: The cable of this Philips model is quite long, it measures a little less than 2 meters. It is also rotatable and will not cause any discomfort.        


  • Difficult smoothing: It will be necessary to make several passes to smooth a wick correctly, especially at the root level.
  • No thermostat: In the opinion of the users of this straightener, it is unfortunate to not be able to adjust the temperature of the straightener.

8. Cloud Nine Original Iron

Cloud Nine Original Iron is a straightener whose plates are coated with ceramic. The latter guarantees a glide twice as smooth compared to that of certain plates. It is also robust and is intended to be used sustainably without the risk of hanging your hair. The temperature with which you can smooth your hair can be adjusted between 150 ° C and 230 ° C. Which indicates its adaptability to hair of different nature. This device is always effective in all cases.

The heating time lasts only 15 seconds with this product. This waiting time is almost insignificant and you can immediately begin to straighten each strand. This model has an LCD screen that allows you to easily control it. Moreover, there is a system that allows you to lock the temperature at a given level to ensure the effectiveness of smoothing and to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

In addition to having a quick heat up, the advantage of using this straightener is that its plates are flexible to allow you to smooth each strand in comfort and finish the entire smoothing in a minimum of time . Its main weak point is that this product is suitable for long hair and thick by the length of its plates. A person whose hair is very short and who wants to enjoy the performance of this model can use it, but it will have a little trouble taking each strand from the root.


  • Temperature range :With its ability to vary the temperature from 150 ° C to 230 ° C, this straightener will manage to deal with many types of hair, whether curly, thick, thin, frizzy, afros or long.
  • Easy handling: The control of this straightener is easily done. The temperature can be adjusted and locked in a simple way, and an LCD screen will give you precise indications on the chosen setting.     


  • Hot plates: According to user tests, the top of the plates tends to heat up considerably, which could lead to burns.

How to use a straightener?

The hair straightener is a must for women too busy to frequent the beauty salons. Indeed, these devices will allow you to discipline your hairstyle at any time after your daily chores.

Prepare your hair before each smoothing

You know that heat is not always synonymous with healthy hair. You will have to protect them from this factor that could damage them. For this purpose, apply on your rods a special anti-UV lotion which will preserve them from the temperatures a little too high.

Never use this device on wet hair

These types of accessories have not been designed to dry your hair. It will therefore be necessary to proceed with this operation before applying the straightener on the latter. This will prevent you from burning and damaging it.

Do not think that you will go faster if you grab a big bit each time. The action will take longer in this case. So prefer to go slowly, slowly but surely as who would say. You will get rid of all your hair much faster.

Do not go wrong with the meaning of work

Many of us might think that the best way to achieve smoothing will be from the base of the head to the tips. But to succeed his hairstyle, the ideal will be to start on the neck and then head to the face. To pull the wick to stretch it, you can use your hand or a brush suitable for this purpose.

Use brushing accessories with natural bristles

Everyone already knows that natural products are the most recommended when it comes to looking after your body and all the parts that make up the body. Boar bristle brushes for example will be softer for the hair. They will also avoid the static effects at the origin of the ears. Your hairstyle will be well posed.

Position the plates

The hair is to be placed first on the bottom plate. Then gently remove the top one to close the straightener. Proceed with the recommended movement later.

Choose a suitable temperature

Be sure to find a happy medium between warm and too hot. For the first case, it will be difficult to treat the hair in question. For the second, they will be mistreated and thus damage what would be a pity.

Preheat the straightener

This operation may take a little while. This will depend on the type of device you will use. It remains best if you preheat it when you prepare your hair. You can then directly dispose of it and save time.

Do not pass the device more than 3 times on the same wick

It is not necessary to make several passes on the same tuft of hair. This may just expose them to heat too long and thus damage their structure. For this purpose, 2 laps will be enough.

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