Best Foundation For Flawless Skin

The foundation is one of the most important products in our beauty routine, if not the most. It unifies our tone, conceals imperfections and, in short, leaves us a visibly perfect skin. Choose your makeup base well to get an incredible result; we give you all the keys to not fail in your choice.

The foundation is the star product in our beauty routine. Prepares the skin to apply the rest of the products, makes us look better because it unifies the tone and removes that pale and haggard appearance. In addition, it conceals small imperfections, such as pimples, redness or dark circles. Its own name indicates this product is the basis of a good makeup, on which the rest of cosmetics will be applied: blushes, anti-dark circles, highlighter, eyeshadow, lipstick … Everything starts by choosing a good foundation of makeup and, above all, one that adapts and brings out the best in our skin type.

The problem is that sometimes it is difficult (very difficult) to choose the most appropriate base, there are many types that we find in the market. The different textures, shades or formulations make it very difficult to choose and, above all, choose well and obtain the best possible result of this product.

What are the types of makeup base?

To choose your perfect makeup base, the first thing is to know well what the types that are available in the market are. Cosmetics firms do not stop innovating when it comes to creating their products, so there are more and more variants that we can find, to start at the beginning, we tell you what are the most common makeup types and textures. Extended and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, we started!

BB Cream: low coverage, maximum hydration

This product that owes its acronym to the term Blemish Balm (lotion for imperfections) is the perfect combination between moisturizer and foundation. It is a very moisturizing base that adds a touch of color to your face, unifying the tone without covering too much. Therefore it is perfect for smooth skins with good appearance. The best thing about BB Cream is that they have a sun protection factor, which will protect you from the sun throughout the year, avoiding aging and the skin damage it causes.

Fluid foundation, the most popular

It blends perfectly with your skin, unifying the tone and covering imperfections. Depending on your skin type, you can choose one with more coverage, to hide spots, redness or granite, or a lighter texture to correct tone and give a good appearance without overloading the face. Another advantage of the fluid foundation is its moisturizing power, does not dry out the skin and smoothes it giving it a very natural look.

There are infinite variations, you can choose one with a matte finish to avoid glare, or one with a more satin dot to illuminate your face.

Powder makeup bases

The use of this type of base is also very widespread, and that is that it offers multiple advantages, especially for oily skin. Its application is very simple and the tone is uniform instantly. They absorb excess oil from the skin and give it a matte appearance. If you tend to accumulate brightness, especially in the T zone, choose this type of base or use it as a complement to your fluid makeup base. The downside of these bases is that they do not cover imperfections too much; they are a good option for very smooth skin, but not if you have pimples, spots or scars.

Bases of makeup in bar

It is the type of base that offers the most coverage, it is perfect for skins with many imperfections or with a tendency to acne, but it is not recommended for oily skin, since its texture is very heavy and can favor the excess of sebum. It also serves as a corrector, so you can combine it with another type of bases and apply the bar only in the places where you need to hide a scar or granite.

The best makeup bases of 2019

To make your skin shine, it’s best to choose the best makeup base that’s right for you and your skin type. Among the models available on the market, we have selected 5 that may suit you, both in quality and in their usefulness. You can choose one of these models, now that you know how to choose the best makeup basics of 2019.


 1. W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Camera Ready

Apply before makeup to make the foundation, the base of makeup comes in several types and textures. If you want to buy one, it would be a good idea to know why you want to buy one. In the range of bases of type weary and illuminating the skin, we can quote the W7 model.

This transparent base is to be applied before makeup for a good hold of it. It smoothes your skin and gives your complexion a brighter appearance, thus removing any appearance of fatigue. Thanks to its transparency, this makeup base gives you a completely natural effect and respects the texture of your skin.

In addition, it can be considered as the best makeup base for long lasting foundation, whether it is liquid or cream. It facilitates the application of your makeup and allows you to have a perfectly smooth face. Anti-redness makeup base, the model W7 169488 allows you to enjoy a product both of quality and reasonable price.

It is not easy to determine which makeup base to choose because the offer is very important in today’s market. However, this product is very useful if you want to refine your skin and brighten the complexion.


  • Effective: By applying this product first, you will optimize the performance of your makeup. It is also able to hide all the imperfections of your skin. In addition, its transparent design guarantees a natural result.
  • Convenient: This product is designed to be easy to use. It also improves the hold of all the foundation that you use.
  • Affordable: Despite the quality of this article, it is offered at a reasonable price. Therefore, everyone can easily get some.

2. L’oreal Infaillible 001 24H-Mat Base

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A quality makeup base is essential for perfect makeup. If you are wondering what the best makeup base on the market is, you can consider the L’oreal Infaillible 001. True to the quality of L’Oréal brand cosmetics, the L’oreal Infaillible 001 corrects and perfectly unifies your complexion. .

Mattifying makeup base to apply before makeup, this model allows a long lasting of your foundation and allows you to enjoy a perfect complexion in maximum comfort. Enriched with a mineral complex, the L’Oréal makeup base matifies your complexion while providing your skin with a velvety touch like powder. 

Designed for different types of skin, this basic makeup model is suitable for normal and dry skin and can also be used as a morning routine for oily and combination skin. Its transparent gel texture makes this base light, soft and easy to apply. It does not dry the skin thanks to its formula rich in hyaluronic acid. A quality makeup base, the L’Oreal 45269 allows you to enjoy a soft and sublimated skin with a unified complexion for a long-lasting makeup.

If you are looking for the best brand of makeup basics, this model can meet your requirements. It fulfills its role well since it smoothes and matifies your skin. The product also promotes the good performance of the foundation. In addition, it is not heavy as it is the case for some items.


  • Effective: Being a brand well known in the world of cosmetics, L’Oréal surprises users with this base that corrects imperfections. It also unifies the complexion so that you look even more beautiful.
  • Quality: This article contains a large amount of mineral complexes that ensures the desired result. Your foundation can last longer than before.      


  • Unsatisfactory: According to users who have tried to compare this product with others available on the market, it would hide a little pores but nothing more. They are disappointed because the product makes the skin rather shiny instead of matte.

3. Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

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Having your face devoid of all types of imperfections is every woman’s dream. Among the many basic makeup models available at comparison sites, the Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer model can help you correct and diminish skin imperfections. This makeup base improves your skin texture and unifies your complexion for a long-lasting makeup.

Indeed, thanks to its formula rich in photo chromic pigments, the makeup base camouflages and blurs defects and imperfections and reduces the shiny effect of the skin. This base also has a moisturizing texture that does not dry the skin and smooth the skin grains to prepare it for makeup. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of skin. In addition, without oil and fragrance, the texture gives you a natural effect that is perfect to brighten your complexion. 

Thus, if you are looking for a face makeup base in the corrective genre and that is effective to hide imperfections while offering a long lasting to your makeup, you can rely on the model Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer.

By considering this product, you will have the answer to your question where to buy the best makeup base. It helps to make the foundation last and applies easily. It also offers a beautiful texture to your skin.


  • Effective: The use of this base is ideal if you want to hide imperfections on your skin. Indeed, it is designed to effectively cover your moles so that your complexion remains uniform. So when you apply your makeup, it will have a good performance.
  • Formula: The manufacturer has incorporated photochromic pigments into this product to hide all skin defects. If you adopt it, you will have shiny and hydrated skin.    


  • Locked container: Users would have appreciated that the bottle could open to use all the remains of the product.

4. ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

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Makeup bases are intended for various uses and various types of skin. It is therefore important to choose yours according to your skin type and your skin problems. So, no matter your skin type, there is always a makeup base that can suit him.

If you have oily skin with an excess of sebum, you can rely on the ELF 83403 basic makeup model to allow you to have a healthy and perfectly smooth skin. Indeed, thanks to its ingredients, this makeup base allows you to fight various skin problems, such as fine lines, scaly dryness, dilated pores and also excess oil. The foundation complexion ELF 83403 helps you to even out your complexion, to have a silky and soft skin and to make lasting the makeup of your makeup.

For this makeup base to make its effects, just take a small amount and apply it evenly on the skin of the face. In short, building on the basic makeup model ELF 83403 allows oily skin with dilated pores to remedy it.

The purchase of this product can satisfy you if you are looking for the best performing makeup base. It presents itself with a pleasant texture to the touch and which applies with simplicity. The foundation that you apply later will benefit from good performance.


  • For oily skin: The use of this product is especially recommended for people who are confronted with an excess of sebum. By adopting it, you will put an end to all skin problems. After each application, you will have a more even and satiny complexion.
  • Quality: The ingredients used in the design of this product have been carefully chosen to take care of your skin. It also helps to strengthen the foundation and makeup.    


  • Strong smell: According to user reviews, this product has a very strong odor and quite unpleasant.

5. THE Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer

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In the range of cheap makeup bases, we can offer you the model LA Girl. Designed to prepare the skin to accommodate the foundation and to make it last, this makeup base provides a smooth appearance to your face. Rich in vitamin E, the LA Girl makeup base nourishes your skin and makes your complexion glow with a flawless finish. The light texture of this makeup base makes it easy to apply.

Moreover, it does not contain Paraben and has no perfume. In addition, having a softening effect on the skin of the face, the LA Girl make-up base helps to close pores and fill fine lines, thus correcting and covering imperfections. Contained in a 15 mL bottle, this makeup base can fit in your makeup bag and can be taken anywhere.

In short, if you are looking for a makeup base that can correct the defects of your skin while unifying your complexion to allow you to have a makeup that takes a long time without spending a fortune, you can opt for the model LA Girl .

This makeup base is the least expensive of this ranking. Moreover, most users are satisfied because it melts easily and provides great softness. It also allows your makeup to hold longer.


  • Quality: The formula used for the design of this makeup product is enriched with vitamin E. Therefore, it nourishes deeply so that you have a lighter complexion. The lightness of the texture also simplifies the application.
  • Healthy: The users appreciate this product so that it does not contain elements likely to be carcinogenic. Since it is not perfumed, this product may be suitable for everyone.
  • Affordable: This cream is very useful to hide the small defects present on the surface of your epidermis so that you have a beautiful complexion.   


  • Small quantity: Buyers regret that the product is contained in a tiny container that empties after about 2 weeks.

6. Revlon Colorstay 180 Beige Arena

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The following make-up base is considered as the best makeup base of value for money. It is specially designed for oily skin since its oil-free formula offers a perfect co-cover without greasy feeling or shine and leaving the skin soft and velvety before makeup.

In addition, this foundation Revlon for oily and long-lasting skin, provides a complete coverage of grains, pores and imperfections that will last throughout the day, that is, 24 hours, so that your makeup will always look perfect and free of shines

It offers a comfortable and soft sensation on the skin, gently absorbing oils from oily skin so that the results are always impeccable. And the best, avoid the feeling of fat on the face. On the other hand, its new packaging provides greater ease and precision of use.

Before deciding which makeup base to buy, it is necessary to take into account your skin tone and if you will use it for the day or for the night:


  • Dispensing: Comfort is something that characterizes this Revlon makeup base. Your bottle has been equipped with a dispensing nozzle that will help you apply the product more easily either directly on your skin or on a sponge.
  • Tones: In this space we focus on the Beige Arena model but it is noteworthy to mention that you can acquire this base in a great variety of tones so that it can be complemented as best as possible with your skin.
  • Formula: The Colorstay formula has been designed to avoid producing shine when applied, which makes it ideal for oily skin complexions. Likewise, it is also able to absorb the natural oils of the skin for a smooth and smooth finish.
  • Acne: It is very good to hide the traces of acne, pimples, blackheads and other spots of the skin so that you look clean and attractive skin.


  • Protection: Unlike the first model, this Revlon makeup base does not offer sun protection, so it is recommended that you apply it separately.


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As the last chosen base for our selection of the best makeup bases of 2019 we leave you with this oil free makeup base that offers up to 6 different shades so that you can always find the perfect one for you and your skin tone.

It is very light and durable and will help you cover and reduce pores and other imperfections of the skin. With this base you will achieve a medium natural matt finish and full complexion coverage.

In addition, it has a sun protection factor of 15. Thanks to the design of your diffuser can take full advantage of 100% use of the product.

Despite being one of the cheapest makeup bases in this list, the IMPALA option is of great quality and will offer you a smooth and attractive finish:


  • Tones: IMPALA has a foundation that can be acquired in six different shades to adapt to your skin color.
  • Protection: U formula presents SPF 15 protection against the sun’s rays to minimize the risk of spots and melanomas.
  • Additional features: In addition, it contains vitamin E, allantoin and aloe vera extract to give your skin everything it needs to stay healthy.     


  • Grease: Apparently, if you have oily skin, the effect of the base can disappear after a few hours.
  • Finish: You must bear in mind that the finish of this base is of the natural matte type – medium so that a little shine can be noticed.

8. Max Factor Face Finity All Day First

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If you are looking for cheap makeup bases, but for that reason do not give up a great quality, we offer you this Max Factor makeup base that offers a soft and velvety layer on the skin before makeup and preparing it for him, so this will remain much more uniform and of course, it will be much more durable.

In addition, it is able to blur the pores. Its consistency will make you have to use very little amount each time, so a single boat will last you a long time.

Controls the grease quite well and allows, thanks to its matte finish on the skin, the makeup is perfect. It has an SPF of 20.

For many users, the Max Factor is perhaps the best foundation of the moment and that’s why we could not help but identify its most outstanding advantages:


  • Poros: One of the advantages offered by the Max Factor makeup base is that it will allow you to blur the pores so that you apply your makeup much more easily. In addition, it will help to hide the spots that you may have on your face due to age or scars.
  • Duration: As commented by some users, this makeup base helps to maintain the makeup you have applied for a long time. Thanks to this, you should not worry too much during the day to have to go touch up.
  • Grease: The ingredients and application of the Face Finity All Day Primer prevents the premature appearance of fat on your skin. Through the action of chemicals, excess sebum production is blocked so that you can look fresh and clean longer.
  • Protection: You can leave your home quietly even on a sunny day if you use the base of Max Factor Face Finish All Day Primer since it is equipped with sunscreen of 20 SPF that will serve to minimize possible burns or stains from exposure.
  • Dimensions: And it is also considered an advantage that has dimensions of 3.8 x 2.9 x 11.2 centimeters and a weight of 27 grams as it is quite compact and easy to move so you can take it with you if you travel.  

How to choose a good makeup base?

A shopping guide for the best makeup basics is useful if you want to know how to choose the right model that can perfectly fit your needs. You will find advice and specific criteria that will help you not to make a blind choice. In all cases, choose a product that adapts to your skin color, your needs and your age.

Purchase guide

Your makeup base needs

Taking into account your needs allows you to know how to buy a make-up base of a better quality / price ratio and to better target the model that suits you. Indeed, to choose well you need to define the use you want to make your makeup base. So, if you just want your makeup to look good, go for makeup basics. They create a film between the skin of your face and your foundation to hold the latter.

If you want to correct small imperfections of your skin, the best is to rely on a corrective model. Embellishers models are intended to unify and give color to your complexion. There are also makeup bases that have a smoothing and matting effect on the skin. This type of base is suitable for oily skin because it allows filling the pores and correcting defects.

Finally, there are the illuminating bases that are used to give radiance to dry skin or normal skin. By determining your needs in advance, you can choose precisely among the models available on the market.

The color of your skin

In places where to buy a new makeup base and on a price comparator, you will find different models for different types of skins. Indeed, as makeup bases are intended to correct imperfections and beautify your skin, to choose one, we must consider the color of the latter.

Thus, to neutralize the redness on a clear skin, the best is to opt for a green base. To give freshness to this kind of skin, you can also apply a pink base. Dark or dark skin will choose the caramel base that illuminates the face. Finally to unify your complexion, an embellisher model with a shade close to the color of your skin is the most suitable.

Your age

Whatever their age, women like to wear makeup. There are makeup essentials suitable for all ages. Twenty-year-olds will find their happiness in a good fixative and enlightening base. To erase the imperfections of women in their thirties, there is nothing better than the corrective bases that can overcome all kinds of imperfections.

If you’re in your forties, the embellishers are made to help you sublimate and smooth your skin. Finally, over 50 years, the best is to opt for a base that can fight against the dull complexion and which is of sufficient quality not to damage the health of the skin which is more fragile at this age.

Base texture

Within the comparison of makeup bases, you will find different textures of the same that you must choose depending on the type of skin you have and your comfort, as well as the time of day that you will use your base. A base for the night will not be the same as one for full daylight. On the one hand, the emollient creams are ideal for dry skin and are very easy to apply on clean skin. The bases in cream have a much more unctuous texture and are made of a base of water and oil and are ideal for mature skin.

You can also find fluid bases; the most sold in the market, as they offer natural results and are ideal for day makeup. Currently you can also find makeup bases with mousse texture, which become foam when applied to the face and are very light, so they are ideal for young skin and with little imperfections.

And finally, we found the foundation powder, which will help you control the excess of fat on your face if you have this type of skin and also if you have mixed skin with a T area persistent to the fat. This type of foundation will help you to look radiant and without those glitters that we hate so much.

Hydration and protection

The makeup bases we find today go far beyond providing a layer of color to our face, but also correct our imperfections of the skin, moisturize us, reaffirm our skin and protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. But obviously, not all creams work in the same way and not all have the same characteristics, so you must make sure that the chosen base has the features you are looking for and that you really need.

It is very important that at least have a sun protection factor (SPF) appropriate to your needs, especially if you are going to use it as daytime makeup, since it will not be the same makeup you use for the night that one that you cause in broad daylight and that requires a higher sun protection factor.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 With what does a makeup base apply?

The correct application of the foundation will depend on whether the face looks natural and more favored. Therefore, the ideal is to spread over the face with a brush that is flat and is well populated to prevent the skin is cracked. The tips of your fingers will also be fantastic allies to blur the base and obtain a satisfactory result.

Q2 What basis of makeup is the one used by celebrities?

When you see celebrities on television or in magazines, it is inevitable to ask yourself what makeup base they use to look so radiant. Most cosmetic products are available closer than we think, because celebrities often use popular brands that can be found in almost any specialty store. In this sense, some of the brands of foundation more widespread among the famous are MAC, Revlon, Clinique, Estee Lauder or Christian Dior. Of course, they use bases that have a long duration and an immediate penetration, which allow them to look perfect throughout the day. Not in vain, it is important to choose the right cosmetics to be able to withstand long hours of flashes, dressing rooms, perches, etc.

Q3. How is the liquid foundation applied?

The foundation of liquid makeup can be applied in several ways. If you decide to do it with your fingers, you just have to put some product on the yolks and apply it with small touches on the face. Finally, spread well over the face until it is even. Another option is with a sponge. Do not apply the base directly on it, but better in the palm of your hand. The next thing is to spread the sponge on the product and then apply it on the face with certain touches and in small, quick strokes. The idea is not to rub the face with the sponge, but to do it in a gentle way. Finally, you can apply the base of liquid makeup with a brush, in which case, the mode of application will be the same: always with delicate touches and without rubbing too much.

Q4 How to remove foundation stains on clothes?

It is common for t-shirts or blouses to stain makeup base if, for example, you have dressed after grooming or if you dropped a little product on them while you applied it. To remove the stains, the first thing is to clean the excess base with a tissue paper, being careful not to spread it on the garment. Afterwards, impregnate an alcohol stick and gently rub the stain until you notice that it is disappearing.

Q5 How do you apply the makeup base in mousse?

The mousse is one of the most attractive formats in which the foundation can be presented, although there are certain guidelines to follow when applying it. It is best to distribute the base with the fingertips, as this will make it spread more evenly. Spread the index finger on the product and start applying it on the face. It begins with the area of ​​the nose and forehead and, later, the entire face. Distribute gently until it is completely covered by the mousse.

Q6 How is the foundation spread?

With the exception of some types of makeup base, they are usually applied with a brush. Do not put the product directly on it, but, better, put a little on the back of your hand. Spread the brush on the base and begin to apply on the face giving small taps on the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. At the time of spreading, remember that it is not about rubbing, but rather about distributing the makeup base gently throughout the face. Do it slowly until you see that it has been distributed evenly and naturally.

How to use a foundation

As you have already chosen which makeup base you will use according to your skin tone, now you need to know the application process. If you are worried about this point, in this article we will guide you so that you know how to use a base of makeup in a correct way and you get the most out of your cream, so you have an optimal makeup.

Gather the necessary accessories to apply the foundation

For this application process of foundation, you will need accessories such as a moisturizer, a pre-base, a kabuki brush, a medium brush, a loose powder or compact powder with their respective brush to seal the base and a beauty sponge blender. All these accessories will be necessary to apply a foundation for optimal makeup.

Make a cleanse on your face

Before applying a foundation for makeup, it is necessary that you cleanse your face to remove the dirt that your skin may have, as well as traces of makeup and greasy substances. You can apply balsams or lotions that allow you to thoroughly cleanse your face, balancing without drying your skin and providing the necessary nutrients.

Apply a moisturizer on the face

In the market, there are many brands that you can use. Choose one that is ideal for your skin type. In case you have a very dry or oily skin, select the ideal moisturizer for you. Place several points of moisturizer on your face and distribute completely by performing gentle massages.

Apply the pre-base on the face

The function of the prebase is basically to close the pores and soften the surface of the skin, matching the texture before placing the base. To do this, add a pre-cream or gel and sprinkle throughout the skin with light massage until it completely penetrates.

How to apply the base for makeup with the kabuki brush

Place a small amount of base for makeup on the brush and begin to spread it on the face with light touches with the brush, allowing the base to adhere to the face and evenly.

How to apply the foundation with the beauty blender sponge

Beauty blender sponges are special to apply the base of makeup; they differ from the others because they are egg shaped and are very compact. To apply the base, place a small amount of the product on the thick part of the sponge. Take the tip of the sponge and lightly touch it with it on the face to spread the base, providing a natural effect on the skin.

How to apply the foundation with a medium brush

Another way to apply the foundation is with a medium brush. To do this, place a small amount of the product in the hand and with the index finger of the other hand applies base dots all over the face. Use the medium brush to cover the face with the makeup base.

Seal the foundation with compact powder

This is the final part of the process and you can use compact powder or loose or translucent powder. To do this, use a special powder brush and dip the tip of the brush with a small amount. Proceed to blur it all over the face with the brush until it is well defined. Already your foundation for makeup is correctly applied.

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