The Best Hair Dryers for Every Budget

Hair dryers are women’s best companions in the first treatment of hair after bathing. Even if its use has become standard practice, choosing the right device remains a delicate matter.

To make your hair dryer a good companion, you will have to start by choosing a professional hair dryer. Despite its very specific name, the professional hair dryer has recently become more popular and is easily accessible to all households, especially in terms of price.

How to choose a good hair dryer?

A hair dryer is not randomly chosen if you want to get a device that meets your needs. However, how to buy a hair dryer with a better price-quality ratio? To answer this question and to help you save time in your research, we propose, through this guide to buying the best hair dryers, to take into account 3 main characteristics: power and temperature, the technology that goes with it and the accessories.

Purchasing guide

Power and temperature

To easily find the right hair dryer for you, power and temperature are the first things to check before switching to the price comparison. These characteristics go together because both determine the effectiveness of the drying process depending on your hair type.

Generally, the power of this device is between 1300 and 2200 watts. Avoid the mistake of thinking that the most powerful hair dryer will be the most effective because it is not the case. The ideal is to choose a model with a medium power, not too high to damage your hair, not too low to spend a whole half a day drying your hair. The rest will be done at the temperature setting level.

When used more frequently, a hair dryer damages hair unless the model you choose is accompanied by a heat regulator. This is why it is important to check the presence of this regulator on each model you are interested in. This regulator allows you to adapt the temperature to your hair type, thus limiting the risk of damage. To dry your hair, it is better to use warm air than cold air which is rather ideal for finishing.

The technology

Our advice on buying a good hair dryer is oriented towards considering the technology that goes with each model that may be the subject of your selection. The importance of this characteristic is explained by the fact that it conditions the efficiency of the use of this device, especially on hair with static electricity.

The technology we are talking about here is none other than ionic technology. It is important that the model you want to choose has this technology because it effectively neutralizes the positive ions that ruffle your hair and prevent it from being easy to straighten. In addition, this technology ensures that your hair dries quickly. This limits the length of time the hair is exposed to heat that can damage it if it is too long.

The accessories

Before you ask yourself where to buy a new hair dryer, it is important to find out about the accessories that come with each model that catches your attention. The presence of these accessories guarantees that the use of the hair dryer is both comfortable and efficient.

Speaking of accessories, it is the tips that are the most interesting because they play an important role in the comfort of use of the device. To avoid buying a device that is not suitable for your hair type, make sure that the model you are interested in is delivered with at least two tips: a nozzle and a diffuser. The nozzle allows you to blow dry while the diffuser provides heat diffusion for perfect hair.

Other features

Cold air jet: Having this option in your hair dryer can allow you not only to fix your hairstyle, but also to add shine to your hair.

Air concentrator: Another very useful accessory is the air concentrator that allows to focus all the air flow towards a certain area of ​​the hair, so that the effect on the molding is faster and easier.

Removable filter:  In the back of the engine, there is usually a grid with a filter that prevents dirt, dust, hair from entering the engine, as well as helping the engine to “breathe” and not overheat. Therefore, it is important that the grid can be removed to clean the filter.

Adjustable voltage:  If you usually travel to places where the voltage is different, check that it can be adjusted in your dryer.

The best hair dryers of 2019

Having trouble finding out which is the best hair dryer on the market? To be sure you are making the right investment, you need to use a hair dryer comparison. By comparing several offers, you have the opportunity to find the model that suits your budget and objectives. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises from low quality products.

Recommended products

1. Remington D5220

This equipment has a power of 2,400 watts, more than previous models and probably one of the best on the market so when asking about the best hair dryer you should not be surprised if you have found a Remington brand device. Like the aforementioned Bosh model, it includes ionic technology to give your hair softness and shine, as well as a turbo air button, ideal for thick hair.

According to the users, it is ideal for domestic use, since it has a long cable, weighs very little and is easy to use with its multiple speeds and with the cold air button. Best of all is the low price for which you can buy this product because, despite including multiple and useful features for your hair, its amount is one of the most competitive in the market.

When looking for and making comparisons between models to answer yourself which hair dryer to buy, you need to review the power of the equipment, the tools included, the speeds at which you work and, similarly, the price of these . Below you will find the positive and negative aspects of this model.


  • Price: If you are looking for quality for small prices, the model Re52 D5220 is ideal since it fulfills the basic functions of a dryer without being very expensive.
  • Ion technology: Which is acclaimed for eliminating the static electricity of the hair while leaving it soft and silky.
  • Adjustable temperature: It has several power levels adjustable in different temperatures to adapt to all types of hair.        


  • Noisy: Like many other dryers, this Remington model, in general, is quite noisy and is not for professional use, in the opinion of users.

2. Philips ThermoProtect HP8230 / 00

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If you are looking for the best cheap hair dryers, then this Philips model   may be to your liking, since it has one of the lowest prices in stores and, despite this, has a power of 2,100 watts, which are enjoyed in up to 6 different speeds and temperatures so you can adapt your hair to the most appropriate.

On the other hand, it is designed with a thermal protection system (ThermoProtect), which prevents your hair from overheating and deteriorating in the process. The only disadvantage of this product is its cable, which is only 1.8 meters long; however, its effectiveness makes this somewhat insignificant in comparison.

Philips equipment has always had good reception in this field, so review the pros and cons of this model, sure will convince you whether to acquire it or not.


  • Price: If you do not have the necessary capital for an optimal dryer and you need a team that does what is right and necessary for your hair, then the ThermoProtect HP8230 / 00 Philips brand is ideal for you, since it is the cheapest hair dryer of this list.
  • Adjustable temperature and speed: It is capable of leaving your hair in optimal conditions thanks to its six options of speed and temperature, so you adjust the same to the drying you want.
  • ThermoProtect technology: Regulates the heat at the time of drying, protects your hair, so it will never be affected by the temperature.   


  • Power cable:Likewise, users agree that they would like to lengthen the power cable a bit since it measures only 1.8 meters, making it a bit limiting when it comes to drying the hair.

3. Rowenta Infini Pro AC CV8652

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Despite its low price, the Rowenta Infini Pro AC CV8652 has a power of 2,200 watts, a little more even than the professional hair dryer Parlux 3800, adjustable in 3 different temperatures and 2 speeds.

This model is part of the list of the best hair dryer thanks to the effect it has had on its users, who make use of the ion delivery function that this equipment includes. This function has a magical effect on the hair, since it beautifies it giving it shine and softness without mistreating it.


  • Price: It is one of the cheapest in the market and is considered by the users as one of the best equipment in terms of price quality.
  • Ionic technology: Like the previous models, has ion technology, so you should not worry about the electricity in your hair or the brightness of it, since it will be great.
  • Adjustable temperature: It has several power levels, as well as temperature so you can use it both with children and adults without burning anyone.


  • Weight: With a weight of 1,400 grams, it is a relatively heavy equipment if it is for personal use, which can cause fatigue and discomfort when using it.

4. Parlux 3800

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If you care about nature and are in favor of ecological equipment, you will be happy to know that the Parlux 3800 model is designed and made with 100% recyclable material, fully functional and under the standards of any user, since it has a power of 2,100 watts, which means a shorter drying time and a better result.

Thanks to its ionic technology and the ceramic that it includes, it guarantees a smooth, silky and lustrous finish, which goes hand in hand with its compact size, light and totally silent due to the fact that it has a built-in silencer; symbolic and significant characteristic for those who make frequent use of the equipment, which has a useful life of 2,000 hours and thermal insulation, to prevent the plastic from overheating and causing problems while using it.

It is not a secret for anyone who knows a little about dryers that Parlux is the best brand of hair dryers, so our list is led by the model 3800 of this prestigious company. Below, you will find the pros and cons of this team.


  • Eco friendly: It has been considered by the users as the best hair dryer of the moment thanks to the fact that it is designed to economize electricity, being therefore an “ecofriendly” or “friend of nature” device.
  • Ionic technology: Which is ideal for the care and special shine of your hair. For Parlux, not only is the planet important, so is the life and well-being of your hair.
  • Transportable: It is ideal to be transported wherever you want, as you want and when you want given that it has a compact size and a weight of only 800 grams, ideal for traveling without the need to carry heavy equipment.
  • Adjustable temperature: On the other hand, it has 4 levels of temperature adjustable in 2 speeds that you can use depending on the type of drying you want, users declare that it leaves hair shiny, soft, silky and without traces of static electricity thanks to the ionic technology that it includes.
  • Silent: If you are looking for a model that does not make much noise, then this Parlux can help you, since it has a built-in silencer, capable of reducing the level of noise produced by the equipment.       


  • Price: The only problem with this hair dryer is that it is a little expensive compared to other models, although many consumers agree that every euro paid for having this equipment is in their hands.

5. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

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T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer is a hair dryer with a professional engine that guarantees a high heating power and a very long service life. Thus, there is no risk that you lose a lot of time to dry your hair even if they are very thick because the drying it guarantees is fast.

This device offers 3 levels of temperature. In this way, you can adapt it to hair of different natures. In any case, he is able to treat them without difficulty. In addition, its speed of operation is adjustable on 2 levels so that its breath allows you to have exactly the type of hairstyle that suits you.

This material is also characterized by the AIR COLD function that accompanies it. It sends a cold stream of air to each user to ensure a flawless finish and excellent fixation of the hairstyle after the treatment of his hair. In addition, this product is equipped with 2 ultrafine concentrators to precisely direct the flow of air to the area to be dried. Hence the incomparable and impressive quality of the result that it allows to have whatever type of hair it treats.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer brings many benefits even though like any other hair dryer, it has some weakness.


  • High performance engine: The engine of this unit is of professional quality. It offers high heating power to allow you to dry your hair in no time.
  • Adjustable temperature: The operating temperature of this article is adjustable on 3 different levels so that the drying is carried out in a good condition regardless of the nature of the treated hair.
  • Air Cool function: This model offers an Air Cool function that allows you to have a lasting finish by fixing the hairstyle to the final phase of the treatment of your hair.


  • Heavy Dryer: This model is quite heavy, but fortunately it is powerful enough that you do not have to keep it very long.

6. Philips HP8232 / 00

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Equipped with the ThermoProtect function, this Philips hair dryer diffuses air at an adequate temperature, which protects your hair against the risk of overheating. With a professional power of 2200 Watts, it allows to obtain irreproachable results. Thanks to the power and the speed of the air, you can carry out an ultra-fast drying.

Thanks to the 6 temperature / speed combinations of this dryer, you can adjust the heat and speed according to the hair style you want to get. At the end of the blow-dry session, you can use its cold air button for a better hold of the hairstyle.

Easy to handle, this model has a removable rear filter, a 1.8 meter cord and a suspension ring. It has a negative ion diffuser that provides a smooth, glowing and soft hair. In addition, it offers the concentrator 14 mm which allows a precise and exceptional hairstyle. To have more pep on your loops, you can use the volume diffuser.

The Philips HP8232 / 00 model is one of our best hair dryers this year because it is a reliable model and a nice beauty. In addition, it is the cheapest on our list, which is quite motivating.


  • The ThermoProtect function: The ThermoProtect function has been created so that your hair is not damaged.
  • A filter placed at the back for better hygiene: Thanks to this filter, this device diffuses healthy air to dry your hair.        


  • Device that dries the hair well, but cannot guarantee the maintenance of the shaping: This device can very well dry the hair and can also shape, but it lasts only a short time.

7. Trevor Sorbie Dc Dryer

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This black Trevor Sorbie DC dryer suits you perfectly, if you want to have the best silent hair dryer because this model is 50% quieter than the others. Equipped with a professional AC motor, it has a long life of about 4000 hours. With its 2200 Watts power, you can easily play on the volume and style of your hair. Added to this, this model is available at very competitive prices.

Enjoying an air speed of 110 km / h, this model allows you to dry your hair faster. It has the function “cold air”, essential for excellent performance of the hairstyle, once the blow dry completed. It has 2 speed levels and 3 temperature combinations that give you the ability to vary the power and temperature of the air according to the desired hairstyle.

This hair dryer is also supplied with 2 important accessories: the ultra-thin concentrator (6 mm) and the diffuser which optimize your blow-dry. Equipped with ionic technology, this one is the ideal model if you have electric hair and fritois. It allows obtaining a magnificent chevellure that combines shine and softness.

The Trevor Sorbie hair dryer is a model that deserves to be known. Now that you know this fact, you can now go serenely looking for where to buy the best hair dryer. Indeed, this model is approaching a lot.


  • Silent hair dryer: This model is pleasant to use, because despite its power, it is quiet. This is due to its AC professional engine.
  • Powerful model: This device has a power of 2200W, which saves you some time.
  • 3 combinations of temperature and 2 speeds: Whatever your hair type, this device will help you to style your hair.
  • Comes with an ultra-thin concentrator and looper blower: So you can perfect your hair with this device.


  • Heavy Dryer: This model is quite heavy, but fortunately it is powerful enough that you do not have to keep it very long.

How to use a hair dryer

Women want to wear straight hair and with different styles to wear on each occasion. To achieve this, there are the hair dryers with which they mold and smooth it to your liking. However, this means that you must expose it to high temperatures constantly. That is why we want to tell you how to use a hair dryer efficiently for your hair. 

Never use the device on hair dripping with water

Even if it is a hair dryer, it should not be used immediately after your bath or shower. Dry with a towel and lightly dab your hair. Do not rub them, this will accentuate the static electricity. On dry hair, you will save more time. You will also avoid being exposed to heat for too long and taking the risk of being damaged.

Set the temperature of the device

Know that if you have fine hair, you will have to moderate the heat to apply on it. An average temperature is ample enough even for thick hair. Regardless of the density of your wicks, do not set the material to the maximum temperature. An article like the Philips HP8232 / 00 equipped with a ThermoProtect function adjusts the heat to the thickness of your hair.

Avoid overheating

Of course, efficiency is usually sought in an apparatus, but it must always be kept at a suitable distance. To avoid exposing your hair to too high a temperature, do not stick the equipment at close range on your dried wicks.

Even if you have preset the temperature of your device, it is advisable not to apply it directly to the scalp or your hair. Do not repeat the same wicks several times so that they do not get too assaulted.

Opt for models with ionization

The problems of static electricity during drying are well known to all. Models like the Trevor Sorbie D371E incorporate ionic functions to prevent your hair from repelling each other. They become more disciplined and brilliant because this technology cancels the excess load. The hair fibers are smoothed in one or two passages only.

Use care

For an optimal result, it is advisable to make use of a special hair dryer. A multitude of choices is offered to you in terms of cosmetics. They will protect your hair fibers against the heat and will promote its holding.

You can use a serum before proceeding or to highlight a natural volume, or milk to accentuate the curly aspect of your hair. Whatever look you want, feel free to apply care for a flawless and sophisticated hairstyle.

Finish with cold air

The heat makes the hair more flexible and more malleable. The cold end of the process allows keeping the hairstyle longer. It is better to equip with devices with a cold button. There is a wide range on the market like the Parlux 3800 Friendly or the Remington Pro Silk.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How should I store the hair dryer?

Like any electrical product, the dryer should be stored in a dry place away from dust and dirt. Therefore, it is not a good idea to have the dryer in the bathroom when we are not using it, since the humidity of that environment can end up affecting the product. It is also advisable that we keep the product well in its box, in its case or in a drawer that is not out in the open, as the dust that is slowly going to be introduced into the product will end up affecting its effectiveness, as well as causing unpleasant odors when you use it

Q2: I want to know how to properly use the hair dryer. What can you advise me?

When using the dryer it is important to maintain an adequate distance over the head, which should be at least 20 centimeters, to avoid excessive heat sticking to the hair. It is also important not to leave the dryer fixed on the hair for too long to prevent this from having effects due to excessive heat. Although we will comment later, the temperature is also important, being fundamental to bet for temperatures as low as possible within the type of hair you have. Finally, you should use the product with its corresponding accessories, whether you want to give a special touch to any area of ​​your hair to avoid the effects of heat and improve the overall results of the product.

Q3: How can I clean my hair dryer?

To clean the hair dryer it is necessary to remove both the own dirt that can accumulate inside and that can be found on the outside. The latter task is simple, since a damp cloth is enough to remove stains and dirt from the outside. As for the inner part, the question is more complex. If you do not want or do not know how to disassemble the product to access the interior, you can use a domestic vacuum cleaner, at full power and with the smallest nozzle you can find to be able to vacuum all the dust and dirt inside. Especially to emphasize the rear area, which is the one that takes the air and the dirt that accumulates. In case you are able to disassemble the product you can do it directly and remove the dust inside, making the cleaning much more effective.

Q4: What is the ideal temperature for your hair that you can select in your dryer?

The most suitable temperature to use depends mainly on your hair type. The thinner the hair, the lower the temperature to be used must be, to avoid damaging it. As thicker and more abundant hair will be necessary to go betting on higher temperatures, but always these should be as small as possible within what the dryer allows. In fact, it is recommended never to bet on its use at maximum temperature to avoid damage. Do not forget also to maintain the adequate distance of the dryer in front of the hair and to use the accessories properly to avoid problems and to spread the heat better.

Q5: How do I disassemble my hair dryer?

As a general rule you should never disassemble the electric dryer, since this does not have in its interior elements that the user must manipulate. In any case, if you have the necessary knowledge to do this, the dryer starts by disarming by the area of ​​the handle where we usually find the hardware that covers the electrical parts and that once removed allows you to open the dryer to access its interior. Once you have it open, it is important that you do not throw too much of the different elements to avoid that the welding points of the wiring can be separated. Once you have finished cleaning or arranging, remember to assemble everything just in the reverse of how you have disassembled it so that everything is in its proper place.

Q6: What does ionic hair dryer mean?

Ionic hair dryers are dryers that use the latest technology to remove moisture from the hair more effectively than conventional hair dryers. They are devices that release negative ions, which are responsible for dissolving more quickly the water molecules that are scattered in the hair. This means that it takes less time to dry the hair, but not only that, but also these dryers eradicate the static electricity of the hair.

Q7: How is the diffuser that comes with the hair dryer used?

The diffuser is one of the most coveted accessories of hair dryers. However, it is common for many people not to know how to use it properly. If this is your case, you must first insert it at the end of your dryer, so that it fits well. If you want to add more volume to your mane and get perfect curls, then stand with your head down and dry each strand by folding it from the bottom up. Even if you have straight hair, with this simple operation you will be able to add more volume to your hair and a nice wavy effect. For a more satisfactory result, finish the drying process with the head lifted, so that you fix the hairstyle.

Q8: Why does my hair dryer become very hot and suddenly stop?

Especially in the newer models, the dryers consist of safety mechanisms in case the system fails to avoid damaging the appliance and, ultimately, there is a risk of fire. Therefore, if you have noticed that your hair dryer gets very hot, it may be because it has been on for a long time. To prevent further overheating, it is common for that security system to turn it off automatically. Another possibility is that there is some particle that obstructs the exit of hot air and that is not allowing the apparatus to perform its function properly. Make sure there is no hair, lint or dirt in the dryer’s mouthpiece. In case this problem persists, we recommend contacting the technical service.

Q9: Who was the inventor of the hair dryer and in what year?

The hair dryer is an article that we use almost daily, but few know its origin. To find out, one would have to go back to the end of the 19th century, specifically, to the year 1890. His invention is attributed to the Frenchman Alexandre Godefoy, although the device that he devised little resembles those we have in our homes today. In the beginning, it was rather a vacuum cleaner adapted to get hot air expelled. It was, in fact, a device of large dimensions and nothing manageable, unlike the increasingly compact models that we can find today in the market. From 1920 these accessories would begin to become popular as they become progressively smaller.

Q10: How can I repair my Parlux hair dryer?

If you have broken your Parlux hair dryer, it is best not to try to repair it yourself. Many times failures occur simply because it has been many hours connected and needs a bit of respite. Try unplugging it from the power and wait a few minutes before turning it on again. If this is not enough, you may need a more complex solution. In this case, it is best to contact the technical service as soon as possible and tell them in detail what is the problem you are experiencing with your dryer.

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