Best Hair Masks and Deep Conditioners for Damaged Hair

Dry and frizzy hair needs a lot of moisture to reach a normal and healthy condition. Imagine, your hair is plants. The more you pour them, the better and healthier they grow. The masks for hair are an excellent option to help revitalize your hair, they are a supplement that we must provide to the hair to meet the needs of each person, regenerate the tips, give shine and vitality, among other shortcomings. Applying a hair mask gives your hair moisture from root to tip. Here you will find the 9 best hair masks for dry hair.

1. Kerastase Resistance

If you are looking for one of the best hair masks of 2019 and don’t want to worry about costs, Kerastase has what you need. In fact, it offers a fairly expensive product for its 200 ml, but with valid results for the majority of buyers.

The purpose is to give body and vigor to a battered and weakened hair, for which the company uses very special ingredients. The resurrection plant is its strong point, a vegetable with great survival properties, which is combined with the technology studied by the company to reinforce the hair fiber.

The action of the article appears to be very valid on some types of hair, so as to avoid the catastrophic cut to those who want to maintain a certain length. Its validity from the first application makes it one of the most popular among those sold online.

Do you want to know the opinions of users of the Web on this Kerastase mask? Find them all below.


  • Packaging: A mask available in large format, perfect for those who have already had a good experience with the formulation.
  • Ingredients: The resurrection plant helps the hair regain energy and vigor after a stressful period or following treatments that have damaged them.
  • Results: The mask is able to give shine and texture right from the first application.      


  • Price: The cost of a 200 ml pack is quite high compared to other items in the same category.

2. L’Oréal Paris Elvive

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L’Oréal is a well-known brand in the world of beauty: its Elvive line is dedicated to the care of skin and hair. If you have dried them, the best hair mask for you will be the one proposed by the company.

The strength of this article is its composition, based on extracts of micro flower oils, capable of deeply permeating the hair fiber. Thanks to these ingredients the hair is nourished but not heavy, so as not to cause adverse reactions, such as the production of excess sebum.

The results are good, according to the buyers who have tried it, but to annoy would be the not really pleasant fragrance left by the mask. The 300 ml pack is convenient in relation to its price, enough to last for about two months, if it is used at least once a week on medium length hair.

Do you prefer products with low prices, but still valid? This L’Oréal mask may be the right choice.


  • Brand name: L’Oréal is a guarantee and the Elvive line for skin and hair keeps its promises.
  • Ingredients: The formulation is composed of extracts of micro flower oils that penetrate deeply.
  • Packaging: The 300 ml format offers excellent value for money and, if used once a week, will keep you company in the shower for at least three months.    


  • Perfume: The scent of this mask can annoy those looking for a product with a more pleasant smell.

3. Garnier Ultra Sweet Wonderful

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One of the most popular offers on the web is Garnier, which offers one of the best-selling hair masks online. Its strength is undoubtedly the competitive cost, in relation to the quantity of product contained, a good 300 ml.

With a small fee you can thus take care of your dry and brittle hair, achieving good results. Thanks to Argan oil and camellia extract, in fact, the hair will be nourished and not weighed down, recovering its shape.

The fragrance is instead very pleasant, as well as the simple use, as it is enough to apply the product on the hair for a few minutes and then rinse.

This Garnier mask is available in a nice family size and promises great hair at a small cost.


  • Quality price: The cheapest product in the 300 ml format, therefore the right choice for those who also want to save.
  • Ingredients: Camellia extract and Argan oil repair the most damaged and dry hair.
  • Fragrance: This product is very pleasing to the pleasant, slightly floral fragrance.
  • Ease of use: Applying the mask is really simple and takes little time, which translates into great comfort and simplicity.   


  • Not for curls: The mask is not designed for those with curly hair, not acting as a detangler.


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A useful suggestion, if you do not know how to choose a good hair mask, can be to opt for a different product than usual. Momentary colors have become widespread in recent times, capable of intensifying the color of one’s hair, whether natural or not.

The colorful mask for hair of Fanola has this function: depending on the color chosen, it can give reinforcement to the shade that it is customary to wear. Among its ingredients we can find the micro-active oil, Argan oil, and keratin, which are able to thicken the fiber, making the hair denser.

The 250 ml format is sold at a competitive price, but not all those available have satisfied users. The pink variant, in fact, does not seem to take root on light hair, so it does not change its color or intensify it substantially.

A mask in the name of modern innovation of hair coloring products. Let’s read together for and against.


  • Coloring mask: A new product that can intensify or slightly change the shade of the foliage.
  • Ingredients: The micro active oil, Argan oil and keratin will allow you to recover a shiny and healthy hair.        


  • Effectiveness: The pink variant of the mask does not satisfy users who have light hair and consider it to be ineffective and effective.

5. MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask

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We open our buying tips with a highly recommended dry hair mask for those who love taking care of themselves. In fact, MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask offers a product rich in Argan oil, with well-known nourishing properties and therefore suitable for much-frayed hair.

The presence of almond oil and aloe vera also helps take care of the skin, which is softened and cured, so as to counter even a very unpleasant phenomenon like dandruff.

Using it is simple: just dampen your hair and stretch it for up to 15 minutes. After rinsing the effect will be one of great shine and softness. However, some users were not satisfied with the results, considering it far from being a professional product, as claimed by the company.

The 200 ml pack is convenient in relation to the cost price, so it is recommended to those who want to feed their hair at least once a week.

To have a healthy, shiny and soft hair, you cannot avoid the weekly cuddle of a hair mask. Choosing one from store shelves can be complicated and that’s why we’ve decided to write a guide to choose the best one out there.


  • Argan oil: The formulation of the mask sees the combination of synthetic ingredients and valuable substances, including Argan Oil.
  • Practicality: Use this mask after shampooing and leave it in place by wrapping your hair in a heated towel.
  • For each season: The ideal product after the summer and during seasonal changes or when the hair fiber is more damaged.  


  • Chemical substances: Even if the packaging seems to contain a product that is environmentally and naturally friendly, INCI says something else.

6. ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Conditioner

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This brand speaks for itself, because nobody is a secret that is a pioneer in specialized products for deep hair care.

The wonderful thing about this conditioner is that it repairs months of damage in just a few minutes and for a really tight price.

It’s perfect if you do not have time or a lot of money to invest in a beauty salon treatment.

It is made from natural ingredients, such as 100% argan oil, white ginger awapuhi, aloe vera, witch hazel, vitamins A and B moisturizers and other ingredients that repair and nourish your hair effectively.

The ArtNatural and organic ingredients of this conditioner without rinsing make it ideal for any type of hair, whether smooth, curly, and frizzy, dyed or with a lot of frizz, and the best thing are that it enhances the growth of it.

No matter how serious the damage to your hair is – whether it’s because you’ve been subjected to aggressive chemical treatments or not given the necessary prior care – you can rest assured, as this conditioner from Arts Naturals guarantees you get shiny, silky hair and rejuvenated in a very short time.

The secret of this product is that it takes advantage of the benefits of its completely natural ingredients, which penetrate from the root (while they care for the scalp).

For example, argan protects from external damage and revitalizes, aloe vera is used as a beauty treatment since ancient times for its regenerative properties, vitamins A and B repair the split ends while giving glow, while white ginger from Hawaii strengthens, softens and brightens hair.


  • For being without rinsing, you can restore your hair from the comfort of your home. Apply it and let it act while you perform your daily activities.
  • It grants a special protection to your hair in front of the damages of the plates, dryers and solar rays.
  • You will get results from the first application.


  • Women with oily hair should use it with some caution, due to its great moisturizing power.

7. Trader Joe’s Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

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This Trader Joe’s Shea product is hypoallergenic is free of parabens, sulfates and does not contain silicones. It is made from extraordinary natural ingredients, such as shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, burdock or honey among others.

All these natural elements have fabulous antioxidant, rejuvenating and repairing characteristics that provide incredible benefits to all types of hair, especially those that are very dry, mistreated, thin, weak, chemically treated and lifeless.

If you have frizzy hair you can also rest easy, since this conditioner is perfect to moisturize and control even the most rebellious waves.

This pure and natural conditioner is an excellent option to stop hair loss and to effectively control the appearance of annoying frizz.

Likewise, its natural ingredients propitiate that the disentangling of the hair is simple and fluid.

When applied, it penetrates deeply into each strand of hair at the same time as it nourishes the scalp, thus obtaining a deep repair and hydration in a very short time.

With this conditioner you will be able to repair your hair in the most organic and fast way possible.

Its creamy texture allows you to cover all your hair with a small amount of product.


  • The natural ingredients tone the hair.
  • It grants immediate maneuverability to the hair.
  • The results are long lasting.


  • The conditioner contained in the bottle can be very thick, which sometimes prevents it from flowing fluidly through the dispenser.

8. Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care Conditioner

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As we already know, the Dove brand is a world leader in hair care products, and in this opportunity, I show you a conditioner that shows why it is so.

This is the Dove Advance Hair Series Pure Care, a fabulous conditioner based on African macadamia oil, which has extraordinary properties that repair, nourish and moisturize dry and damaged hair almost immediately.

The powerful macadamia oil not only remedies the damage but also offers continuous protection to your hair.

Imagine how wonderful it is to restore months of damage in just a few seconds. This is possible thanks to the technologies, natural ingredients and oils used by Dove for the preparation of this conditioner, which will give your hair up to 5 times silkier texture, thus obtaining a healthier appearance.

Its light and creamy presentation makes it absorb very easily in the hair, so it is perfect if you do not have much time, and thanks to its non-greasy formula, you can use it daily without fear.

Another point in its favor is that it has a very pleasant aroma. Also, you can use it and feel free and fresh, because a quality that is very much appreciated by this conditioner is that it does not caress the hair, also giving you a feeling of cleanliness.

Definitely this product gives life back to your hair, repairing damaged and dry hair to turn it into a shiny, soft, silky and above all healthy hair.

Trust that with Dove Advance Hair conditioner you will get hairdressing results without investing much money.


  • The price is wonderful compared to the many benefits it offers.
  • It can be used daily to take advantage of its benefits.
  • It is applied and easily distributed even in the longest and damaged hair.


  • For its preparation, very few natural ingredients are used.

9. Skymore Argan Oil Conditioner

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In this case the conditioner is sold together with the shampoo and the combination of both turns out to be an elixir for the hair at an excellent price.

Both the shampoo and the conditioner are made from completely natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, rosemary and the main one of them Moroccan argan oil, all with wonderful benefits for hair care.

Skymore Argan oil is rich in nutrients and contains vitamin E, which allows hair damage to be repaired in a short time because of its great power of deep hydration.

Using this conditioner you will get your hair back the elasticity, shine, life and manageability you need, using just a few minutes and without spending large sums of money on hairdressing treatments.

This product has the ability to repair your split ends, nourish the scalp, improve blood circulation and prevent hair loss, which makes it really complete.

It also stimulates hair growth, which grows healthy and strong at the same time.

It is ideal for use in any type of hair, especially in those dry and that are much mistreated, with the guarantee that you will see favorable changes from the first application.

Its creamy texture makes it penetrate very quickly from the root to the tips, without leaving the hair with excess fat.

Undoubtedly using this conditioner you will get a revitalized, healthy and much stronger hair.


  • It is definitely the best value for money.
  • Although sold with the shampoo, this conditioner is compatible with other brands.
  • It protects the hair from agents of external contamination, from the sun’s rays and from the excessive use of irons and dryers.
  • Does not contain sulfates.


  • It can cause reaction in very sensitive skins.

How to choose the best hair mask

 The treatments to which we subject our hair lead to excessive damage. When the conditioner is not enough and you don’t want to cut them, resorting to a specific mask can be the ideal solution. In our guide you can find useful suggestions on how to find the best brand in circulation, keeping you at affordable prices.

Buying Guide

The type of hair

The masks on the market are really of every type: how to select the one suitable for your hair? The first aspect to consider will therefore be the type of skin on which it will have to act.

Those with greasy hair may think they do not need special hydration due to excess sebum. Nothing could be more wrong: even those with this hair need a nourishing product, which must however have an astringent function, so as not to weigh down the hair.

The dry ones, if already tested with plates and hair-dryers, will need to be reinvigorated by means of a highly moisturizing mask, which will rebuild the outer layer, preventing them from breaking with some more brushing. They are in fact more subject to the creation of split ends, contrasted also by reinforcing substances, such as sulfur or magnesium.

Those who usually color their hair will notice a weakening of the fiber, to be repaired essentially with masks rich in oils, able to penetrate deeply. In our ranking below you can compare the various features of the products offered, in order to identify the one most suited to your needs.

The choice of ingredients

If you want to save money and, for this reason, you usually compare prices, you will have to pay attention to the composition of the mask to choose, which may have a higher cost if characterized by elements of a certain size.

If you are looking for a highly nutritious product, turn to those that contain avocado oil and shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil and all the ingredients similar to these, because they are able to permeate the hair fiber and replenish it.

To reinforce the hair, however, it is advisable to use a product containing green tea, which can also degrease the skin by letting it breathe. During the summer, due to the saltiness and the aggressive action of the sun, it is preferable to opt for a mask based on honey, which has highly curative properties.

If you notice the composition, because you want to know well what you put on your hair, make sure you are free of chemicals and the presence of natural elements, such as aloe vera or keratin, which invigorates your hair making it more full-bodied.

The amount

Very damaged hair may need a mask at least twice a week. If this is your case, consider buying a large package, to save money and ensure a long life.

During the season changes, remember to apply it at least once a week, to maintain the right balance in the hair. The reviews of other users can be an important reference point, to understand if the properties of the mask chosen are such as to require only a few applications.

Moisturizing properties

To avoid or revert hair damage, it is always good to keep it hydrated from the roots to the tips, so focus on conditioners that contain ingredients that ensure deep hydration and nutrition.

Depending on the ingredients, this moisturizing effect can be obtained from the first application or it can be evidenced as you use the product, therefore the choice will depend on how quickly you want to see the results.

The hair most in need of deep hydration is curled, curled, wavy and chemically treated.

Protects dyed hair

If you have chemically treated hair, bleached or dyed, I advise you to take your time to choose a good conditioner, since it will depend on it not being mistreated and breaking imminently.

In the market there are many conditioners aimed especially to repair the damage left by the chemicals in the hair, to take care of the coloring of the dyes and to nourish the hair for a healthy and manageable appearance.

You can identify these products because they are those that do not contain sulfates, seal the cuticles, penetrate the strand and there are some specialized that bring a deposit of color.

Control the frizz

Most women have to face the undesirable frizz. And we have not gone out when we already have those horrible little strands of spiky hair. That’s why when looking for a conditioner we must attack that problem. Ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera are indicated.

Also note that in the bottle say somewhere “Anti – frizz”

For oily hair or dry hair

For dry hair look for conditioners with deep moisturizing properties, while for oily hair look for products that control excess fat.

What is a hair conditioner?

The conditioner is a beauty product necessary to maintain the softness and shine of hair. Using only shampoo is not enough to obtain an impeccable hair, because it only fulfills the cleaning function.

The use of a conditioner is necessary because it provides nutrients that hydrate and protect the hair, in addition to reducing the inflammation of the cuticles that is generated by the use of the shampoo itself.

Types of conditioners

There are different types of hair conditioners and each of them has its own differentiating characteristics that make it more suitable for a certain type of hair.

Deep conditioners

This type of conditioner is thick and has a high content of agents that help the hair look healthier. It is applied only once or twice a week.

Hydrating Conditioners

Among the functions of the conditioner is to hydrate, but there are conditioners specifically designed to emphasize this function.

Regular conditioners

They are the most common in the market and are used daily after applying the shampoo. Some are light and others are thicker according to the brand.

Reconstructive conditioners

They contain proteins and are intended to further strengthen the hair.

Acidifying Conditioners

Using acidifiers results in elastic and shiny hair.

What conditioner to use for each type of hair?

In normal hair

It is recommended to use any type of regular conditioner and only apply it on the tips to protect. If your hair is neither thick nor thin, dry or oily and does not sponge or crush, surely it is a hair that we can catalog as normal.

In thin hair

It is suggested the use of light conditioners and that strengthen since it is usually a type of very brittle hair and easy to entangle. Acidifying conditioners and also reconstructive conditioners can be used.

In thick hair

It is advisable to use moisturizing conditioners. Thick hair is abundant and although they do not tend to get entangled tends to be dry hair.

In the dyed hair

It requires the use of deep conditioners that return the life he lost due to the use of strong chemicals that damage the hair.

On curly hair

It is recommended to use moisturizing conditioners that soften it since it is prone to be dry.

Steps for the correct application of a conditioner

So that the hair can acquire all the benefits that the conditioners offer, it is important to know how to use it properly.

  1. It is necessary to apply shampoo to clean the hair well. Wet and apply the shampoo on the scalp by rubbing it gently. Once you have done this step, rinse well with water until there is no trace of the shampoo.
  2. Continue to dry the excess water with a towel until it is only moistened, and then apply the conditioner all over the hair, leaving it to act for 5 minutes. The conditioner should not be applied to the scalp because it can cause the appearance of grease and dandruff.
  3. Finally rinse the conditioner with water. It is important to remove all the conditioner, because if it is not done the hair will be heavy and dull.


The hair mask is a must for modern hair care. It provides the hair with valuable oils and ensures strong, healthy and good-looking hair.

A hair mask has to work much longer, so that a perfect result can be achieved. As a comparison winner, the hair mask with keratin & coconut oil from Simply Beautiful has shown. It is free of parabens, silicones and sulfates. There are only good ingredients in it, which provide the hair.

The hair masks are different, because not every hair mask is suitable for every hair type. There are some for all hair types, from greasy to very dry hair. Here it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.

With the right hair mask the hair will be healthy, strong and shiny again. For the exact application also the manufacturer with his information is to be considered. In general, a hair mask must act for up to 10 minutes.

There are also masks that can work overnight. However, regular use is necessary to get the desired result.

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