The 8 Best Lip Plumpers 2019 : That Actually Work Like Magic

Do you dream of full lips, like those of Angelina Jolie, but have no money or desire to seek the help of a surgeon? The remedy is called lip plumper. We know this miraculous cosmetic better.

Today we will analyze together one of the products that many women use to improve the appearance of their lips: the plumping lips. We will take care of all the features that this product must have to be truly effective so as to help you choose the perfect product.

What is plumping lips?

As you have surely guessed from what we have said from the brief introduction of our article when we talk about the plumping lips we refer to an innovative product that serves to give the lips a more voluminous and turgid appearance.

These products are also referred to as lip plumper because they have the goal of fleshing out the lips, making our mouth perfect and sinuous.

Furthermore, one of the advantages we can enjoy using a similar product, in addition to their ability to swell and inflate the lips, is also to alleviate the expression lines that often form around the mouth.

There are different types of lip plasters available on the market, but their basic functioning is practically the same. So let’s see what exactly is in the next paragraph.

How many types of plumping lips are there on the market?

In the market we can find different types of plumping for the lips and, in order to choose the one that is right for us, you need to know all the features of these products so as to understand that which best meets your needs.

Among the most popular types we certainly remember those mentioned below:

  • The lipstick plumper: in this case, you will have to deal with a real cosmetic treatment that you will have to integrate into your daily routine that is every day, to take full advantage of its benefits. You can also apply the product several times a day, depending on the occurrence and, if you are not afraid of too heavy a result, you can use this plumper also as a base for lipstick;
  • The volumizing lips in cream: these are cosmetic products that have been designed as real intensive treatments to visibly improve the appearance of your lips. These products can be of different consistency and, in the case of less dense and lighter creams, lend themselves perfectly as a base for make-up. They are plumping lips that, in addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile, nourish and moisturize the lips, making them healthier at the same time;
  • The plumping lip serum: it is the lightest form you can find on the market and, thanks to its ability to penetrate deeply, it will make your lips perfectly. To take full advantage of the benefits of the plumping serum for the lips, we recommend applying it with circular massages so as to promote absorption and reactivate the circulation of your lips;
  • The plumping lip gloss: it is perfect for those who cannot give up the gloss and, at the same time, want to give their lips a decidedly more full-bodied look. The volumizing lip gloss combines the effect of the active ingredients contained within it with the unmistakable optical effect of the gloss that makes the lips fuller.

As you can see, the main difference between these different types of products lies in the way they are used. The results that can be obtained are instead very similar to each other thanks to the ingredients they contain and which we will talk more about later.

What are the ingredients that make these products unbeatable?

Before buying a volumizing lip we advise you to take a look at the ingredients contained within the product, obviously after choosing the type of plumper that is right for you.

Among the most common ingredients that make up lip plasters we certainly remember the following:

  • Hyaluronic acid: a substance that is used above all for the production of anti-aging products, in this case, it has proved useful for its ability to stretch the surface of the lips. If hyaluronic acid is present in its micronized form then, in addition to relaxing and making the lips more elastic, it also allows you to hydrate them and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen;
  • The dehydrated microspheres: mainly used for the production of plumping lip gloss. They are able to volumize the lips thanks to their ability to penetrate the skin and to attract water molecules.

In addition to these two main ingredients, lip plumper can also contain substances with an irritating action against the mucous membranes.

These substances with irritating action are used precisely to favor the swelling of the lips, also favoring proper circulation so as to allow the skin to absorb other nutrients as well. Among these we especially remember the following:

  • chili pepper extracts;
  • cinnamon essential oil (also famous for its antibacterial function);
  • Peppermint.

How do you use the plumping lips?

The use of the plumper for the lips varies mainly according to the type of product you have chosen for your treatment and which, among other things, should contain instructions inside the package.

However, as we have already mentioned above, these are products that can be used throughout the day, some even as a base for lipstick.

In principle, the use of lip plumper is very simple and intuitive. It is enough to apply it on the lips when necessary and let it do its job.

The best products on the market

1. Belle Azul

Belle Azul is a gloss balm that, in addition to acting as a plumping lip, has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. The product, enriched with argan oil of biological origin and its stem cells, acts in a very natural way, therefore not exasperating the lip contour and not returning the image of an excessively artificial make-up. Indeed, the mouth appears revitalized, healthy and seductive to the right point.

This cosmetic also allows you to give a touch more to your makeup ensuring a particularly glossy finish. Belle Azul should be applied in the morning, mid-day and in the evening hours provided that the lips are in good health.

If the skin is cracked or particularly sensitive, in fact, the cayenne pepper and peppermint present in the formulation could, of course, create some minor annoyance (something that would happen if you bring to the mouth any object containing these substances, including foods). In fact, this reaction should in no way be interpreted as a consequence of the poor quality of the product).

2. Hollywood Lip Plumper

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Hollywood Lip Plumper is a natural botox: this means that a constant application of the product can give users an effect in all respects similar to that which would be obtained thanks to the use of chemical fillers. The general result, however, in this case, is much more natural, with the advantage of certainly spending less and not having to endure procedures that are a little more invasive, aimed at improving the appearance of the face.

Among the ingredients present in this formulation, a pivotal role is played by ginger and chili which, in addition to giving a “good taste” to the volumizing lips, ensure that the blood circulation is constantly stimulated, thus obtaining a beautiful plumping effect. There are also small parts of bee poison and pheromones, natural substances able to strengthen the effect already obtained thanks to the above-mentioned ingredients.

Clearly it is also necessary to protect the health of the lips: hence the addition of hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil. The effect guaranteed by Hollywood Lip Plumper is almost immediate. This cosmetic should be applied either before or after the use of lipstick.

3. Wunder 2 Lip Gloss

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Wunder 2 Lip Gloss is a plumping lip capable of acting immediately, thus making the mouth the most attractive area of ​​the face, giving it volume and a healthy and natural appearance. As soon as the user uses the product he will immediately perceive a pleasant alternation of sensations referring to heat and coolness, something that is obviously to be connected with the stimulation of the blood vessels to which, due to mechanical reaction, slight swelling of the lips follows.

The product is available in its transparent version or in 5 other shades of color designed to make the cosmetic suitable for almost anyone. Last gem: Wunder 2 Lip Gloss is a plumping article for which the specialists have never authorized experiments on animal guinea pigs: in short, it is one of the few cruelty-free cosmetics currently available on the market.

4. Geymonat Perfect Lips

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Geymonat Perfect Lips is a very complete product designed not only to give volume to the lips, making them about 40% larger than normal size but also to protect their general health. In fact, the cosmetic has a formulation designed to hydrate, soften and make this particular area of ​​the face more elastic.

The plumping lips here under examination are sold in transparent coloring so that they can better adapt to any type of complexion or not to excessively clash with the colors of the makeup or even the clothing. It is not rare then that some users report how constant use of the product can also contribute to the disappearance of those small vertical wrinkles that generally characterize the lips of smokers.

In addition, many subjects generally allergic to ingredients used in the usual formulation of the plumping lips type report that Geymonat Perfect Lips does not give any kind of problem.

5. Wunderkiss Lip Gloss

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Wunderkiss Lip Gloss, like many other products of the same line, can be called a cruelty free cosmetic. This means that at no stage of its conception and production has the company deemed it necessary to test the cosmetic by harming laboratory animals (obviously the items in question are still tested and clearly not dangerous).

The formulation of this volumizing lip involves the use of collagen and hyaluronic acid, substances which, as everyone knows by now, contribute to reinvigorating the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance and plumping it. Wunderkiss Lip Gloss as well as moisturizing and protecting the lips, in short, of a common lip balm, are therefore a valid alternative to fillers and surgical treatments of every order and grade.

The product can be applied several times a day on the lips in combination with lipstick or, alternatively, without the addition of other cosmetics.

6. Laboratoires Filorga Paris Nutri-Filler Plumping Lip Balm

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The Nutri-Filler Lips is born from the synergy between cosmetics, aesthetic medicine and make-up. Contains soybean oil and castor oil combined with shea butter that nourishes dry and ruined skin on the lips.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of the pro-collagen peptide, the natural collagen synthesis is enhanced, giving the lips a completely natural volume and a redefinition of the contours. This product costs 26.90 euros but currently, you can buy it on offer at 15%.

7. Lierac Liftissime Lip Balm

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Lierac is another brand that needs no presentation because its products represent true excellence in the cosmetic scene. The balm plumping Liftissime Lierac contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter and the patented complex Cell-Junction which has the aim to replenish the lips and at the same time prevents wrinkles on the lip contour.

This balm is ideal for those who want to give their lips a natural volume even immediately after make-up. In fact, its melting texture lends itself very well to this purpose and gives the lips an immediate iridescent effect.

8. Collagenil Re-Pupil Lip Definer Plumping effect lip cream

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Thanks to the modern technology of the microspheres of hyaluronic acid and Konjac, this product is ideal for those with thin lips over time or is thinly built.

In fact, these microspheres have the ability to hydrate and swell in contact with water. In this way, they are able to effectively stretch the skin and at the same time give an absolutely natural plumping effect.

They are called lip plumper and they are nothing but glosses or lipsticks based on hyaluronic acid – the same component used for lip fillers – which have the power to give volume to our mouth. This product, whose plumping effect does not last more than a couple of hours, will not give us a “dinghy” effect, but a fullness of our lips that is much more natural, which can be enhanced by associating the lipstick with the same effect to the lipstick. 

However, it must be emphasized that inside the lip plumper there may be substances that could give a slight tingling sensation to your lips: among these, cinnamon, menthol and, above all, capsicum are worth mentioning, naturally present in chili peppers. It is essential to note that these are 100 percent natural products but, as such, can sometimes cause irritation or allergic reactions: it is advisable, as in any case where you buy unused cosmetics, to learn about the active ingredients and components contained in product that we are going to put in our beauty case.

Fortunately, however, the cosmetics industry has made significant progress in solving this problem, to meet the needs of the most ardent customers, eager to give their partners an unforgettable kiss. In fact, the new generation lip plumper can prevent the annoying side effects often caused by menthol or by the more spicy components of the product. 

The tips to follow are essentially two: get good information about what you are buying – beware of those products offered at bargain prices, but of which there is no shred of review from customers and/or industry experts – and remember that you do not always spend little is equivalent to buying a cosmetic of better quality, especially when it comes to lipsticks and gloss filler effect, whose cost is, however, quite high.

We close this brief journey into the universe of lip plumper with a distinction between two types of plumping products: gloss and lipstick. The plumper lipsticks are the soft remedy for women who want firmness for their lips, but without exaggerating. The duration of the Angelina Jolie effect is rather reduced – the lipsticks contain less hyaluronic acid than the gloss – but their extraordinary texture gives a dreamy mouth, especially when combined with the gloss. The strong smell of menthol, characteristic of the latter, is almost reduced in lipstick. 

Lip gloss, on the contrary, have the characteristic smell of mint and represent a real beauty treatment and regeneration for your lips, so much so that they can be used alone or as a pre-treatment to enhance the “pump ” effect of the lipstick. In both options, for a correct gloss function, proceed in small steps: after spreading the product on the lips, let it act for a few minutes and then remove the excess of the gloss with a cotton pad. To understand when to do this action, just look at your lips: when they are relaxed and without folds, you can proceed. The next step is to apply the desired lipstick – on which you can reapply the gloss – or leave the lips as they are, soft and full, all to kiss.

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