Best Manicure Sets for You: An Easy Buying Guide (2019)

It is important to take care of your nails if you want to expose them with pride. Now, with manicure sets, maintain, protect and even fortify can be done at home. It takes a few small daily actions and the right equipment to keep your nails flawless. However, with the different materials dedicated to nail care, it is not always clear which are the most reliable and the most effective. It will therefore be necessary to rely on a few criteria to choose a manicure set to obtain a result that meets its expectations. Beurer 570.35 is a care kit for hands and feet. Equipped with LED light and other easy-to-use accessories, it will give you a professional result.

How to choose a good manicure set?

How to buy a manicure set better value for money ? This is a question that anyone concerned about the well-being of his hands can ask himself. Indeed, it is difficult to choose among the many manicure kits available on the market. Various tips are provided in this guide to help you choose the right equipment. 

Purchase guide

The different accessories

In this buying guide for the best manicure sets, we present the basic criteria for choosing an effective and functional device. Among these criteria, the choice of the components of the manicure set is to be taken into account.

The materials can be designed either for the care of the hands, or for the treatment of the nails of the foot. But there are sets that offer the opportunity to take advantage of both options at once. There are also models that are composed of products dedicated to skin treatments.

The most popular manicure sets are those that have an electrical device specifically designed for professional nail care. This component is battery powered or powered. To ensure safe use, make sure that the accessory meets the standards.

A manicure set can also be composed of classic accessories such as a nail clipper, a curette, a curved chisel, brushes, strawberries….

The function of each component of the set

To have beautiful hands and beautiful nails in good health, it is necessary to take care of it regularly and to equip the good material. Wondering where to buy a new manicure set? Before any purchase, it is important to know that each device may have different features. Considering this criterion will give you an idea of ​​the differences between one set and another.

The function of each kit item determines the type of care you can perform. The main tool can be equipped with accessories designed for the treatment of damaged skin: a handle and a rotating roller head.

There are also 2-in-1 devices that offer a two-way function that is very effective at treating nails and can be used to treat damaged skin. They also allow you to properly file and sand nails.

The speed of the main unit of the set

Before consulting a price comparison, it should be noted that the speeds of the main tool of the manicure set are also an element not to be taken lightly. The quality of the result you can achieve may depend on this criterion.

The speed is expressed in the number of revolutions per minute. There are models that work at a single speed. The majority of 2-in-1 devices offer speeds between 2000 and 11000 rpm. The speed is therefore adjustable so that you can choose the level of power that suits you the most, while taking into account the hardness of your nails, dead or damaged skin. 

Whatever model of manicure set you choose, make sure you have a lightweight device that offers easy handling.

The best manicure sets from 2019

What is the best manicure set on the market? To answer this question, it is necessary to know the characteristics of some models available on the market. You can also let yourself be guided by a comparison and make your choice according to the criteria mentioned above. 

Recommended products

1. Beurer 570.35

The best manicure set is one that is made up of all the accessories you need to get neat hands, but also the one that gives you the ultimate in comfort. Among the most popular models, there is the Beurer 570.35 manicure and pedicure kit.

This device is dedicated to the professional care of the nails, but also of the feet. It offers left and right rotation, with a continuously adjustable speed to give you a more than satisfactory result, even with brittle nails or calluses. It is equipped with an LED light, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable brightness when using.

Beurer 570.35 has 10 tips of exceptional quality:

three sapphire cones, two sapphire discs (big and thin), a felt cone, a flame cutter, a cylinder cutter, a sapphire bur, a needle mill and a sandpaper bit . These tips can eliminate dead skin, calluses or calluses on the heels or the sole of the foot.

This device has a simple design and dimensions (15.8 x 3.5 x 3.7 cm), which makes its use even easier. It comes in a handy storage case that can accommodate all the accessories that make up this manicure set.

All women dream of having beautiful nails and proudly displaying them, wherever they go. But, sometimes, the cost of care in beauty salons is very high. Fortunately, you can take care of your nails at home, by equipping you with good materials. Which manicure set to choose? To find the best performing model on the market, follow our guide! Beurer 570.35 will meet your expectations.


  • A complete product: This set includes all the necessary accessories for the beauty of your nails. It contains, among others, three sapphire cones, a felt cone, two large sapphire sapphire discs, a flame cutter, a needle mill and a sandpaper tip.
  • Easy to use: The speed of the device is continuously adjustable to optimize the result, even on brittle nails.
  • Special care: This device allows you to perform various treatments such as removing dead skin, calluses and calluses on the heels and soles of the feet.


  • A small complication: The LED system is certainly a plus for the set. But, according to certain angles, the lighting creates a shadow on the nails, making the application of varnish more complicated.

2. Niegeloh 7 Piece Women’s Manicure Set

Taking care of your nails is essential. They must be cut regularly, they must also be filed to remove the cuticles, while promoting their regrowth. To take good care of your hands, you must equip yourself with quality equipment. If you’re still wondering how to choose the best manicure sets from 2019, you can bet on Niegeloh 7 Piece Women’s Manicure Set. This is a manicure and pedicure set consisting of 12 handy accessories that will allow you to have Perfect nails to complete your look.

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to buy a complete and cheap manicure set. Indeed, for a lot of 12 accessories, this kit is offered at a very affordable price.

The 12 pieces that compose it are made of stainless steel of excellent quality.

These pieces include nail clippers for different nail sizes, a cuticle cutter with a strong structure for efficient cutting, and a reliable nail clipper for trimming hard nails. Niegeloh 7 Piece Women’s Manicure Set is ideal for treating exfoliation around nails.

It is very important to take care of your nails. Who would not want to have pretty, well adorned with varnish and patterns? However, this part of the body is fragile and breaks easily. Bring special care with the best brand of manicure sets. Niegeloh 7 Piece Women’s Manicure Set helps to maintain, fortify and decorate your nails.


  • A complete kit: This article has 12 ideal accessories to maintain your nails daily. You will find, among other things, nail clippers, a cuticle cutter and a nail clipper.
  • A neat design: The kit is packed in a quality case, made of stainless steel.
  • An attractive price: For a batch of 12 products, this set has a very reasonable price.


  • A concern for performance: Some users have found that tools such as chisels and nail clippers are not very sharp.

3. GERmanikure 5 Piece Matte Stainless Steel Manicure Set

In the trade, there are manicure sets for all needs and for all budgets. You can buy this GERmanikure 5 Piece Matte Stainless Steel Manicure Set and enjoy ten nice accessories to use to polish, file and beautify your nails.

The device offers two speeds of rotation, it will be enough to choose the speed most adapted to your need. To obtain impeccable and resistant nails, you can immerse your hand in the bubble water tank.

In the box you will find a cleaning brush, a thin sapphire cone, a thick sapphire cone, a ball-point sapphire cone, a fine cylindrical bur, a thick cylindrical bur, an oval cutter, a round bur, a pen cuticles, a cylindrical file and a rechargeable battery.

After applying polish, you can immerse your hands in the nail dryer to obtain a perfect and lasting result.

If you’re one of those people who often break their nails, this GERmanikure 5 Piece Matte Stainless Steel Manicure Set is for you. Moreover, with its quality of manufacture and its many accessories, the box is proposed at a very interesting price.

Everyone has their own needs for manicures and pedicures. It is therefore necessary to establish one’s own criteria since the very nature of the nails is not the same from one person to another.


  • Versatile: This kit includes 10 accessories that allow you to polish, file and beautify your nails. You can easily maintain and decorate them with different cones and strawberries.
  • A powerful product: This accessory is composed of a bubble tank in which you can soak your fingers for amazing results.
  • An easy pose: This operation is a real breeze with this kit. Then, you can easily dry your nails by dipping your hands in the blower.


  • A problem of convenience: Some users have noticed that the battery does not last long. This makes the main unit less convenient.

4. TOUCHBeauty 5-EN-1

There is no secret to having pretty nails, just take care of them and choose the right tools. This set of manicure and pedicure brand TOUCHBeauty offers the advantage of taking care of your hands and feet without the help of a professional.

The cabinet is equipped with an electrical device that is equipped with a powerful and quiet motor. TOUCHBeauty 5-EN-1 offers five different accessories with ergonomic design for easy use.

Accessories include a carborundum grinder that removes cuticles. To do this, simply move the tip of the accessory around the nail. The corundum chrome wheel, meanwhile, can smooth and shine it. There is also the cylindrical corundum wheel to shape the nails with more precision.

To smooth the end of these, you can use the white corundum wheel and to facilitate the application of varnish, you can use the felt wheel.

To store all accessories, you get a nice and practical box. With this manicure / pedicure kit, you can get a professional result without leaving your home.

When choosing manicure kits, there are several criteria to consider. But, if you think about it, it’s all about the budget. If you are looking for a tool that is both effective and less expensive, go for the TOUCHBeauty brand. You can take care of your manicure and pedicure without the help of a professional.


  • Its performance: The main device is very powerful thanks to its engine both powerful and quiet.
  • Its versatility: You have 5 accessories to maintain and decorate your nails. For example, the grinding wheel facilitates the application of varnish, the white corundum grinding wheel makes it possible to smooth the ends of the nails, whereas the cylindrical grinding wheel of cylindrical form makes it possible to shape the nails.


  • Limited use: The most demanding users would have liked to have more accessories for more possibilities.

5. UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Manicure Set

 The manicure is an essential step of the beauty. Having pretty hands is a sign of elegance. It is thus natural to want to take care of it. Take advantage of the eleven accessories that make up this manicure / pedicure set by UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Manicure Set to maintain your nails ! The main unit is easy to use and runs on AC adapter or battery. 

The box gives you the accessories you need to offer a care adapted to your hands and feet. It contains different kinds of tips for filing and polishing the nails of the hands and feet. There are also tools to remove cuticles and to get rid of the dust on them.

The main tool has a simple design, making it easier to handle. After polishing, use the built-in nail dryer for a durable, professional-looking result.

Given the quality of this product, we can also say that it still has a good price-quality ratio. The number of accessories present in this set is the main criterion that determined the users to like it.

Make a habit of comparing different makes and models of manicure sets before making your purchase. This product will guarantee the beauty of your daily nails to study, work or even stay at home.


  • A long battery life: Since the device works both on battery and AC adapter, you will have no worries about its autonomy.
  • Some versatility: This set does not only decorate your nails. You can also maintain them by removing cuticles.
  • Excellent performance: After polishing, you can dry quickly with an integrated nail dryer. This allows at the same time to make the varnish harder and tougher.


A concern for price: Compared to other models of manicure set, it is slightly expensive.

How to use a manicure set?

 All women want beautiful, healthy and particularly radiant nails. But, often, the lack of time is the main obstacle that does not allow them to visit the nail salons. With the personal provision of manicure sets, it becomes inappropriate not to take the time to take care of one’s hands. You can do it yourself at home. Discover with us the steps to follow to use such an accessory.

Learn the use of each tool in the set

To begin, identify which tools should be your manicure set. You will learn in each step how to use it properly. Be aware that, overall, you’ll find a nail bath, a polisher cone, a cleaning brush, a pumice, a nail file, polishing stone, a manicure pen, a cuticle regrowth stick.

Use the manicure pen

The manicure pen is your main ally. It is with him that you will work most of the time. Attach accessories such as the cleaning brush. So change your accessory according to the type of care you want to perform. To do this, simply remove the one in place and replace it with another. You can also connect the pen to an outlet and do not wait for the battery to be full for use.

Hand care

The first step in using your manicure set is to fill the nail spa with hot water. You can add a mild cleaning product. Dip your hands in the bath for 5 minutes. This will allow your nails and cuticles to soften for easy modeling and removal afterwards. Once the time is up, dry them in a clean towel. You can now start the care.

Model your nails

To carve the nails is to shape them evenly. For this, polish them and file them to give them the desired shape. In the first step, you can use a nail clipper. Then have them shine by first placing the conical nail file on the manicure pen. Turn the camera on and gently file in circular motions. Use the polishing pad for a smooth, shiny finish.

Remove the cuticles

To have a clean and clean nail contour, use the cuticle regrowth. Be careful not to cut yourself. Apply moisturizer on your hands. Take back the pen using the fine grain cone or the thick grain disc as an accessory to completely remove the cuticles remaining on the edges of the nails. 

Remove calloused areas

To face the calloused areas of the skin of your hands, use fine pumice stone. Use thin for softer places. In addition, the polisher cone serves to soften the sharp edges of the nails. To treat cracked or striated nails, use the polishing disc to polish, smooth and even in the surface of your nails and thus, hide small imperfections. 

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