Best Shower Body Lotion 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you tend to have dry skin after bathing or showering or simply want to care for your skin, it is best to use a rich body lotion. Here we provide you with the best shower body lotion that stands for fragrant, well-groomed or firming results. In addition to inexpensive brands, there are also expensive high-end products.

The best shower body lotion of 2019

It’s only natural to wonder how to choose the best shower body lotion of 2019 when we want to give our skin the moisture it needs. Discover the key products of the moment in the list below. They offer different formulas but have only one goal: to take care of your face and your body. 

Recommended products

1. Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion

The basis of any beauty routine is probably the moisturizer. And the best product is the one that offers maximum protection against the external aggressions to which our skin is exposed: sun, pollution, makeup… There is nothing better than organic care to moisturize it and protect it from these intrusions. Whether you are looking for a moisturizer for women or men, you can bet on it.

Rich in vitamin E and other organic extracts, it is perfect for dry and mature skin. It reduces stains, nourishes and revitalizes the skin while providing intense hydration. Those who have already used it appreciate its light pink scent and the silky finish it leaves. It is therefore not surprising if this product is considered the best moisturizer.

The fame of Olay extends on a world scale. The quality of its products has led some buyers to classify it as the best brand of moisturizing creams. The anti-aging and anti-stain model, for example, will restore vigor to dry skin, but also to the so-called mature skin.


  • Natural: Composed of organic ingredients, it does not contain parabens, sulphates or silicones. You do not risk to have undesirable side effects.
  • Effective: The vitamin E hydrates the skin and improves the speed of healing.
  • Rejuvenating: The argan oil, shea butter, rose water and plankton extract used in its manufacture can revitalize, soften and nourish the skin to give it a second youth.      


  • Slow effect: According to the opinions of some users, it is necessary to regularly spread this product for a certain time before seeing evolutions.

2. Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

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Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is suitable for all types of skin. Its sumptuous formula enriched with green tea, organic aloe, jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid is a true nugget of softness and hydration for the skin. It protects it from the various damages caused by the sun’s harmful rays (wrinkles, premature aging, looseness, stains …).

Do not wait any longer to discover the feeling of freshness that it offers and that leaves your skin supple, young, soft and satiny. To try it is to adopt it ! Professional in quality, it works quickly and stimulates the natural moisturizing properties of the skin thanks to its organic active ingredients.


  • Intensely moisturizes the skin: This mixture acts as a firming and restorative, in addition to nourishing your skin. Its daily use will make you healthier and brighter than ever.
  • Anti-aging: In addition to ensuring better health, it will also give your face a younger look. It heals damage due to old age and sun.
  • Fast and effective: Of professional quality, this product has the necessary nutrients to act in a short time.    


  • A product not suitable for all skins: It is important to know the ingredients and test before you buy, as some people claim to have burns following an application.

3. Jergens Wet Skin Coconut Oil Moisturizer

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This product presented by Jergens Body Expertise may well be the answer to the question: what is the best moisturizer on the market? Choose to include it in your beauty routines to get clean, healthy skin.

This is a batch of two body milks of 250 ml / vial. Its cream-oil texture allows rapid absorption and does not leave a greasy film. It repairs and nourishes the skin, while ensuring intense hydration. It contains apricot oil, blackcurrant seeds and coriander which are associated with the healing properties of shea butter. These ingredients are known for their high nutritional value, which is perfect for very dry skin.

Its scent is sweet, discreet and pleasant. The cream is suitable for regular use and allows your body to regain radiance, comfort and suppleness. In addition, it displays excellent value for money.


  • Affordable price: In addition to its proven effectiveness in the laboratory and according to other buyers, this mixture is also the cheapest on our list.
  • Restorative: Enriched with microbeads of oil, this product moisturizes deeply and helps skin regenerate faster.
  • Without greasy film: Infused with oils, this milk spreads easily and penetrates rapidly into the epidermis without leaving sticky or greasy marks.


  • Box impractical: Some complain about the loss caused by the format of its container. Indeed, a small part of the cream cannot be recovered when the container is almost empty.

4. Eucerin In-Shower Moisturizing Body Lotion

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In terms of moisturizing care, your choice must always be oriented towards good quality. Indeed, this criterion is essential since it will allow you to obtain results that meet your expectations. Whether you choose a cheap or high-end product, as long as the quality is there, you’ll be sure to be safe from disappointment.

Eucerin In-Shower Moisturizing Body Lotion is ideal for the budget minded. It is especially suitable for the fragile and delicate skin of babies. Enriched with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and shea butter, it is ideal to fight against drying and irritation caused by any kind of external aggression.

Take care of the skin of your little end by opting for this duo moisturizing care at a low price of Eucerin In-Shower Moisturizing Body Lotion. It is easy to apply and leaves no greasy film. Hypoallergenic and tested under medical supervision (dermatological and pediatric), it is composed of ingredients that respect fragile skin. Rest assured, it will not cause any side effects on your toddler’s skin cells.

It is never easy to determine which moisturizer to choose when faced with multiple derivatives. Finding the one that best suits your needs will help heal and protect your skin.


  • Regulatory manufacturing: This product was created under medical supervision. Dermatologists and pediatricians have approved it, making it ideal for young children.
  • Hypoallergenic: The composition of this cream respects the skin of babies. Your little one is not likely to have any irritation.
  • Nutritive: It contains sweet almond oil, vitamin E and shea butter. These ingredients revitalize, protect and nourish the dermis.       


  • Price to review: According to some consumers, the price charged for this product is a bit high, relative to its quantity.

5. Neutrogena Body Oil

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To optimize the benefits of your face or body care, choose a product that suits your skin type. If you need to buy a new moisturizing and fortifying cream buy Neutrogena Body Oil. It has many qualities that could interest you.

Its gel-cream texture promises a sensation of instant freshness, while providing 24 hours of comfort and optimal hydration to sensitive and dry skin. Its rich oily ingredients formula such as olive plant squalane and aloe Barbensis guarantee a silky and non-greasy effect. This product is available in a 50 ml container to accompany you for a while.

To obtain an impeccable result, apply the cream daily (morning and / or evening) once your face cleansed and cleansed. After a few weeks of use, your skin will be softer, smoother, fresh and radiant.

It is always necessary to make a comparison before making a purchase. This will allow you to determine your priorities and needs. The Neutrogena Body Oil is one of the best items in this ranking and is suitable for those who want to have fresh and healthy skin all day long.


  • For wrinkled skin: This cream is recommended for people with very dry skin. It deeply rehydrates and strengthens the outer layer.
  • Action: The components of this mixture give back softness and shine if you use it regularly and daily.        


  • Unusual perfume: The accustomed to this brand say that the smell of this product is slightly different from others, which leaves them perplexed as to its quality.

Which ingredients should be included in the body lotion?

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients of your body lotion, you’ll notice how extensive these are. However, as some substances may be problematic and may cause irritation, below we have compiled a list of which products should be included in a good lotion and which ones you should avoid.

Ingredients that should be included in good body lotions:

  • urea
  • hyaluronic acid
  • lactic acid
  • glycerin

Body lotions without preservatives are perishable more quickly due to the high water content and without emulsifiers, many of the water would not properly combine with the low fat content. You can, however, be careful to find products with little additives.

Decision: What types of body lotions are there and which one is right for you?

Basically you can differentiate between four types of body lotions:

  • Body butter
  • Body oil
  • Classic body lotion
  • Body cream

Body lotions come in many different textures, fragrances and compositions. Each product is mostly suitable for a specific skin type, so you should choose your care products carefully.

Purchase criteria: These factors allow you to compare and rate body lotions

Shower body lotions are available for different needs and skin types. Of course, you often reach for a product that promises you silky-soft skin, without paying attention to other features. We’ve put together a few features of body lotions for you to help you choose your next lotion and what each criteria means.

We took a closer look at the following properties for you:

  • skin type
  • application
  • ingredients
  • fragrance

Below we want to give you a detailed overview of what the individual criteria say and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Skin type

To find out which skin type you belong to, you should observe your skin for a while after taking a shower. If individual parts of the body start to stretch, you are prone to dry skin. If that is the case, it is best to resort to rich products with a high shea butter content.

If you get redness or rashes easily, do not use products with added fragrances. In this case, you best use products that were made exclusively from natural cosmetics. But beware: Natural cosmetics may contain ingredients that irritate the skin. Accordingly, you should avoid natural body lotions with too high tea tree oil content, if possible. More about ingredients, and which you should avoid, can be found below.


Basically you can apply body lotions all over your body without any major instructions. Only and alone in the face you should use special products. If you are not sure how your skin will react to certain products, you should test them on a small spot and see what happens.

If your skin is prone to cellulite, you can use pimped gloves to massage in the body lotion. This helps on the one hand to tighten the connective tissue and on the other hand, toxins and fat deposits are easily removed.


The topic of ingredients in cosmetic products has become more and more sensitive in recent years. Many studies have been carried out and more and more supplements are said to be carcinogenic. In addition, some ingredients should be responsible for changing the hormone balance. Which ingredients are classified as particularly questionable, we have summarized below for you.

Parabens are additives that are added to certain cosmetics to preserve them. However, it has been found that this group of ingredients tends to have a hormonal effect. For example, they are suspected of being responsible for breast cancer.

Palm oil is a product that is not only used for various cosmetics, but is also found in the food. As this ingredient is so versatile, demand is steadily increasing. Although palm oil is not considered harmful, the environment and climate are strongly negatively impacted by the industry’s radical approach.

In any case, it is important for you to know that products with the addition “paraben” are suspected to be carcinogenic and have a hormonal effect.

Pay attention to what ingredients are in the product. Harmful could have far-reaching consequences on the body and trigger possible allergies. After shaving or hair removal, do not apply alcoholic body lotion to counteract burning.


Another important feature that you should consider when buying your body lotion is the scent. It is important that you find the chosen scent pleasant, as you will probably have it constantly in your nose when you apply the lotion. There is a wide selection such as the subtle scent of aloe vera or sweetish odors such as strawberry.

Remember, however, that fragrances do not necessarily have to be part of a body lotion. If you are prone to easily irritable or sensitive skin, it is recommended to omit this component completely, as certain infants can be promoted by fragrances. If you have uncomplicated skin, you are unrestricted in your choice and can decide according to your preferences.

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