Best Waterproof Mascara for Long Lashes – Buying Tips, Ranking, and Reviews for 2019

Several factors can ruin a beautiful makeup. We can talk about sweat or tears. But bad weather such as rain and swimming pool outings are also a problem that ruins an hour of effort spent in front of the mirror. To prevent this from happening, it is best to use waterproof mascara. Of course, any specimen available on the market does not necessarily meet expectations. To make sure you have an article of choice, you need to look at some specific features.

How to choose the best waterproof mascara for long lashes

Even if you don’t like makeup too much, mascara can always make the difference because it underlines the look by coloring and thickening the lashes. Consult our guide can help you find the most suitable one for the look that suits you.

Take a look at our ranking below and compare user reviews to find the best value for money product.

Buying Guide

The type of eyelashes

One of the first aspects to consider, when choosing the mascara, is the effect it will have on eyelashes. For this reason, it is advisable to evaluate the type of which it is equipped with. Those shorts will need to be stretched, to give depth to the look even when you are without makeup. The mascara to be preferred will, therefore, be the one that enriches them with color, making them even thicker.

For those thin or thin, a volumizing agent is indicated, which thickens them and makes them appear fuller. Some are straight or downward: in this case, it takes curving mascara, which opens the eyes and illuminates the face.

The disordered eyelashes instead need a product that separates them precisely, giving them great definition. The best brand in circulation is always the one that guarantees the desired effect, above all thanks to the testimony of other users who have experienced it before you.


If you like to compare prices you will find that there is not much difference between black and colored mascara. Surely the first is suitable for every iris, while the shades of brown are suitable mainly for those with blue or green eyes.

Blue, purple or green ones have a greater effect on a look with a dark pupil but can also be used for the same shade of eyes (blue with blue, for example), giving even more prominence to makeup.

If you have a limited budget, you will certainly find cheap mascara that can satisfy even your tastes.

Duration of use

In a few words, mascara, also called mascara, is a cosmetic product needed for makeup. It is used to lengthen, curl and color the eyelashes, thus making it easy to enhance the eyes. Consumers have two categories of products: normal and waterproofs.

Before making any purchase, the person should ask what product is suitable for giving volume to the eyelashes, lengthen, curl or to combine the three. Indeed, she will have the choice between volumizing mascaras for fine lashes, curling for rights and lengthening for short. The choice also goes through the color; know how to identify the one that marries perfectly to your eyes.

Ingredients, makeup remover, and price

Where to buy new waterproof mascara? Before you ask this question, be aware that when choosing this product, it is best to ask for advice to get a correct item. Prefer less aggressive models for the health of your eyelashes. Those based on castor oil and argan oil are the most recommended, close to nature. This product is usually enriched with collagen, to keep them intact. It is mainly lacquered and curved.

This type of mascara represents a little less than 20% of sales of beauty accessories in France, a figure that increases with time. Unlike simple makeup remover, two-phase formulas are the most recommended for removing makeup. Depending on the brand and the attributes of the item, you will have the choice of ultra-flexible, nourishing, volume booster and a multitude of choices. Through this guide, you now know how to buy a waterproof mascara of a better quality-price ratio.

The importance of the applicator

The most important element of the mascara is the applicator, also called brush cleaner, with a specific shape and bristles able to distribute the color on the eyelashes. It is precisely on this aspect that it is good to concentrate because it is the determinant of the effect we want to achieve.

The standard one has a tubular shape and dense bristles, ideal to give the look a very natural result. The curved one is in fact created to bend the lashes, flowing from the roots to the ends. The oval one has thick bristles and is much larger than the previous ones, because it was thought to collect more products and distribute them in an abundant manner, with the aim of emphasizing the eyes.

The pyramidal applicator has a broad shape at the base, which tends to gradually shrink until it reaches the tip. Also, in this case, the eyelashes are made thicker and fuller, so it is indicated for those who have them sparse or short.

The favorite of many, among those on the market, is the hourglass, which combines the stretching effect with the volumizing effect. Finally, the comb-type perfectly separates and regulates the disordered eyelashes, giving them volume and definition.

The best waterproof mascara for long lashes of 2019

Here are the ten products that we liked most among those on the web. Take a look at our buying tips to identify which mascara to buy.

Recommended products

1. L’Oréal Paris Paradise Extatic

The mascara is one of the essential cosmetics in every woman’s toiletry bag, it is the product that gives a final finish to the makeup of the eyes and gets more seductive looks.

Among the best mascara of 2019, this mascara stands out for its many qualities, starting with the support offered by L’Oréal, a leading brand in the world of beauty.

It is a cosmetic easy to remove make-up and formulated with a creamy balm, enriched with castor oil that is applied gently. This oil is known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties, which favors strong and flexible eyelashes.

It also has a high-quality brush, with thick and very soft bristles, which create the effect of greater volume and length in each eyelash, for a spectacular makeup.

The best eyelash mask of the moment can be this model of L’Óreal Paris, because, besides being easy to use, it offers a professional look from the comfort of your home.


  • Brush: The brush of this product is really soft so you can apply the mask with ease and comfort. This will prevent accidents of any kind.
  • Makeup removal: Fortunately, removing the residues of this product from your eyelashes is really easy, so you will not have problems when removing makeup and leaving your eyes impeccable.        


  • Curve: A disadvantage that buyers have highlighted is the fact that this product leaves the eyelashes straight and does not give them a curved shape.

2. MAC Upward Lash

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If you are looking for the best mascara, this model could be an excellent option. It is a high-quality mask equipped with a molded brush, which has a hollow interior capable of retaining a large amount of mask, which allows the bristles to be instantly recharged without the need to repeatedly introduce the applicator into the tube.

The small size of your brush helps to easily reach even the smallest eyelashes, especially those at the bottom and corners of the eye, pushing them up, stretching and curling at the same time. It also has a formula easy to remove with any make-up remover.

In addition, if you are one of the people who advocate in favor of animals, MAC is making a difference in the cosmetic industry, thanks to the fact that it is a brand that does not perform tests on animals in its laboratories.

Despite not being one of the cheaper alternatives, this product stands out for having been manufactured by a makeup giant as is MAC. Therefore, you can enjoy a durable and resistant product.


  • Water: It does not matter if you cry a little or if it rains without warning, because this mask is made with a completely waterproof formula to avoid inconveniences of this type.
  • Long duration: It is not necessary to use the mask at various times of the day, because of the long duration of up to 24 hours that this product has allowed you to use it only once.
  • Hydration: A great quality of this mask is the fact that it offers hydration to your lashes when applied to them, so you can take care of your face while you put on your makeup.         


  • Dry: The result of this product may be somewhat dry, in the opinion of certain buyers.

3. Lancome Hypnose Drama WP

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Although you have a nice eye color and well-marked eyebrows, if your eyelashes are scarce and cannot be seen with the naked eye, your look will not have the attractiveness you deserve.

Therefore, you need a mask like this offered by Lancome, which highlights them and keeps them attractive throughout the day, as it has a Waterproof formula.

It is a product that combines the effect of greater volume on your lashes, with the advantages of a waterproof mask. It is anti-allergic and recommended for contact lens wearers; it also offers impeccable makeup for up to 24 hours.

For this, it has a perfume-free formulation, enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and high concentration in waxes with black carbon pigments. In addition, its S-shaped convex brush offers optimal contact with all the tabs.

Lancome can be your ideal option every time you doubt about what mascara you buy because this brand always surprises with very good products that win the affection of the public.


  • Duration: This outstanding article is one of the most purchased because it has a long duration of up to 24 hours. That is, it will not be necessary to touch up the makeup after using it.
  • Water: So that you can resist your daily routine without so many problems, this mask has the quality of having total resistance to water to prevent your look from getting damaged easily.
  • Pigment: In addition to volume, many people seek that the mask gives them a vivid and beautiful color that makes the eyelashes stand out more and this is the case of this great product.           


  • Itch: A user has commented that this mask causes some itching when using it; therefore, it is not the best option for people with sensitive eyes.

4. Essence Lash Princess

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Experts agree that good mascara can maximize the makeup experience in the eyes since a make-up eyelashes manage to highlight the look better.

Therefore, mascara is essential to achieve stunning eyes. This mask model could cover all your expectations, since it has achieved a privileged position in the market, being one of the cheapest and most sold, with a high score on the network.

Users recommend it for its conical-shaped brush, thanks to which you will have lashes with dramatic volume and false eyelashes effect. Its formula can be removed easily and has been checked ophthalmologically without involving cruel testing in animals.

In addition, its presentation is given in an attractive tubular case, with a black background and decorated in figures with a contrasting color.

If you are looking for the best mascara for 10 euros, this could be your best alternative, because, besides good price, it has good quality.


  • Volume: With this mask, you will enjoy a large volume eyelashes that will make your eyes stand out much more.
  • Light: This product has a weight of only 9.07 g, so you can take this mask with you everywhere.
  • Design: The mask stands out because of the beautiful combination of black and mint with the decorative youthful details of the packaging.   


  • Texture: Some users have reported that the texture that this mask gives may not be as smooth as it should be which affects the natural look that most are looking for.

5. Maybelline Lash Sensational

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In the feminine world, the lashes are of great value and fulfill a function that goes beyond that of protecting the sight before the wind and the sun; they are extra when it comes to makeup to offer a captivating look.

With this mascara of the prestigious Maybelline brand, you can wear attractive eyes and best of all, at a very affordable cost. For this reason, many consider it the best mascara of value for money.

It has a novel brush with fan effect, which offers 6 sizes of different bristles able to reach all the tabs, multiply and separate them easily.

It also offers a light formula, with a fluid texture that covers each eyelash from the first pass, without leaving lumps; achieving a natural and sophisticated makeup at the same time. In addition, you can easily remove it with water and mild soap.

It is difficult to choose the best brand of mascara; however, Maybelline is a leading brand in everything related to makeup, so you could easily take the recognition.


  • Sows: The brush bristles that this mask brings are very innovative since they come in several lengths that adapt to the different sizes of the eyelashes to separate them and give each of them the amount of product needed.
  • Color: The black pigment of this mask is perfectly attached to your eyelashes to give them a more vivid color that makes them more noticeable.
  • Formula: So that at no time you feel an extra weight in your eyes, this product has a very light ultra-comfortable formula.
  • Curved: The brush of this mask has a curved structure to give your eyelashes a fan-like look that you will surely love.          


  • Water: Some people have reported that this mascara is not very resistant to water, so it is preferable to avoid getting in contact with moisture.

6. Mascara Gel D’orleac Transparent

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The clear mascara of the D’orleac brand is an interesting alternative to products with color. This product is simply the best alternative with which to add a touch of extension to your eyelashes without the need to add color.

To give this touch the product has a brush that is responsible for extending this gel efficiently, separating the tabs so they look better.

Since it is a transparent gel product, the mascara allows you to show off your eyelash color, without masking it in other shades. And because of its fluid formulation, it is a product that does not generate clumps or other common problems in other types of masks or mascaras, which tarnish your image and make it difficult to obtain the point that you like the most.

Are you one of those who focus on the price and look for the cheapest options? Well, this D’orleac mask can be the best mascara for 10 euros on the market:


  • Natural finish: Unlike certain products that make the eyelashes look fake or exaggerated this mascara makes the lashes have a completely natural finish so that your makeup easily combines with your casual look.
  • Protection: In addition to giving you a touch of elegance and beauty, this mascara also offers protection for your lashes.
  • Transparent: This mascara is only responsible for giving length to the lashes and is completely transparent, so it will not affect your natural appearance in any way. That also makes it harder for the lashes to stick or for imperfections to be noticed.         


  • Color: Although one of its most outstanding features is its transparency, this can also be a negative aspect for those who prefer that their eyelashes are full of color. For this reason, it is necessary to decide if the only length is sought or if color is also an important part.

7. Max Factor Masterpiece Rich

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If you are looking for the best mascara of the moment, the Max Factor Masterpiece Rich product is a good proposal. This Max Factor mascara has an IFX technology brush that brushes the lashes directly, with a definition, a separation, and a first-level coverage.

It has a stain-proof formula and professional format, with which it is easier to obtain good results. All this thanks to the improved distribution of your brush, as well as the included product, which due to its formulation remains stable and with a uniform appearance, without caking.

A product presented in a traditional format of 15 milliliters of capacity that does not take up too much space if you want to take it with you.

Few brands have achieved as much recognition in the world of cosmetics as Max Factor, for that reason, it can be considered as the best brand of mascara in the market or one of the best and most important:


  • Dual-action: This product is dual-action, which causes the brush to separate the lashes and at the same time define them.
  • Stain: The mascaras can often cause spots on the eyelids and the lower part of the eye, however, this model has been manufactured to avoid these annoying spots and give a perfect appearance quickly.
  • Sensitive people: This product is suitable for sensitive people and also for people who wear contact lenses and need extra protection.


  • Repetition: Although the result of the lashes after use is very good, some comment that they should use it several times before the difference is noticed.

8. Pupa Milano Vamp Mascara for Women

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Those who need to give more volume to their eyelashes and thicken them to create a doll-like effect will be very satisfied with Pupa’s product, the Vamp mascara. Thanks to the particular brush, in fact, it is able to increase the thickness and give you a look that only false eyelashes can ensure.

Moreover, you will not have to be forced to buy only the black color, as blue is also available, to give life to an even more characteristic effect. The cost is medium-low, suitable for all those who want to save on spending but not on results.

However, those who expected the waterproof version will be disappointed, as the company does not provide it: you will not be able to use it by the sea or by the pool unless you want to avoid the bathroom. Furthermore, the amount of product that the applicator can take is excessive, so that some buyers recommend cleaning it a bit to avoid creating annoying lumps on the eyelashes.

Let us now briefly review what aspects characterize this mascara to facilitate comparison with the other products presented in this ranking.


  • Vamp effect: Mascara is designed to create a very marked effect and emphasize the look with a deep and seductive black.
  • Bends and gives volume: The bristles of the brush are designed to spread the mascara evenly and well distributed along all the lashes. In this way, the recreated volume effect is very effective and not too fake.
  • Easy to spread: The consistency of the cream is such as to make the application very easy, just take the hand and find the right dosage on the comb.          


It’s not waterproof: So whoever thinks of using it for a long time and without having the possibility to touch up the make-up well could be disappointed by the black halo that settles on or around the eyes.

9. L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll

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If your password is volume, you will not be able to do without the product that L’Oréal has designed for you. It is, in fact, one of the best mascara of 2019, given its quality/price ratio. Its strength is the elastomeric applicator with a spiral shape, designed to capture eyelashes and give them more thickness.

The users who tried it said they were very satisfied, especially for the fairly liquid formulation that avoids the formation of lumps. Another positive element is the tightness of at least a day, so you won’t have to go over it again if your eyes tend to go out.

What disappoints us is the fact that, on some occasions, the product has arrived without the guarantee seal, which would have ensured its integrity. In any case, it is one of the most valid offers on the web for those who need to enhance their eyelashes without having to resort to other tricks.

Despite the graphic reminiscent of the 50s style, the new mascara proposed by L’Oréal is perfect for the needs of contemporary women. The many positive opinions elect one of the most interesting to consider in view of purchase. Let us review all the main features.


  • Carefully designed brush: The Baby Roll mascara is designed to give the look an original and decisive touch. The design of the brush is designed to collect eyelashes one by one and spread a generous amount of product over them.
  • Creamy and easy to apply: There are those who prefer a single pass because it is sufficient to give body and bend the eyelashes, in a few moves and without requiring a lot of practice.
  • Donate volume: The intense color and the abundant layer of mascara that stretches with each pass helps to make the look more determined and attractive.  


  • The effect must please: Before asking yourself where to buy this mascara you must be sure that the style matches your personal tastes.

10. Purobio Cosmetics Impeccable

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If you still have no idea how to choose good mascara for your eyes, take a look at our suggestions. We want to finish our ranking with a product designed for those who want to spend their money respecting animals.

In fact, Purobio does not carry out tests on them, so you will be sure that no living being was hurt to ensure the goodness of your articles. This mascara for sensitive eyes is made with organic bamboo hydrolates, which is an ingredient that strengthens the lashes.

The brush has a hook shape that allows you to stretch and bend them, giving a more intriguing look. For this reason, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the quantity of product withdrawn, which could be a lot and therefore create lumps to be removed. The cost is a little higher than average, but this is related to the use of natural substances.

Those looking for the best product that respects the skin but at low prices should give this mascara a chance. Here are the main features that make it so popular with buyers.


  • Certified bio composition: The INCI is quite interesting, there are many ingredients of certified biological origin and the quality of natural ingredients makes those who try to avoid synthetic products happily
  • Without nickel and vegan certificate: Ideal for those who have a nickel contact allergy, its absence is confirmed by the specific certificate, even the logo that makes it compatible with the vegan philosophy is important because it informs that no animals have been used in cosmetic testing.
  • Cheap: Despite being a niche product it is sold at a very attractive and reasonable price.   


  • Slightly pigmented: The lack of dye or other synthetic ingredients makes it less dye and less resistant after a few hours. But there does not seem to be enough reason to exclude it from our guide to choosing the best mascara.

How to use mascara?

There are so many questions about how to apply your mascara. Everyone seems to have their own technique. Not to say that everyone knows little tricks to achieve a bluffing result. We will gather here the most interesting of them to inspire you for your next makeup session.

Choose the right moment to put mascara

Beginners in this area do not really know at which stage they should apply mascara. Yet this question is paramount, as it is part of the makeup of the eyes. If you miss it, you have to start all over again. But, do not panic, after drying, it comes off without difficulty with cotton.

Opt for a basic style

In any field, to succeed, mastery of the basics is essential. This is the case of mascaras with the different kinds of effect that we want to get. Firstly, it should be noted that for each type of eyelash there is a particular and corresponding technique. For those with lashes of a certain thickness or irregular, it is advisable to choose a special brush for long hair. This allows reaching certain places for a maximum filling. The lighter eyelashes cons must apply mascara abundantly. Obviously, some people have specific hairs.

To be simple

It is true that makeup, as its definition suggests, is a way to correct some imperfections or make it even more attractive. However, it should not be abused at the risk of producing all the opposite result of what you intended to do. So much so, stay simple and ask mascara intelligently. Also, only one layer will suffice. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to repeat as many times as possible. And with a little practice, it will come alone.

Use an eyelash curler

There are types of eyelashes that bend easily with this accessory. This makes it possible not to look too bridled with mascara. However, the manipulation of this tool requires enough address and precision at the risk of putting in the eye. This solution is thus recommended only to experience ones.

Change mascara after two months

In order for the mascara to retain its shiny effects, it should not be kept for more than two months. Buy a new box even if there are still some left. After this period, it becomes powdery and penetrates easily into the eye. Think of it as an opportunity to try other brands or get the latest trend.

Combine with a false eyelash

As you have fine or damaged eyelashes, this solution is strongly recommended. In this case, it is better to apply the product first before putting the false eyelashes.

Remove mascara

For the first weeks of use, cleansing milk is enough to remove everything without a problem. But with time and accumulation, it will no longer be appropriate. Especially since this substance tends to remove some eyelashes. In this case, make sure that the oil is cleansed or two-phase.

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