Best Dewy Foundations for Glowing Skin

Just as building a good house starts with a good foundation, a good image on your face starts with a good foundation of makeup. A make-up foundation is able to do a lot to make your skin look natural or it can, on the contrary, completely ruin the experience of a well-finished makeup. For all this, choosing a formula designed especially for you is the first step towards success. The best thing is that today these skin foundations can be used not only to cover the face but also to protect it, thanks to the sun protection factors and other nutrients that they include.

Which are the best dewy foundations for glowing skin?

How to choose the best dewy foundations for glowing skin?

Choosing the ideal foundation is not as simple as it looks, just because there are so many parameters to consider. But let’s go in order and start with the color: why is it never exactly the same as the skin on the face? The answer is simple and can be found at the moment thinking about the tests that are done in perfumery. Generally, we spread a small part of the product on the back of the hand and this is exactly the error. The color of the skin of the hands is different from that of the neck and face because they are more exposed to sunlight (especially if you go by motorcycle or by bike) and have a different texture.

Base shades

To begin with, you should know that there are makeup foundations on the market that are designed to provide a soft, imperfection-free layer before applying the makeup we conventionally use, and which therefore have the same texture as a normal moisturizer and do not add color to our face. These will help us eliminate excess oil and cover small imperfections of the complexion such as pores or small spots and will help the final makeup not crack or look shiny.

On the other hand, there are the makeup foundations that bring color to our skin and have a wide range of different shades, depending on the color of our skin. To find out which shade is best for you, you should try several shades before buying makeup on a clean face and choose the one that most closely resembles the skin color of the neck. Never choose a shade that is lighter or darker than your skin, as the results will not be natural and will not look good.

The texture of the foundation

Within the comparison of makeup foundations, you will find different textures of the same one that you will have to choose depending on the type of skin that you have and comfort, as well as the moment of the day that you are going to use your skin foundation. A foundation for the night will not be the same as one for full daylight. On the one hand, emollient creams are ideal for dry skin and are very easy to apply on clean skin. The cream foundations have a much more creamy texture and are made from a water and oil foundation and are ideal for mature skin.

You can also find fluid foundations, the best-selling on the market, as they offer natural results and are ideal for day makeup. Nowadays you can also find make-up foundations with mousse texture, which become foam when applied on the face and are very light, making them ideal for young skins and hardly imperfect.

The foundations of compact makeup or in the bar are ideal for the night, thanks to their great greasiness since they cover perfectly any imperfection of the face like pores, grains, spots or small scars.

And finally, we find the powdered makeup foundations, which will help you to control the excess of fat on your face if you have this type of skin and also if you have mixed skin with a persistent T zone to fat. This type of makeup foundation will help you look radiant and without those shines that we hate so much.

Moisturizing and Protecting

The makeup foundations we find today go far beyond bringing a layer of color to our face, they also correct our skin imperfections, hydrate us, firm our skin and protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. But obviously, not all creams work the same way and they don’t all have the same characteristics, so make sure that the foundation you choose has the characteristics you are looking for and what you really need.

It is very important that you at least have a sun protection factor (SPF) appropriate to your needs, especially if you are going to use it as makeup during the day, as it will not be the same makeup that you use for the night as one that you are going to cause in broad daylight and that requires a higher sun protection factor.

Liquid, compact or powdered

Let’s start by saying that if you are lucky and you have a beautiful skin of nature, you will probably have less difficulty in choosing the foundation. If you have imperfections or redness on your face, you should pay attention to both the texture and properties of the product.

Powder foundations are particularly suitable for those who do not have major defects to correct; they are applied with large brushes called kabuki and can be more or less bright depending on the composition. As a general rule, those containing more talc are opaque, while a high presence of mica results in a brighter finish.

Liquid foundation is the most traditional formula of this cosmetic and still the favorite of many women. In this category, you will find some of the most opaque products, ideal if you have inflamed spots or spots to hide.

Compact filters have become popular in recent years and are especially popular for their ease of application, similar to that of a compact powder, and because they have an average longer hold during the day.

The color palette

When you read our ranking, you’ll find that high-quality products often offer a wider choice of colors.

Don’t rule out the idea of paying a higher price to have a foundation that perfectly suits your skin tone, because it is essential to obtain a natural result and avoid the so-called “mask” effect.

To find out which is the right color, based on the color of your jaw, which is usually an area less prone to redness and discoloring, and adjusted accordingly for the choice of foundation.

Most palettes include colors with a yellow or pink undertone: we recommend that you always follow the natural complexion and do not try to correct it with the foundation; rather it is better to use ad hoc correctors only on problematic areas.

The best foundation of 2019

Depending on the type of skin and the presence of imperfections, you will need a foundation more or less coverage, which in any case is able to adapt perfectly to your complexion. To help you make a choice from the hundreds of offers on the market, we have reviewed what we think are the best foundation of 2019.

1. Revlon Colorstay 180 Beige Arena

The following make-up foundation is considered as the best makeup foundation of value for money. It is specially designed for oily skin since its oil-free formula offers a perfect co-cover without greasy feeling or shine and leaving the skin soft and velvety before makeup.

In addition, this foundation Revlon for oily and long-lasting skin provides complete coverage of grains, pores, and imperfections that will last throughout the day, that is, 24 hours, so that your makeup will always look perfect and free of shine

It offers a comfortable and soft sensation on the skin, gently absorbing oils from oily skin so that the results are always impeccable. And the best, avoid the feeling of fat on the face. On the other hand, its new packaging provides greater ease and precision of use.

Before deciding which makeup foundation to buy, it is necessary to take into account your skin tone and if you will use it for the day or for the night:


  • Dispensing: Comfort is something that characterizes this Revlon makeup foundation. Your bottle has been equipped with a dispensing nozzle that will help you apply the product more easily either directly on your skin or on a sponge.
  • Tones: In this space, we focus on the Beige Arena model but it is noteworthy to mention that you can acquire this base in a great variety of tones so that it can be complemented as best as possible with your skin.
  • Formula: The Colorstay formula has been designed to avoid producing shine when applied, which makes it ideal for oily skin complexions. Likewise, it is also able to absorb the natural oils of the skin for a smooth and smooth finish.
  • Acne: It is very good to hide traces of acne, pimples, blackheads and other skin blemishes so you look clean and attractive skin.           


  • Protection: Unlike the first model, this Revlon makeup foundation does not offer sun protection, so it is recommended that you apply it separately.

2. Estee Lauder K-E4-30-04-04

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If you ask yourself what is the best foundation for the moment, you may find the answer in the following proposal. It is a foundation of the Estee Lauder Estee Lauder brand that in addition to providing a soft base on which to show off your makeup has a whole bed of shades so that your skin is covered much better before applying makeup in addition to providing a nice tone to your face, even if you do not use makeup.

It is designed for all skin types, so if you have oily or dry skin, you can use it, in the same way, obtaining good results on the skin. It has an SPF of 10.

It covers well small pimples, marks, pores and other imperfections of the skin and is long-lasting, being able to stand intact up to 15 hours, so you will always look perfect. In addition, it is very light and soft, so it is very respectful with your skin and nothing fatty.

There are many brands in the market, all with great reputation and recognition so it can be a little difficult to know which the best brand of makeup foundations is and if you have doubts, what better than knowing its pros and cons:


  • Duration: Estee Lauder’s foundation is designed to last on your skin for up to 24 hours.
  • Finish: It has a semi-matte finish that will help to correctly apply all kinds of makeup, either night or day.
  • Protection: And to protect your skin against the sun’s rays, the K – E4 – 30 – 04 have SPF protection of 10 and antioxidants. 


  • Weight: One of its disadvantages is that the full package weighs more than other options in the base, reaching 177 grams of weight.
  • Tone: One of her buyers mentioned that she would like to be able to find this base in lighter shades in order to blur it better.

3. Maybelline Superstay 24HRS 21 Nude Beige

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If what you need is a makeup foundation for combination skin, the next Maybelline base will come with pearls. This base also provides color as makeup, so you can use it as such without having to put another one on the base if you wish, obtaining fresh and natural results on the skin.

Thanks to its formula Micro – flexible is very resistant to heat, moisture, and friction, so you can look perfect for no less than 24 hours.

Also, it does not stain the touch, something very important for us and that gives us a lot of security. It has a sun protection factor of 19. It is free of oils, so you can use it if you have especially oily skin.


  • Nozzle: Maybelline offers a makeup foundation with a dispensing nozzle that will help you apply it easily to save time and effort.
  • Compatibility: It can be used on all skin types regardless of whether they are dry, oily or sensitive.
  • Duration: The duration of the effects of the base of Maybelline is 24 hours, ideal to see you incredible all day in your work.


  • Tone: You must be very attentive to the tone of this makeup foundation as it is indicated that it is Nude Beige for clear skin.
  • Weight: Its weight is 128 grams, much more compared to other makeup foundation options.


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As the last chosen base for our selection of the best makeup foundations of 2019, we leave you with this oil-free makeup foundation that offers up to 6 different shades so that you can always find the perfect one for you and your skin tone.

It is very light and durable and will help you cover and reduce pores and other imperfections of the skin. With this base, you will achieve a medium natural matt finish and full complexion coverage.

In addition, it has a sun protection factor of 15. Thanks to the design of your diffuser can take full advantage of 100% use of the product.

Despite being one of the cheapest makeup foundations in this list, the IMPALA option is of great quality and will offer you a smooth and attractive finish:


  • Tones: IMPALA has a foundation that can be acquired in six different shades to adapt to your skin color.
  • Protection: U formula presents SPF 15 protection against the sun’s rays to minimize the risk of spots and melanomas.
  • Additional features: In addition, it contains vitamin E, allantoin and aloe vera extract to give your skin everything it needs to stay healthy.


  • Grease: Apparently, if you have oily skin, the effect of the base can disappear after a few hours.
  • Finish: You must bear in mind that the finish of this base is of the natural matte type – medium so that a little shine can be noticed.

5. Max Factor Face Finity All Day First

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If you are looking for cheap makeup foundations, but for that reason do not give up a great quality, we offer you this Max Factor makeup foundation that offers a soft and velvety layer on the skin before makeup and preparing it for him, so this will remain much more uniform and of course, it will be much more durable.

In addition, it is able to blur the pores. Its consistency will make you have to use very little amount each time, so a single boat will last you a long time.

Controls the grease quite well and allows, thanks to its matte finish on the skin, the makeup is perfect. It has an SPF of 20.

For many users, the Max Factor is perhaps the best foundation of the moment and that’s why we could not help but identify its most outstanding advantages:


  • Duration: As commented by some users, this makeup foundation helps to maintain the makeup you have applied for a long time. Thanks to this, you should not worry too much during the day to have to go touch up.
  • Grease: The ingredients and application of the Face Finity All Day Primer prevent the premature appearance of fat on your skin. Through the action of chemicals, excess sebum production is blocked so that you can look fresh and clean longer.
  • Protection: You can leave your home quietly even on a sunny day if you use the base of Max Factor Face Finish All Day Primer since it is equipped with sunscreen of 20 SPF that will serve to minimize possible burns or stains from exposure.
  • Dimensions: And it is also considered an advantage that has dimensions of 3.8 x 2.9 x 11.2 centimeters and a weight of 27 grams as it is quite compact and easy to move so you can take it with you if you travel.    

6. Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

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If you have very sensitive skin and you never know which foundation to buy because you fear redness and irritation, we recommend this Vichy product.

It is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies, non-comedogenic and without fragrances, so it is easily tolerated even by the most reactive skins.

It also has SPF 35, which means getting excellent sun protection without having to apply a specific cream.

I like it because in comparison to other funds it remains on the face for a long time and comes close to respecting the 16-hour seal claimed by the producer, but above all, it does not dry the skin and is pleasant to wear.

There are only five shades available and this is the real flaw of this cosmetic, so we recommend that you be careful in choosing whether you have a very light or very dark skin tone. In any case, it has the quality of spreading easily and compensates for the poor choice of colors with the fluidity of the application, which helps to make it uniform to the complexion.

Vichy Dermablend received the majority of positive user opinions. Here are the advantages it offers, along with a small flaw that has been found.


  • Sensitive skins: A product formulated for those who have delicate skin, prone to irritation. The good news is that this foundation has no fragrances and does not clog the pores; on the contrary, it lets the skin breathe.
  • Natural effect: This foundation does not dry the skin and offers a natural covering effect, without the risk of the unsightly mask effect.


  • Hue: You have only 5 shade to choose from, a value lower than the average of these cosmetics.

7. Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1

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We wanted to include this product in our buying tips because it promises to replace three distinct cosmetics. In fact, it has the ability to smooth and refine the skin like a primer, it is covering enough to minimize imperfections like a concealer would do and obviously evens the complexion.

It is probably the best foundation on the market for all those women who are not accustomed to using many facial tricks and prefer to have a multifunctional one, which is a single application gives a smooth and flawless face. In this regard, we want to emphasize the protection factor 20, thanks to which you won’t even have to remember sunscreen.

It is a product that alone can perfect skin with small problems such as redness and light-dark circles, but if you have more obvious problems you should still combine it with a covering concealer.

The advantages of Max Factor Facefinity have determined the appreciation of many women. Here are the main pros and cons, with the usual indication of where to buy the best offer foundation.


  • Cost: If you are looking for a multi-purpose foundation with a good covering action, we suggest you take a look at this proposal of the famous make-up brand, on sale at a really interesting price.
  • Not just foundation: A cosmetic made for those who, due to lack of time or desire, do not intend to use primer and concealer, in addition to foundation. The product is able to perform all three of these functions, making the complexion uniform.
  • Opaque: Eliminates imperfections and redness of the face, giving more radiance to the face. The covering effect is natural and for the best results we recommend using a brush.          


  • Ingredients: This is not a natural product, so if you suffer from allergies we advise you to read the contents carefully.

8. Clinique Even Better

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Although not a mineral foundation in the true sense of the term, this product uses the qualities of natural minerals to give a very fresh and luminous color. It is specially formulated to minimize dark spots such as those due to aging and does not just cover them but also carries out a treating action thanks to the content of vitamins C and E.

The presence of the protection factor 15 helps to protect the skin from further damage due to sun exposure and makes this foundation the perfect solution for everyday use, even on the most mature skin.

There are 27 shades to choose from, so you won’t struggle to find the one that fits your complexion.

The women who tried it were pleasantly surprised by the covering capacity combined with a feeling of lightness when wearing it, so we recommend it if you have problems with discoloration but want to avoid a “mask” effect.

Always synonymous with high quality, Clinique has created a new product that has been highly appreciated by users. Let’s briefly review what its main features are.


  • Illuminating: A good quality product made for those who intend to nourish the skin, given the presence of vitamins E and C, exploiting its light covering action that does not weigh down. It also protects from the sun’s rays thanks to factor 15 of which it is equipped.
  • Hue: Among the foundations on the market, this has a number of shades greater than the average. There are 27 colors you can choose from and, in this way, you will certainly find the one that best suits your complexion.
  • Opaque: The covering effect is remarkable, but the texture is silky and creates a natural result on the face, hiding pimples and other facial blemishes.        


  • Price: It is not the cheapest foundation on the market, but considering the brand that produces it and the quality, the above-average cost is not a surprise.

9. L’Oréal Paris Accord Parfait

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To give you an overview of the best products sold online we could not fail to review what we think is the best powder foundation.

If you are looking for a light base with a natural effect, this product spreads evenly thanks to the included kabuki brush and has a much more delicate opacity than liquid foundations.

As the name suggests, it is designed to perfectly match the complexion and avoid those unpleasant color changes that are sometimes seen around.

It is composed of 95% natural minerals and we recommend it if you have a fairly fit skin, which needs only to be revitalized, otherwise, it is preferable to combine it with a concealer and a primer to enhance its effect.

Below we summarize the pros and cons of this foundation, made by one of the most famous brands in the world of cosmetics. To buy it at low prices, click on the link that follows our description.


  • In powder: Its peculiarity consists in being 95% natural, but not only, because its ingredients are minerals, which make the skin uniform and nourish it with substances that are good for it.
  • Natural effect: For a flawless result, we recommend the application using the integrated brush, making circular movements. The covering effect is light and natural.
  • Illuminating: The minerals contained in the foundation make the skin brighter and clearer and, in some cases, there will not even be a need to use the primer or concealer.


  • Imperfections: The product is recommended for those who have skin in good condition, without pimples or noticeable imperfections. In this case, it does not guarantee sufficient covering capacity.

10. Revlon Colorstay

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Among the cosmetic products sold online, this is especially loved by women with mixed to oily skin, who never know how to choose a good specific foundation. Thanks to the oil-free formula, it is able to dull even the most problematic parts of the face such as the T-zone and remains in place throughout the day, especially if it is fixed with a layer of powder.

It is available in 12 colors that adapt to the different shades of the face and leave a feeling of comfort and a silky texture.

Being oil-free, we recommend that you thoroughly moisturize the skin before use, and then spread it quickly because it tends to dry out immediately.

According to the users, this foundation for oily skin boasts an impeccable hold even in the hottest days, it also has sun protection 15 and consequently is ideal if you do not like to make touch-ups during the day and at the same time you want to mitigate exposure to rays solar.

As you have seen, there are many advantages that push this model to the top of our guide to choose the best foundation. So let’s take a brief summary.


  • Matting: The foundation is particularly loved thanks to its matting ability, which creates a matt effect on the face, solving the typical shine of some parts of the face, such as the T zone.
  • Hue: You have at your disposal 12 different colors that adapt to the different shades of the face. The foundation is fluid and creates a silky texture.


  • Dry skins: Being oil-free, it is not ideal if you have dry skin. However, you can fix it by putting some moisturizer before applying.

How to use a foundation

As you have already chosen which makeup foundation you will use according to your skin tone, now you need to know the application process. If you are worried about this point, in this article we will guide you so that you know how to use a base of makeup in a correct way and you get the most out of your cream, so you have an optimal makeup.

Gather the necessary accessories to apply the foundation

For this application process of foundation, you will need accessories such as a moisturizer, a pre-base, a kabuki brush, a medium brush, loose powder or compact powder with their respective brush to seal the base and a beauty sponge blender. All these accessories will be necessary to apply a foundation for optimal makeup.

Make a cleanse on your face

Before applying a foundation for makeup, it is necessary to cleanse your face to remove the dirt that your skin may have, as well as the remains of makeup and greasy substances. You can apply balsams or lotions that allow you to thoroughly cleanse your face, balancing without drying your skin and providing the necessary nutrients.

Apply a moisturizer on the face

In the market, there are many brands that you can use. Choose one that is ideal for your skin type. In case you have very dry or oily skin, select the ideal moisturizer for you. Place several points of moisturizer on your face and distribute completely by performing gentle massages.

Apply the pre-base on the face

The function of the pre-base is basically to close the pores and soften the surface of the skin, matching the texture before placing the base. To do this, add a pre-cream or gel and sprinkle throughout the skin with a light massage until it completely penetrates.

How to apply the foundation with the beauty blender sponge

Beauty blender sponges are special to apply the base of makeup; they differ from the others because they are egg-shaped and are very compact. To apply the base, place a small amount of the product on the thick part of the sponge. Take the tip of the sponge and lightly touch it with it on the face to spread the base, providing a natural effect on the skin.

How to apply the foundation with a medium brush

Another way to apply the foundation is with a medium brush. To do this, place a small amount of the product in the hand and with the index finger of the other hand applies base dots all over the face. Use the medium brush to cover the face with the makeup foundation.

Seal the foundation with compact powder

This is the final part of the process and you can use compact powder or loose or translucent powder. To do this, use a special powder brush and dip the tip of the brush with a small amount. Proceed to blur it all over the face with the brush until it is well defined. Already your foundation for makeup is correctly applied.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 With what does a makeup foundation apply?

The correct application of the foundation will depend on whether the face looks natural and more favored. Therefore, the idea is to spread over the face with a brush that is flat and is well-populated to prevent the skin is cracked. The tips of your fingers will also be fantastic allies to blur the base and obtain a satisfactory result.

Q2 What basis of makeup is the one used by celebrities?

When you see celebrities on television or in magazines, it is inevitable to ask yourself what makeup foundation they use to look so radiant. Most cosmetic products are available closer than we think because celebrities often use popular brands that can be found in almost any specialty store. In this sense, some of the brands of foundation more widespread among the famous are MAC, Revlon, Clinique, Estee Lauder or Christian Dior. Of course, they use bases that have a long duration and immediate penetration, which allow them to look perfect throughout the day. Not in vain, it is important to choose the right cosmetics to be able to withstand long hours of flashes, dressing rooms, perches, etc.

Q3. How is the liquid foundation applied?

The foundation of liquid makeup can be applied in several ways. If you decide to do it with your fingers, you just have to put some product on the yolks and apply it with small touches on the face. Finally, spread well over the face until it is even. Another option is with a sponge. Do not apply the base directly on it, but better in the palm of your hand. The next thing is to spread the sponge on the product and then apply it on the face with certain touches and in small, quick strokes. The idea is not to rub the face with the sponge but to do it in a gentle way. Finally, you can apply the base of liquid makeup with a brush, in which case, the mode of application will be the same: always with delicate touches and without rubbing too much.

Q4 How to remove foundation stains on clothes?

It is common for t-shirts or blouses to stain makeup foundation if, for example, you have dressed after grooming or if you dropped a little product on them while you applied it. To remove the stains, the first thing is to clean the excess base with a tissue paper, being careful not to spread it on the garment. Afterward, impregnate an alcohol stick and gently rub the stain until you notice that it is disappearing.

Q5 How do you apply the makeup foundation in mousse?

The mousse is one of the most attractive formats in which the foundation can be presented, although there are certain guidelines to follow when applying it. It is best to distribute the base with the fingertips, as this will make it spread more evenly. Spread the index finger on the product and start applying it on the face. It begins with the area of ​​the nose and forehead and, later, the entire face. Distribute gently until it is completely covered by the mousse.

Q6 How is the foundation spread?

With the exception of some types of makeup foundation, they are usually applied with a brush. Do not put the product directly on it, but, better, put a little on the back of your hand. Spread the brush on the base and begin to apply on the face giving small taps on the forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. At the time of spreading, remember that it is not about rubbing, but rather about distributing the makeup foundation gently throughout the face. Do it slowly until you see that it has been distributed evenly and naturally.

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