Top Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers

THot waxing is not an easy task. Even if we always say that you have to suffer to be beautiful, if you are well equipped, the operation is carried out in a less painful condition. In order not to throw your money out the window with poor quality items, you should inquire about the features of the accessories for hot waxing before choosing a kit. We offer you some products that we have classified according to their quality. Nevertheless, if you do not have the time to read them completely, then know that in our opinion, the following two models are the best in their category.

How to choose a good wax warmer?The depilation stage is preceded by heating the wax. The device that allows this operation to be carried out should be chosen carefully if you want to have a good result. Most of the models on the market have their own particularities. However, there are common features that help you identify the right item for you such as type, proposed temperature and accessories.

Purchase guide

1. The type

Waxing is one of the most common beauty rituals of our time. It is appreciated by its users for the sustainability of the result it allows to have. Formerly often accessible in institute, this method is now applicable at home. Nevertheless, to be sure of its effectiveness it is necessary to start by being equipped with a good wax warmer.

How to buy a wax warmer better value for money?

It is to answer this question that we will give you advice on the type of this device to choose according to your needs. This material may belong to the category of roll-on, electric type and duo model. The first is for users who want to wax in a simple way. It keeps the same temperature throughout the hair removal.

The second type often gives you the choice of adjusting the temperature to suit your needs when fitted with an adjustable thermostat. It allows to know the wax that remains in its tank when you have finished using it. This can be reused next time. As for the duo model, it offers a mixed device that combines the roll-on and an electric wax warmer. Depending on the part of the body being treated, you can choose between the two systems.

2. Temperature

Temperature is one of the parameters that determines the choice of this product. It gives an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the chosen model and its adaptability to the needs of each user may be different from one individual to another. Reason why, we will talk about this feature in this buying guide for the best wax warmers.

The ideal is to have an adjustable thermostat whatever the model chosen. This component ensures that you have the temperature that suits you according to the area to be treated. In addition, the ability to achieve this adjustment is a guarantee of safety by avoiding the risk of burning your skin. In addition, you should check that the heating time of the article you are going to opt for is reduced. It is preferable that it varies between 15 to 30 minutes only.

3. The accessories  

Where to buy a new wax warmer? This is a question you can not overlook when you want to purchase this product. However, before treating it, you must also learn about the accessories that accompany the model of your choice. By consulting a price comparator, the cost of an article may be different from another by considering this characteristic.

For a user who begins waxing, it is better to opt for a complete kit that includes a warmer, spatulas, bands and oil. The spatulas make it possible to spread the wax, the strips serve to remove it and the oil helps to soothe the skin after waxing. In the case of those who are experienced in the use of this product, they may already have one or the other of these accessories at home. 

 The best wax warmers of 2019

Hot waxing is one of the ways you can remove unwanted hair from the root of your body, whether it is fine or thick. Its effectiveness is due to its ability to open pores properly thanks to the heat it diffuses through the skin so that the hair can be removed without you having to suffer from pain. Hot waxing can currently be done using different methods, but to get the best quality product you need to make a little investment.

To better guide you in your choice, here are some products that allow you to wax with hot wax.

Recommended products

1. GiGi Wax Warmer

Main advantage

The accessories that make up the GiGi Wax Warmer are compact and take up very little space. But our preference is for the wax preparation pot, which has a thermostat that can be adjusted in three temperature levels.

Main disadvantage

It seems that the size of the pan is not to the taste of some users. They feel that this container is a little too small to melt enough to wax both legs.

Main features explained

A practical and economical device

As unlikely as it may seem, the GiGi Wax Warmer will allow you to perform hot waxing quickly and painlessly. When the wax is hot, the heat it diffuses helps the pores to expand better, so that the hair is extracted from its roots without unnecessary pain. Large enough to prepare wax for one leg, the preparation pan will ultimately save you a lot of money.

Adjustable in three positions, the device offers you the opportunity to choose the heating temperature and therefore the ideal consistency for your hair removal sessions. You won’t have to wait very long because the device will melt the wax in only about 40 minutes. If you are looking for a kit that liquefies wax rollers in record time, the GiGi Wax Warmer is exactly the accessory you need.

A device with an innovative design

Although this device is not very imposing, it has an elegant and refined design. This concern for aesthetics plays a major role in the favour of this product, which is becoming the daily ally of both women and men. This kit comes with 400 grams of soft wax and three 67-gram bags of hard wax, so you won’t have to invest in hair removal products for some time.

In addition, you can use 20 spatulas to spread the wax on the areas of your body where hair is important. If after a few months you have exhausted your wax stock, don’t panic. Indeed, this pot is able to liquefy the wax pebbles that are on sale on the market.

The perfect device for travel

Being very compact, the saucepan and the accessories that go with it will take up very little space on your table or in your travel bag. When you apply the wax to your legs, use the strips and then remove it through the cleaning liquid. This will ensure that your skin is soft and hairless.

The advantage of this pan is that it is able to maintain the temperature of the wax for several minutes. There is no risk that the wax will solidify until you remove the strips.

2. Lifestance Wax Warmer Electric Heater

Lifestance Wax Warmer Electric Heater is a professional quality wax warmer model that guarantees you a simple but very efficient use. The device is compact and allows you to heat only the amount of wax needed for depilation to avoid any waste.

The wax is heated in two independent tanks that allow you to heat a sufficient quantity only once. The device also has a removable filter that you can use to empty and filter the wax for reuse.

Hair removal is carried out at a homogeneous and constant temperature, which does not expose you to any risk of the wax solidifying too quickly or burning yourself. Light diodes testify through their lighting when the ideal temperature is waiting.

This temperature can be adjusted in two levels to allow you to adapt it to your needs and the heat you are able to withstand.  The device comes with wooden spatulas to allow you to apply the wax effectively to your skin. This device guarantees you a very effective hot wax depilation.

Are you looking for wax that offers the quality of professional hair removal? Discover this Solac model that ranks first in the ranking made by users. From now on, don’t wonder where to buy the best hot waxing.


  • Two pans: With this device, you have two pots to allow you to heat enough wax for complete depilation.
  • Choice of temperature: Each pan comes with two temperature levels that will allow you to find the maximum you can handle.
  • The filter: You get a very useful extractable filter to remove the wax if you want to reuse it.
  • Indicator lights: This device has LEDs that light up when the wax reaches the desired temperature.


  • The only criticism to be made, according to the users’ opinion, is the fact that this device is not supplied with wax blocks.

3. Makartt Hair Removal Wax Warmer

Makartt Hair Removal Wax Warmer is a wax warmer model that comes with all the necessary accessories to guarantee you fast and effective depilation. The device is delivered with 200 g of pink wax perfectly adapted to all skin types. This is enough for long-term use. The kit also includes 100 ml of oil to apply to your skin after depilation to make it soft and perfectly smooth.

In addition, the device is able to heat the beads and rollers so that you can provide your skin with all the necessary care. The pink wax that comes with it is safe and allows you to wax your legs, armpits, bikini line and even your face.

This saves you having to look for another way to remove hair from different parts of your body. This device has a power of 100 Watts to allow you to heat in no time. The set is delivered with wooden spatulas for a better application of the wax.  This model is comparable to the best waxing kit.

If you want a smooth leg and silky skin after depilation, choose this powerful device that will stop you from wondering which hot wax depilation to choose. Even if it is not the cheapest of our selection, it is still sold at a reasonable price.


  • Powerful: This device has a power of 100 W to allow you to heat the wax very quickly.
  • Pink wax: The device is already delivered with 200 g of pink wax beads which is perfectly adapted to all skin types.
  • A soft and smooth skin: The kit includes a 100 ml bottle of oil to be applied to the skin after depilation for an exceptional result.


  • The capacity: The main drawback with this model is the capacity of its pan. It cannot contain enough wax for complete depilation.

4. Bouvetan Wax Warmer

Bouvetan Wax Warmer is a professional quality wax warmer model that allows you to perform simple, safe and effective waxing. Its design is very elegant and the device is compact enough for better integration in a room. Its aluminium case allows you to heat wax, tablets, rollers and blocks so that you are free to adapt it to your needs.

This case has a handle and a spatula holder to ensure your comfort with each use. Its capacity corresponds to that of a 400 ml jar to allow you to be free to prepare as much wax as you wish.

Its thermostat has a scale on it so you can adjust it to the heating temperature depending on the type of wax you use. The temperature setting is done through a single button for ease of use. The device allows you to quickly heat your wax for a heating time of about 40 minutes when the cassolette is filled. This is a record time compared to the heating time of other similar devices.

Speed is one of the criteria when looking for a hair removal kit. And with this model, you get a cassolette that displays a suitable heating time; a character that makes this waxing the most efficient of our selection.


  • The design: It is a device designed with a real aesthetic concern in mind and displays a soothing and elegant design.
  • A versatile cassolette: You can heat wax blocks, beads, pebbles or tablets according to your hair removal habits.
  • Choice of temperature: It is a device that offers several temperature levels accessible via a control button located on the front panel.
  • The heating time: The cassolette requires only 40 minutes of heating before the first use. Few models are so fast.


  • The capacity: This device has a capacity of 40 cl; a volume that only allows you to depilate your legs in one operation.

5. Parissa Wax  bWarmer

Parissa Wax  bWarmer  is a wax warmer that comes with a whole kit allowing you to perform waxing without pain and effective.

The device is capable of heating both 100 ml of wax for sufficient application to the different parts of your body. The kit includes 4 honey wax refills of 100 ml each that allow you to perform a gentle and perfectly effective depilation.  The wax can be used on different parts of your body and does not expose you to any risk of irritation or redness.

The set also includes a 200 ml bottle of some oil to ensure that your skin is soft and perfectly smooth after depilation. The device comes with a pack of 100 smooth strips to guarantee the effectiveness of depilation, especially on your legs. The device operates at a power of 40 Watts which ensures you the speed of depilation.

If this waxing procedure has passed the user test with flying colours, it is because of its ease of use and performance. If you want to compare this model with others, you will find that it offers the same results.


  • A complete kit: You get a heating device that can process 100 ml of wax in one operation. In addition, you have 4 refills of wax, a bottle of oil to apply after depilation and 100 smooth strips.
  • Quality hair removal: In addition to achieving smooth, hair-free skin, this device guarantees painless epilation.


  • The power: With 40 W of power, this device takes a little longer to heat the wax than these similar ones.

8. VIVREAL HOME Electric Wax Warmer

VIVREAL HOME Electric Wax Warmer is a device that allows you to perform effective and painless hot wax hair removal. The preparation pot is small to avoid wasting wax.

This guarantees you a significant saving in the long term. The unit comes with a thermostat that you can set in 3 different positions to ensure that you have the ideal temperature.

The device is supplied with 400g of Soft wax and 3 times 67g of hard wax. This ensures that you will be using it for a long time before buying wax again. The 20 spatulas that accompany it allow you to spread the wax evenly over the area to be depilated.

This device is compact and takes up little space both where you place it and when you take it with you on a trip. When you apply it to your legs, simply use the strips that accompany it and remove it all through its cleaning fluid to get flawless skin. This compares it to the best wax machine on the market.

It is always difficult to define the best brand of hot wax hair removal, but chances are it is Rio. Very easy to use, this wax leaves a smooth and hairless skin after its passage.


  • An adjustable thermostat: The pan used to prepare this wax includes a thermostat with 3 temperature levels.
  • A complete kit: With this product, you get 3 blocks of hard wax of 67 g each and a pot of hot wax of 400 g. In addition, we also deliver 20 wooden spatulas to allow you to apply the wax easily.
  • Compact and easy to use: This kit consists of compact accessories that take up little space. And the wax can be applied and removed in no time.


  • Size of the pan: Even if the small capacity of the pan saves you wax, you cannot melt enough wax to wax your feet.

How to use a wax warmer?

Hot wax is a relatively radical solution for removing unsightly hair. You should check the characteristics of the accessories used to perform hot waxing before choosing a kit. Here are some practical tips to help you.

> Never expose yourself to the sun after depilation

Be careful not to burn yourself when you wax. Avoid tanning after the session. Exposure to the sun makes the skin vulnerable to redness, allergies and pigment spots. This increases the risk of burns to newly waxed areas of the skin.

 > Always use warm water for depilation

You must already consider the correct temperature when applying the wax. Always test the heat of the battery before use. Hair removal with hot wax remains the best alternative for a clean and soft skin.

> Choose a good depilation with hot wax

For a successful depilation, from the moment you buy the product, take into account 3 characteristics, namely: the way the wax is heated, the extent of the area to be depilated and especially the types of wax to be used.

> Heating the wax

You must ensure that the wax is at the correct temperature and texture before applying the wax. To be sure, simply tap it on the spatula and see the consistency of the spatula by letting it flow. All these points must be respected to successfully wax your hair.

> Delimit the area to be depilated

Hot wax is perfect for underarm, leg and bikini waxing. For the face, warm wax is the most suitable. Unless you have a perfect command of the technique, you should consider having your hair removed in an institute. Letting beauticians take care of you will be better at reducing the risk of burns.

> Recognize the types of wax

Currently, brands offer different types of hot wax. In reality, it is the capacity that evolves to adapt to the expectations of consumers and make it easier for you to use at home. So you will find the resin jar or the roll-on. There are waxes that tear themselves off when dry, but you can also choose non-woven fabric strips.

> Apply the wax

Hot wax is a molten resin that traps short, fine, long or coarse hairs and pulls them from the root. Apply it to the skin with a wooden spatula or roll-on that continuously pours a dose of wax. Then let the skin cool down before ironing a little wax to perfect the result.

> Tear off the wax in the same direction as the hair grows

If you pull out the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, epilation will be effective, but hair growth will be thwarted. It is better to wax by pulling in the direction of the hair, even if this requires several applications.

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