How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately Home Remedies

Worried about hair fall? Want an immediate and home made remedy from the problem? Then you have to surely take some effective measure. You should know How to stop hair fall immediately home remedies and follow them regularly as much as possible.  Hair fall can be seen at any age of human. This can be considered as a disease also. So for healthy living you can guess the importance of your hair. To take care of that so important hair of yours shouldn’t you have some legit formula? Of course you should. We are at side of you.

Short highlight and review:

We are here to discuss about actually the hair problem. There are some steps and part we wish to cover for you as much as we can. Here are the point we will discuss:

  1. Hair fall problem
  2. Reasons of hair fall
  3. Ingredients to control hair fall can be used at home
  4. Home made methods to get rid of hair fall problems
  5. Procedure to apply them properly
  6. Recommend some product to control hair fall

Hair fall problem:                                   

It’s so common in our life to face hair fall problem at one stage of our life. But hair is considered a very precious part of our life. So we should aware about hair fall and its all consequences. Once we understand the importance to save our hair then we will be motivated to do so. We can explore many ways to that then. We agree that this is a huge problem and takes so many ways and days to solve it. in stead it actually depends on your interest to fight against hair fall problem. If you try day by day you can surely conquer the war.

How many hairs fall normally in a day:   

In a day falling 100 hairs is normal. This number is for women. In one research the number of hair fall is fixed on 100-125 for women. A woman can loss 100-125 hair in average in a day normally. For men the number is a little bit different. They can loss 25-100 hair in a day

Reasons of hair fall:

There can be many reasons of hair fall. Actually the reason varies with different person. It depends also on many facts. Here are some vital reasons:

  1. Can be genetic. If in family it is continuing then you can have the problem automatically
  2. For skin type of head
  3. for lacking of care of head skin and hair
  4. Dandruff is one of the reasons
  5. Using wrong product for wrong skin type
  6. Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy or hormonal problem
  7. Insufficiency of vitamin or protein
  8. In pregnancy period or after leaving having piils
  9. Stress, hard work, physical and mental trauma
  10. Losing so much weight in a short time period
  11. Over styling hair

Difference in type of hair fall in men and women:

Basically hair fall is a problem that is related to each person in each different ways. But though men and women are different in many angles.

  1. Number of hair falling is different
  2. Effects are different
  3. In men this can be a little bit more dramatic
  4. Anti hair fall product for men and women are different surely
  5. The ingredients are taken to stop hair fall has to be used in different quantity

Effects of hair fall:

Effects of hair fall can be severe. Every person wants to look good right? And hair fall is a big obstacle in that way. Hair fall affects your beauty. For women mostly this is s severe issue. If you want to look good you have to safe your hair. Besides it may causes lack of confidence also. In men this effect is mostly seen.

Why follow homemade remedy:

We often mostly depend on artificial various products but that should not be the vital way to get the goal.  Artificial any product can support you to protect hair fall. But if you take them as the only way then it can be harmful. They may have side effects. Home made remedy is better for following reasons:

  1. Nothing is as good as natural measure. We should remind that.
  2. They have no side effects.
  3. They are easy to apply.
  4. At any time you can use homemade way.
  5. Homemade remedy is cheaper than other.

How to stop hair fall immediately home remedies:

We will discuss some specific but effective way by which you can know how to stop hair fall immediately home remedies. All the necessary steps are described below.

Using some natural ingredients:

Nature has many mystreys in it. The more you discover it the more you will get new and new information. It has almost all the solution of any health related problem. As hair is a part of health you better depend on natural solution. In every part of healthcare has its own beauty. Some specific natural elements are assigned specially for health care. To protect your hair fall following ingredients are best:

  1. Coconut cream and oil

Method of applying:

You have to make coconut oil a little warm and apply that starting from root of the hair. Then apply over every hair till the top. After one hour you can wash.

You can also squeeze the coconut and mix that with milk and water. Then you can apply on the areas where your hair is thinning or balding. You have to stay this mixture for one whole night. Wash off hair in next morning.

  1. Onion juice

Method of applying:

You have to chop an onion and mash it to let out its juice. Then apply that juice on each scalp of head properly. Keep it for 5 minutes. Then wash that with a bold shampoo and dry your hair.Follow this method twice in a week.

  1. Garlic::

Method of applying:

Collect some chops of a garlic clove. Mix it with coconut oil and boil the mixture. Then you have to cool that a little. Massage the solution for few minutes. Lightly keep massaging in your scalp. You can continue it for 30 minutes. After that wash it off. Use this twice in a week.

  1. Henna:

Method of applying:

Take mustard oil in 250 ml. then you have to add washed and dried henna in 60mg quantity. Make the mixture a little hot and make the leaves burn. Then filter the oil.

Massage the whole mixture in your scalp. Assume this way everyday. Every day after using you can store the rest henna leaves.

An another way can be followed. You can make henna pack with dry henna and mixing that henna powder. Then use that in each scalp and wash after one hour.

  1. Hibiscus:

Method of applying:

Adopt few flowers and mix that with coconut oil and sesame. Make a paste and use it in each and every narrow root of hair. Leave it for few hours. After that you have to take it off by cool water and best shampoo.

  1. Amla:

Method of applying:

You can use amla juice or powder. You can adopt both also. Whatever you take mix that with lemon juice. Use that in roots and dry them keeping in scalp.

It is good to use with little warm water Amla pack made with amla pack is mostly recommended to use everyday.

  1. Egg:

Method of applying:

Use the white part of a egg and make a mixture with olive oil teaspoon measurement. Make it like a paste and consistently apply on every scalp of hair.

Just have to 15 to 20 minutes. Make it with cool water having mixed with mild shampoo.

Effects of the natural and homemade ingredients on hair loss:

Coconut oil and milk can be called a legend in this field. It not only prevents the hair loss but also contributes to hair growth. It protects hair breakage also. It has minerals and protein evenly also that is so important for hair loss

Onion juice works as a rich source of sulphur. It increases hair growth by affecting collagen production.

Garlic also has sulphur in high content. It is used in traditionally for re-growing hair. In this case this works like a natural medicine.

Henna works like natural hair color and conditioner. Henna can make your hair strong from the root. Most effective natural pack it is.

Hibiscus or show flower nourishes hair. It never let your hair being premature and grey. Also fights with dandruff to control hair fall.

Amla, known as indian gooseberry can be a blessing for hair loss. So much vitamin C and antioxidants are with this. It can easily reverse hair loss at initial stage.

Egg nis one of the authentic elements for preventing hair fall. It is compact with sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein that are so much effective for decreasing hair loss.

Measures should be taken to prevent hair loss:

  1. Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A, C and E
  2. Add flaxseeds , fish, walnuts in your daily food chart
  3. Consume as much fatty acid as you can
  4. Use all the components regarding biotin, silica and zinc.
  5. Use shampoo, oil, soap, spray and every necessary products made by natural element
  6. Eat healthy food that is helpful for hair growth
  7. Try to avoid washing hair with hot water
  8. Better not to use hard type shampoo. In alter you should try soft and moisturizing shampoo
  9. Use steam regularly. You can wet towel with hot water and then apply on hair
  10. Clean your hair scalp regularly by circulating fingers over all scalps
  11. Drink a plenty of water everyday
  12. Stay away from dust and dirty weather
  13. Never tie your hair so tight
  14. Don’t comb hair immediate after taking bath. Combing wet hair can be the reason of hair fall
  15. Never blow your dry hair. It causes hair loss

Some other homemade way to prevent hair fall:

Homeopathic treatment:

You can admire homeopathic treatment for hair loss. In that case fluoric acid, silica, phosphoric acid, phosohorous, graphities, mezereum can be helpful

Regular exercise:

Having regular yoga and exercise can make sure that your hair doesn’t fall too much. It makes your body relaxed and that is the reason of not falling hair

Massaging scalp well:

Daily massage your scalp in well way. You should do it for some time. It simulates your head and hair. It maintains good blood circulation all over the body including head

Have vitamin enriched food:

Keep a habit of having vegetables, vitamin enriched food, minerals contained fish. Besides you have to take care of how much water you are taking in a day

Covering your hair outside:

To prevent hair from being dusty you may cover your hair while going outside. That will definitely lessen hair fall

Having good quality product:

Whatever product or hair treatment you are having, remember that that should be out of touch from any harmful effect. It is better to have herbal treatment

Some products to help to know How to stop hair fall immediately home remedies:

We have researched in so much in almost every way. We have measured people review also.  Finally concluded in to some products. They can surely light you the way to get remedy from hair loss being at home.


For avoiding hair loss there are so many good shampoos. But among them ‘’ degrease’’ is the best sold shampoo. Its quality is multitasking. It works equally on oily hair. Fights against dandruff also

Hair oil:

‘’Pura D’or organic Moroccan organ oil’’ is the natural oil that is hugely appreciated in people.  It is made with complete organic care. Perfect combination for hair skin and all hair type

Anti dandruff formula:

‘’Maple Holistics Sage’’ is the best anti dandruff formula. You can get jojoba, Argan, and Organic Tea Tree Oil treatment by this. This is totally Sulfate Free can be used both for Women and Men


‘’Pura D’or’’ is the best conditioner therapy for hair loss. This is combined with miotin and coconut oil which is natural but conditioning system. Proved system for hair loss

Flaws of discussion:

As we preciously said hair fall problem is a very big problem. It is so difficult to describe about it and its cure totally in some words. So here the article is our little try to bring all the points together about the hair fall and home remedies of that to give you an overall idea on this topic. There may some flaws. There may some minor points left. But you can be sure that reading this you can get knowledge almost all the angle of How to stop hair fall immediately home remedies issue.



Well we tried to cover all the points in short to acknowledge you about hair fall and solutions. We repeat it is not possible to describe all the things. There not any certain way of how to stop hair fall immediately home remedies. It depends on people hair type, choice, environment, habit and even on their budget also. But one thing is confirmed that reading this you will surely get some idea about this problem and its solution. After gathering that you may think or research yourself about get remedies from home.. Be confident and use the best way and prevent your hair loss.