Lumi’Essence Brightening Repair Treatment

Each single spot marks a lot to your beauty. A small spot can be a big obstacle to your perfect look. For that reason we have to give emphasis to remove dark spot so that that can automatically merge us to the brightening. Lumi’Essence brightening repair treatment is just off toward that motive and renders a complete treatment system to vanish dark spot as well enrich our brightness.

Special effects:

Keeps the radiance of skin increasing overtime. It has the most uniformed complexion ever. The exposure caused of sun appearance is firmly related to dark spots. Visibly of discoloration can’t be avoided long time in that case. Lumi’Essence brightening repair treatment balances in both of the problem and keep them diminished.


  1. Corrects spots with visibly which happen for excessive heat and cumulative exposure of sun.
  2. It assists for making skin tone even and overtime.
  3. Niacinamide in it sustains with a smooth effect by transferring melanosomes cells
  4. It interrupts the irregular process of pigmentation and doesn’t let them form
  5. Rich and absorbs fast by cream like butter mixture leaving soft skin


It has Arbutin of alpha, kojic acid, Pineapple and papaya mixture. It has 2.9 ounce weight in shipping.

Some extra tips:

It is recommended to use at any time in over all days. It can be in days or in night. While using this you must use a sunscreen like SPF 30 at least because this can enhance sun damage causes and un evenness then. It performs the best on light or medium color skin tones.


  1. Free from Hydroquinone and toxic acid type ingredients
  2. Manufactured and developed in USA
  3. Suited to any kind of skin
  4. Can be used with other skin treatments easily
  5. Gears up the brightening of skin


  1. There can be a minor side effect of having unevenness in skin tone
  2. Can face a little hormonal imbalances if you use it during pregnancy
  3. Genetic normal system of skin coloring may affect a little for the product some time for hormonal issues.
  4. Medication for Injuries may not be matched with this product.

Customer product review:

Comparing other products like this in market it has a huge market responds or you may say as customer responds actually. About 300 people have liked and given positive reviews about Lumi’Essence brightening repair treatment. They who have used it once have never be disappointed with the product and have never told anything negative and that may counted as a huge achievement for the product

You can fight with your dark spot so strongly with Lumi’Essence brightening repair treatment. Sopme little dark spot may drag to you a big skin damage or hamper your total look so  badly. So, don’t let your get any problem caused by dark spot and less brightening.

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