Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401

Epilators are alternate to hair remover or razor. It is emerged as the latest tool that has been added to make up instruments ans system of women. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 is one if the bets format of this kind of product and gets you the best epilator’s gadget service.

Why should use Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401:

First of all this is the case of our skin and its safety. For hat we can’t take any chance and should have the best that would work the best for us giving the relaxation. If we talk about epilators then the electric and fast formulated razor system designed with modern technology is called generally as epilators. This works to remove the body hair. So, here comes the point. A product that is used on whole body and works as a hair remover with modern touch should be the best of course and that is the main reason of using Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401.


  1. Full corded satinelle design with compact that can remove hair from whole body including hand and leg specially
  2. Makes smooth skin and keeps them soft for weeks
  3. Money is saved from waxing of salon
  4. Removes the shortest hairs so efficiently from the root
  5. Makes the whole process easier and comfortable having 3-4 mm high hairs


Settings and instruments:

It has double speed settings. You can use slower speed with attachment of cap combination. This system is used on delicate and hardly reached areas of body

Measurements and features:

2.2 inches, 6.8 inches and 8.5 inches are the measurements in length, weight and height of the product having 8 ounces or weight. It is manufactured of two speed settings and with a handle that has ergonomic grip. It has 100 – 240 V of voltage. This is designed with 21 hypoallergenic discs with a removable head. It brings comfortable system of handling. It can remove hair from root of it and clears them all with smoothness.


  1. Design is corded for using on dry skin constantly.
  2. Follows the special way for dry skin. It picks up more hairs in its first pass.
  3. The tool is washable head that is easy to use to remove hair remove
  4. Can be cleaned by water to get optimal hygiene
  5. Makes skin softer and smoother than any other razor that is disposable razors
  6. It is capable of removing shortest hair even of 0.5 millimeter


  1. Price Rate can be little high to some people
  2. System is fixed and no variations made
  3. No different size is found
  4. For some people this can be seemed little complicated than normal razor

Customer product review:

An incredible number of people have reviewed the product as the best epilators. This is really a huge number of 4427 people. They have used and previewed with four or five starts the product. All the customers are really so satisfied with the product and in market comparing to its competitors this is far ahead. Because of its brand name more people support it and have its service and none of them have been disappointed.

So, to be confident with latest tool and maintain your fashion with the trend you have to depend on the best epilator Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401. You will have all the benefits of it and according to that your work of removing hair will be done nicely. You can use it at any situation and carry it easily also.

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