The Best Activated Beauty Boosters for Every Skin Type

Everyone has one goal: the perfect glow, a skin that shines as if it has just been kissed by the water – wrinkle-free and without impurities. This should be possible for a long time with the activated beauty boosters and serve as a rescue for dull skin.

Boosters are skincare products that contain a higher concentration of a specific ingredient, such as vitamin C or a blend of vegetable oils, along with other ingredients that make every booster even more effective. With one or two boosters, you can tailor your skincare to the needs of your skin and get even better results.

The benefits of boosters on the skin

Among the innovations in the world of skin treatments, the boosters are quickly becoming an inevitable product in the list of treatments preferred by the gurus of the beauty world. The biggest brands have started to chase this trend, launching their version of these innovative complementary treatments, which act against all skin conditions, from loss of tone to imperfections, from redness to the signs caused by pollution.

Unlike many other beauty treatments, which are sold as complete products or as part of a treatment regime, boosters are not meant to be used alone. On the contrary, it is possible to customize one’s daily beauty regime by integrating a specific booster for the condition of one’s skin. Imagine them as an “update” designed to complete your daily beauty routine.

How to use activated beauty boosters

It is important to remember those skin boosters are designed to supplement – and not to radically change – your normal treatment regimen. Integrating a booster into your daily beauty treatment will not alter the effectiveness of the products you normally use: indeed.

Since the boosters act better as part of a team, it is necessary to choose the products carefully. For example, if you live in the city, where the skin is more likely to be subjected to the negative effects of pollution, choosing a booster rich in antioxidants is the best way to enhance your daily beauty routine. If instead you have very light or sensitive skin and you are about to leave for the holidays thinking about how to fight redness, you can choose a moisturizing booster, also ideal during the winter months.

The best-activated beauty boosters

1. Clarins Booster

Clarins Booster is one of the best-activated beauty boosters. The product contains a high concentration of active ingredients that reduce the aging process of the skin and at the same time protect against external factors. The composition contains primarily vitamin C stimulating collagen synthesis and reducing the negative impact of free radicals. 

At the same time, it evens out the skin tone, thus eliminating the unsightly discoloration. It also contains magnesium, which has a strong regenerating effect and hyaluronic acid allowing maintaining the skin’s elasticity and ensuring its proper hydration.

It is a cosmetic intended for people who are looking for a reliable way to combat the symptoms of skin aging, as well as the impact of external factors. It is mainly about the sun’s rays, through which the aging process of the skin accelerates and at the same time causes discoloration. Consumers confirm that the best face serum has a very good anti-wrinkle effect.

2. Exuviance Antioxidant Peel/Booster

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Exuviance Antioxidant Peel/Booster is an innovative activated beauty booster that has gained the recognition of many specialists and women. It is considered a very effective skin booster.

First of all due to the fact that its use actually allows you to get great results. The product renews the DNA structure, blocks the aging process of the skin and reduces the visibility of senile changes that arise on the skin. Exuviance Antioxidant Peel/Booster is a reliable solution that makes existing wrinkles, discolorations and lines retreat.

In addition, the skin becomes moisturized and regains its uniform color. Enhanced Environmental Repair is a solution that removes up to 90% free radicals and impurities. The product also protects the skin against UV rays. It also contains irreplaceable hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in the skin. The preparation has been tested allergological and ophthalmologically is odorless and non-acne.

3. Trish McEvoy Anti-Fatigue Beauty Booster Cream

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Trish McEvoy Anti-Fatigue Beauty Booster Cream is an active day and night correction serum designed for oily and combination skin. Suitable when you have a problem with discoloration, enlarged pores, skin shining and acne lesions.

The product copes well with all these problems. Narrows pores brighten discolorations and gives the complexion glow. It also improves skin firmness – minimizing wrinkles and other signs of aging. The product contains, among others, mandelic acid, which slightly exfoliates the epidermis and has an antibacterial effect. Thanks to this, our skin is better cleaned.

Perfectly reduces the secretion of sebum, so the number of acne lesions also decreases. In contrast, lactobionic acid stimulates skin repair mechanisms and reduces the number of breakouts. An important ingredient is also Vitamin B3, which strengthens and mattifies the skin.

Consumers confirm that when the serum is used regularly, the skin looks younger. It is firmer, matte, very velvety to the touch and full of light. It is also a good facial serum. Effectively improves the appearance of mixed, oily, shiny, gray skin, with enlarged pores, discoloration, with visible acne lesions.

4. Watts Beauty Peptide Firming Wrinkle Serum

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Watts Beauty Peptide Firming Wrinkle Serum is a reliable anti-wrinkle product with technology that activates unique pearls. It uses a highly effective formula that has been enriched with hyaluronic acid.

The preparation effectively reduces wrinkles and slows down the formation of new ones. Consumers confirm that with regular use our skin becomes visibly smoother and younger. This good and cheap face serum has been dermatologically tested and can also be used by people with sensitive skin. The product is also suitable as a makeup base.

In addition, it is available in any drugstore. It is not surprising, therefore, that it enjoys such popularity and is one of the most popular anti-wrinkle products.

5. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

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Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum is a product aimed at people with skin problems, as well as those who are looking for a refreshing cosmetic that gives it a unique vitality. The preparation contains such ingredients as marula oil and vitamin C.

The lavender extracts act as natural botox, and marula soothing oil. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum moisturizes and tones the skin, and the vitamin C contained in the preparation eliminates the discoloration. The product clearly firms, brightens and gives the skin a unique freshness, which is also confirmed by consumers who regularly use this serum. The product is also recommended for people with skin problems.

People using this cosmetic ensure that the first effects are visible already after 24 hours from the first application. The consistency of the product is also highly valued – it is light, non-sticky, so it spreads well over the face, giving it a healthy look.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum is a product for women that make the skin firmer and more elastic. Its action restores the youthful freshness and smoothness of the face.

6. Dr. Karabelnik Beauty Booster

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Dr. Karabelnik Beauty Booster is touted by its manufacturer as a powerful blend of natural ingredients that will help you to have a natural and healthy-looking skin. This product has an excellent evaluation result of the hundreds of users who, at the moment, have used it, even granting its miraculous properties.

In its formula, the manufacturer has placed hyaluronic acid and vitamin C as main ingredients to enhance the natural production of collagen. Thanks to these two ingredients users have seen remarkable improvements in the dermis, some of which include the reduction of wrinkles, the disappearance of spots and the elimination of conditions such as acne.

The product has also proven to be effective on skins with fewer problems helping to delay natural aging.

What activated beauty booster to buy?

Shopping guide

The face skin is delicate and every day is exposed to many harmful factors. No wonder that it requires careful care. In this, we help different types of cosmetics – they are not only creams and tonics, but also a highly concentrated serum. Choosing the right product can be difficult, especially with a very troublesome complexion. When buying, you should count not only the price, but also the properties of the cosmetic, its composition, and even the type of skin. Thanks to this guide you will learn which activated beauty booster to choose from among the products available on the market.

Skin type

When choosing any skin care cosmetics, first of all, we need to consider the skin type we have. This can help us make the right decision. We differentiate several types of skin, and each of them needs a different serum:

Dry – it is often irritated and can flake, accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of tightening, it requires intensive hydration;

Normal – has a healthy color, tight pores and does not have too high requirements, so it’s enough for her moisturizing and antioxidant product;

Oily – sebaceous glands found in it produce too much sebum, therefore it needs a light serum with a water formula that will mainly regulate the glands (it will also work well with acne);

mixed – is a combination of normal and oily skin, the proper cosmetic must not only moisturize, but also regulate the secretion of sebum and possibly reduce the visibility of discoloration (also after acne).

It’s good to look at your skin before shopping and think about what other features the serum should do. If our complexion clearly lost its firmness and elasticity, a product with tightening properties will be appropriate. Wrinkles should look for anti-aging cosmetics, and one of regenerative nature should perfectly cope with tired skin, which clearly lost its former glory. The type of activated beauty booster is the best, so it depends to a large extent on the needs of our complexion.


The serum works much stronger than the cream, although it has a much lighter formula. However, if you want the cosmetic to work, before you put it in the basket, you need to carefully analyze the composition. Of course, each product will contain other active substances, but some of them are almost indispensable regardless of the type of skin.

The foundation of skincare is in most cases moisturizing. Let’s not forget that if we hydrate the skin properly, we can effectively delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. The cosmetic chosen by us must, therefore, contain collagen, glycerin, ceramides or hyaluronic acid.

If the product is to further inhibit the aging process of the skin, in its composition must find a place even for vitamin C. It responds not only for improving the body’s resistance but can also effectively fight the harmful effects of free radicals.

Complementing the composition are often oils that are currently gaining popularity and we can find them in most cosmetics. For the production of the serum, the most commonly used argan oil, avocado, rose or jojoba.

Natural cosmetics

More and more often and more willingly, we reach for products that are based on natural ingredients. However, do not trust manufacturers who put the words “bio” or “eco” on the packaging. This is often just a marketing gimmick that will encourage us to buy.

If we want to find an activated beauty booster in the department with natural cosmetics, we need to analyze the compositions. In this case, the active substances are plant extracts, natural oils and vegetable waters (hydrolats). There is no place for artificial ingredients such as parabens, lanolin, paraffin or SLS. They are replaced with emulsifiers of vegetable origin, essential oils and natural extracts of plants and fruits. Sometimes such preservatives may be found in such cosmetics, but these substances are very mild and approved for use by the unit’s certification products.

Organic cosmetics

Organic products are in turn those whose ingredients are grown on organic farms that meet strictly defined and often very stringent criteria. Pesticides do not use genetic engineering in such places. Therefore, cosmetics of this type will never contain harmful substances, nor are they tested on animals.

In order to choose an organic activated beauty booster, we must check whether the packaging contains information about the approvals and certificates possessed by the manufacturer. Only then can we be sure that the product chosen by us is indeed a good choice. The most frequently used ingredients for production are extracts from plants (from controlled crops) and substances of animal origin (eg honey). These products are preserved using essential oils.

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