The Best Eyeliner To Make Your Eyes Pop In Seconds

Eyeliners are cosmetic products designed to highlight the beauty of the eyes. Therefore, they should not be missing in any make-up case. Its application does not require too much complication, although you must have a good pulse so that the line is perfect and in place. As you know, it is a kind of brush, although it is also available in other formats, which you should slide on the mobile eyelid flush with the eyelashes. The thickness and, if applicable, the color of the eyeliner will depend on you, as there are as many shades as preferences. In the market you will find a handful of options for you to select the most convenient.

What to consider when buying eyeliners

Whether you prefer it more discreet or more pronounced, eyeliner exists for all tastes on the market. It remains to know which model suits you best before making a choice to avoid a bad deal. In addition, not all items available from suppliers are of better quality. That is why it is better to know the characteristics of these products considering their case in general. A buying guide can guide you on this and we put one at your disposal.


The most popular eyeliners are those in the pen. All because these products fit very well in your hand and have a precise tip, as a result of which drawing a stroke with an ideal thickness becomes extremely simple. It may happen, however, that the cosmetic in the pen will dry after a few or several days after purchase. This is the case if we choose a poor quality product or we will store it in the wrong place, e.g. very close to the radiator. Nevertheless, such eyeliners are recommended for beginners, because they allow you to gain experience in quickly drawing strokes on your eyelids.

More experienced users can choose to buy a product in a brush, which makes it possible to give the line an extremely precise shape. Due to the fact that this type of cosmetics is usually very well pigmented, it is often enough to pull one brush to perform a perfect looking eye make-up. The disadvantage of this group of products is the high risk of drawing too strong and distinct line. If we want to achieve a natural effect, it is best to gently wipe the applicator (eg with a handkerchief) and get rid of the excess of the cosmetic.

Gel eyeliners are also available, enclosed in small jars. For their application, we need a brush that is sometimes included in the set. Such products are great for daytime as well as evening make-up. Some consumers complain, however, that after each application you need to thoroughly clean the brush, so that there is no leftover cosmetic residue on the bristles (they can dry out and then it is difficult to remove them).

Color – what eyeliner is the best?

In order to bring out the depth of the gaze and properly emphasize the eyes, we have to choose the colors of cosmetics appropriately. Contrary to appearances, the color of the eyeliner is as important as eye shadow. Our choice depends on the color of the iris.

The most universal is black eyeliner, which can be used by ladies with dark and very light eye frames. Manufacturers also offer cosmetics in other shades to emphasize the unique color of the iris. For example, ladies with brown eyes can successfully reach for purple or green eyeliner and create an interesting contrast in this way. The blue irises perfectly match the lines in burgundy, turquoise and silver, and green – in shades of purple, gold and bronze.

Glitter eyeliners are ideal for people who like eye makeup. The shiny particles contained in them allow you to change the delicate, daily make-up into a perfect match for a special occasion, for example a birthday party or a New Year’s Eve party. It is not recommended to use brocade cosmetics to make everyday makeup, especially for work. Much, however, may depend on our style of dress or the nature of the position on which we work.


The best eyeliner is one that has the right consistency. The cosmetic should not be too dense, because then drawing a perfect line will become extremely difficult. This applies in particular to the products in the brush. At the same time, remember not to buy too liquid eyeliner, because there is a risk that after applying to the skin, the cosmetic will long dry up and we can inadvertently blur the line.


A good eyeliner should stay on the eyelid for many hours, regardless of the season, air temperature or other external factors. Choosing a not very durable cosmetic, we will be forced to make corrections during the day, which will quickly become cumbersome. In addition, it can negatively affect the eyeliner’s performance. Too often correcting the make-up will cause the cosmetic to end quickly and we will have to go shopping again.

If we care that the make-up made with eyeliner does not smudge even in very difficult conditions (eg on unusually hot day), a great solution is to buy a waterproof product. For such a cosmetic you usually need to buy a special make-up remover, because with the help of a mild milk or micellar liquid, we do not wash the water-resistant eyeliner thoroughly.


Cosmetics in a brush and marker pen are available in packs with a capacity of 0.5 ml to 6 ml and are sufficient for a long time (also for everyday use). Also gel eyeliners are efficient, mainly because they are closed in approx. 2 g jars.

Finishing the eyeliner

Last but not least, you should assess the finish of the eyeliner. And is that the eyeliners can be of the same color, but have different finishes, which then we will see. Of course, if you are wondering how much the eyeliner costs, this factor will be decisive.

In this sense, an eyeliner can have, in the first instance, a matt effect. It is the most widespread option, as it is ideal for both day to day and for a more sophisticated event. A second alternative would be to opt for a metallic eyeliner, which is excellent for night looks, for example. Its great advantage is that it brings a greater luminosity to the look.

Finally, a third finish would be the eyeliner with vinyl effect. This formula provides an intense shine that will make your eyes stand out above all things. If your plan is to party until dawn, this type of eyeliner could be the ideal.

What is the best eyeliner of 2019?

Identifying the best eyeliner is an arduous task, since each person will work one model or another depending on their features, skin color, eyes, etc. However, what is clear is that the eyeliners have come to stay, because it is amazing the effect obtained by just drawing a line over the eye. For you to have a reference, we leave you with some of the best eyeliners of 2019.

1. Maybelline New York Tattoostudio Eyeliner

If you only want the best eyeliner when you plan to buy this accessory, then linger on this model. Maybelline New York Tattoostudio Eyeliner offers a black felt eyeliner. Its tip is fine so that you can use it precisely when you make plots. You only need to apply it in one gesture and continue to have a result that satisfies you.

This product offers a rich formula that contains fine carbon black particles. The color of each plot is therefore considerably dark, but it does not give rise to any transfer and it takes a long time. To increase the thickness of the plot, you only need to repeat the passage of this article. The result is pleasant to watch to highlight the part that corresponds to your eyes. This product is compatible to everyone and even to sensitive eyes or to users who wear lenses.

Thanks to its waterproof formula, the black pigments of this article can hold for a whole day without leaving any burrs. Do not worry even if there is contact with moisture. His job does not lead you to the stress of constantly paying attention.  

It is often advisable to give priority to big brands when buying this material. If you are sensitive to these tips, in this case this article might catch your eye. The result is satisfactory, however this accessory is easy to use even if you are not used to it yet.


  • Satisfactory rendering: In trying to compare offers, customers opted for this model because of its fine tip to optimize the accuracy of the lines. The formula adopted by the designer also gives a very black effect and provides maximum hold.
  • Adapted: The manufacture of this eyeliner is also thought to adapt to all users. It does not contain ingredients that can cause allergies. Even if you have lenses, this product will work.        


  • Doubtful durability: Although some customers think it’s the best-performing product on the market, others say it’s drying up after weeks.

2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

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This model is a waterproof eyeliner. This is a liquid model, but the fact that it has this formula indicates that the traces it leaves can take a long time on your eyes. You can have them for a whole day and during each course, this article does not show any burr. The effect it offers is natural and it does not give rise to any shading after its application. As a result, the result that this equipment allows seeing is pleasant to watch.

Its tip is flexible and is at a medium size. It is neither too fine nor too big. This makes it ideal for a single-pass route to a precise line. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily handle this product. The flexibility of the component previously indicated optimizes the comfort of the use this accessory.

The intense black color of each line eliminates the need for multiple layers to make visible features. It meets the needs of different categories of users and even those of sensitive people. Moreover, it is fast drying and is done immediately to avoid wasting time while you are in a hurry to get out.

It is often difficult to know where to buy the best eyeliner, given the abundance of supply. However, this article stands out because it is made with formulas that respect the eyes of users to satisfy all their needs.


  • Long duration: It is waterproof eyeliner that offers good application resistance. As a result, you no longer have to retouch all day.
  • Convenient: Featuring a flexible tip and designed to the right size, this device allows making pleasurable plots to look at. You do not have to go back several times. This makes handling easier when you start using this material.        


  • Burr problem: Some of the buyers had complained about this product. They claimed that the eyeliner ran down the upper eyelid.

3. COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner

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This product is waterproof and is anti perspiration. So, you can keep your makeup for a long time. You do not need to go out a little during a party for fear of no longer have eyes highlighted. It is possible to see his tracks for a whole day. The appearance of the lines offered is delicate. They are pretty to see.

This equipment has a double head design. It is practical both economically and practically. You can perfect the result according to your needs. After its application, this component is durable and dry. There is no fear to have even if you are in a hurry and want to leave quickly after applying it. With a net weight of 10 g, you cannot even feel the presence of this accessory, when accompanying you during a trip. His transport does not require effort.

If despite your research, you still cannot find the eyeliner that really meets your requirements, then it can finally catch your eye. It stands out above all by its design that allows you to have varied results depending on the effect you are looking for.


  • Sustainable outcome: The major advantage of this cheaper item is that it is able to withstand perspiration and water. As a result, your makeup will always be highlighted throughout the day or during the evenings.
  • Satisfactory purchase: The purchase of this item attracted customers who were unaware of which eyeliner to choose by its double-headed manufacture. You are free to choose the tip you need and perfect with the other to get the desired result.


  • Purchase disappointing: Some buyers claimed that this product only worked during the first use, then there was more liquid coming out.

4. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eyeliner

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If it’s an eyeliner pencil that you want to buy, then you can opt for this product. It has a mini conical format. In addition, its texture can be modulated according to your needs. Thus, this equipment offers multiple possibilities for applications. The look that this product has to have is intense. Its color is concentrated for a result that delights the view. You do not need a lot of effort to apply it and it is not necessary to go back several times for the lines to be visible.

This model has a concentrated formula in rich oils. The comfort it offers during its application is satisfactory. This product can hold for a long time thanks to its long-lasting formula. You can use it without asking yourself the question permanently if the traces are still present after a few hours.

The plot that the eyeliner allows to have is accurate. It is compatible with many types of users and even for people with sensitive eyes. People who wear lenses will have no trouble using it to optimize the quality of their makeup by making their eyes more visible.     

You may be more used to using eyeliner pencil. In this case, we want to direct you to this model which is very popular with customers. Indeed, its use is ideal to optimize the intensity of looks.


  • Convenient: Thanks to the conical shape and texture of this article, it can be used to meet all your needs for use. The oil concentration of this product allows it to be used by all types of users.
  • Satisfactory behavior: The opinions of the purchasers are unanimous on the fact that the result obtained with this pencil is durable. It is not necessary to check or make alterations, because your makeup remains intact for long hours.    


  • Incompatible with a classic pencil sharpener: This product that was in the best ranking did not go to the classic sharpener.

5. Black Radiance Bold and Sexy Liquid Eyeliner

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Black Radiance is a liquid cosmetic that has been enclosed in an eye-catching, small jar with an applicator – a brush. This good and cheap eyeliner does not smudge or rub off, regardless of humidity or atmospheric conditions.

With the help of the product, we can properly emphasize the eyes, correct their contour or optically enlarge them. The relatively dense consistency significantly facilitates dashes on the eyelids of appropriate thickness, without the effect of redrawing.

Based on the opinions published on the Internet by consumers who have decided to purchase eyeliner Black Radiance, it can be concluded that this is the perfect choice for women looking for a durable and efficient cosmetic with a precision applicator.


  • It allows you to keep the precision: The brush has been appropriately contoured, which allows you to maintain precision when applying eyeliner.
  • Elegant packaging: The distinguishing feature is the elegant-looking packaging in gold and black.
  • It stays long: The lines painted on the eyelids persist throughout the day. There is no risk that the cosmetic will smudge or crumble.
  • Efficiency: Although the eyeliner is enclosed in a relatively small package, it lasts for a few weeks (also for everyday use). 


  • Lack of several color versions: According to consumers, the cosmetic should be available in several color versions. Then it would be possible to better match the eyeliner to the type of beauty.

6. Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Pen

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We present Docolor Liquid Eye liner Pen – a cosmetic with glitter that can be used to create eye-catching make-up, for example for a New Year’s party. The product has a thin brush for easy application.

We can choose from several eyeliner colors: turquoise, gold, black, blue, navy blue and silver. Due to such a large variety of shades, we can find a cosmetic well suited to the color of the eyes or our outfit.

Consumers publishing opinions about Docolor Liquid Eye liner Pen claim that they are convenient in the application and noteworthy cosmetics. The Docolor Liquid Eye liner Pen product is available in a 5.5 ml package, even in a small woman’s purse or vanity case. So we can always have an eyeliner with you.

Docolor Liquid Eye liner Pen is available in 6 shades of brocade, including blue, green and navy blue. This eyeliner, which was enclosed in a 5.5 ml package with a brush.


  • Beautiful shades: The cosmetic impresses with beautiful, shimmering shades. We can choose a color that perfectly harmonizes with the color of the iris and our type of beauty.
  • It dries quickly on the eyelid: Eyeliner is dry on the eyelid immediately after the application, so there is no risk that we can blur it when correcting the line.
  • A great eye makeup finish: With the help of a cosmetic, we can finish eye makeup and add a glow of light. Glitter particles glisten beautifully in the light.      


  • Not for everyday use: Many women think that this is not the perfect eyeliner for everyday use. Glitter lines do not match delicate makeup.

How to use an eyeliner?

The eyeliner allows you to build cat’s eyes, full of charm and depth. That said, when you do not master the art of applying it, things can quickly turn sour. There is no question of spending hours at the risk of being late for appointments. Here are some tips to help the less experienced in the field.

Regardless of whether you have small or large eyes, enhancing the look can make a difference in your appearance. To achieve this, many women resort to the use of eyeliners to further define the eye contour and create interesting effects. If you have purchased one and are looking for some recommendations for use for this product, we offer you some ideas below.

Dedicate time to the task

Haste is one of the main enemies of the delineation of the eyes. This task requires skill and care, so we invite you to when you have to do it, be as calm as possible and with enough time. With the passage of time, you could delineate more quickly, but it is always better to take a few minutes.

Make sure the applicator is in good condition

Because accuracy is the main point in the correct eye delineation technique, the first thing you have to do when trying to apply this product is to verify that the instrument that deposits the color on the skin is free of lumps or imperfections. For those who apply with a brush you should check that no filament is out of the rest, to avoid marking additional lines to the one you want to make.

Decide the shape of the outline

Each eye has different characteristics and the outline must adapt to the outline, but also to your preferences, so you must first have in mind the style you want to reproduce and, from this, create an imaginary line over your eye. This line will begin to be drawn by applying small dots at first, from the top of the tear and going through the entire eyelid. Always on the line of the eyelashes to finish with a slight inclination that points towards the end of your eyebrow.

Subsequently, you must proceed to join each point little by little with a thin line. It is convenient that this work is done by having a hand place to place your arm comfortably, so the natural movement of the hand will be softer.

Set the thickness of the line

Now that you have drawn the outline of the outline, proceed to give greater thickness or intensity to the color. You can also open the angle of the delineate in some sections of the eyelid and, in case you look more intense in the look, you can apply layers or drawing on the line to widen it as much as you want, until you get it according to the expected.

Now, in case you want to create a smoky effect in your eyes, you can use a smudge and gradually soften the edges of the line, to make it more subtle.

Clean the applicator

It is normal that during the application of eyeliner some traces of base or shade adhere to the brush or the drawing utensil. It is convenient that you remove them so that the accuracy of this applicator is not affected and in subsequent drawings, you will not encounter any setbacks. You can pass the brush on a clean cloth or any other fiber that leaves no residue.

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