Top 5 Best primers 2019 for Dry Skin

If you are looking for the best make-up primer, you should consider some things before you buy. Thus, the models differ in some respects not only in terms of their ingredients but also in terms of benefits and areas of application. In addition, the application varies from product to product, so you should study the issue before you buy, not only if you have sensitive skin. If you do not have the time or the research is too time-consuming, you can also follow our buy recommendation because we have already done the research for you.

What is a primer?

A primer serves as the basis for every make-up and acts as a primer under the foundation. Unlike the Foundation, however, the primer is mostly transparent. Depending on the function, it can also be slightly greenish (eg to hide redness) or even softly tinted (to compensate for bumps and spots). Product diversity has increased in recent years. There are now all kinds of primers: Classic primers for all skin types with and without silicones, primers as an eyeshadow base for eye make-up or even those with SPF.

We help you find the right primer for the individual needs of your skin.

Why should I use a primer?

As always, a good cleaning and care ensure the perfect starting point. The care must be absorbed completely by the skin so that it does not mix with the primer. A good primer nourishes the skin even more. It is important that you let the primer dry before you start the foundation. The product will then like a thin film on your skin so that uneven areas are compensated. The foundation stays longer on the skin and is not washed out of the skin with sweat and co.

Make-Up Primer – Top 5

A primer is a perfect foundation to give your makeup a longer life and greater color intensity. In addition, it smoothes wrinkles and refines pores and makes an even skin. Your skin feels much softer and softer by using a primer. In contrast to powders, primers can be used in a more targeted and long-lasting way than matting. In the test, we took a closer look at the most popular versions of various manufacturers and summarized the test winners in our Top 5 list of the best make-up primers of the year 2019 for you.

Suggested products

1. Max Factor Facefinity All Day

As the best make-up primer, the All Day Primer from the Facefinity series by Max Factor has prevailed. The primer combines several properties and acts like a concealer and a foundation. It serves as the basis for an extra-long hold of your make-up and, thanks to the concealer effect, can correct eye shadows, redness, and impurities. You will, therefore, save a step in applying your make-up, because this primer, in contrast to most other products also has a covering effect. A matte finish and the LSF 20 are other very good features of the Foundation.

The matte effect results from the formula of micro-pigments that absorb sweat and sebum. The silky soft texture blends with the skin and ensures easy application. The Max Factor patented Flexi-Hold technology makes the lightness of the texture noticeable. This will lay the foundation for a flawless look.

The primer promises a shelf life of 12 hours. It is comedogenic, contains fragrances and silicones, which you should consider if you have very sensitive skin. The matting effect is also not suitable for women with dry skin or if you are plagued by eczema. Matching the Facefinity All Day Primer, you can purchase the Facefinity All Day Flawless 3in1 Foundation, which combines primer, concealer and foundation properties. It conjures up an even complexion with long-lasting opacity and a matte finish in the face.

All in all, the properties of the mid-range product were convincing, resulting in a good price-performance ratio.


  • Universally applicable: The product is not only a good primer but concealer and foundation in one.
  • Cover: The masking effect is very good so that the product can very well obscure dark circles, redness, and impurities.
  • Frosted: The matte effect of the primer ensures that sweat and sebum are effectively absorbed
  • Durability: Experience with the primer has shown that it can last up to 12 hours.
  • Price-performance: The positive characteristics in connection with a very fair price provide the bottom line for a very good price-performance ratio.     


  • Not for every skin type: Due to the matting effect, the product is not suitable for dry skin. You should also avoid the product if you suffer from eczema.

2. L’Oreal Paris Indefectible

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This L’OREAL primer has a transparent, gel-like texture that is not too firm. It has only 3 ingredients, which is very rare in cosmetics and basically positive. However, two silicone-based lipids (Cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicones) are included, but they are considered to be particularly skin-friendly. This leaves a pleasant, silky skin feeling and does not greasy. The third ingredient is Crosspolymer, a thickener to stabilize emulsions. Since no fragrances and other ingredients are used, the primer can also be applied to sensitive skin if it is compatible with the lipids.

The Infaillible Primer comes in a tube with a very small opening, so it is easy to dose. Two pea-sized amounts on the fingertips are already sufficient to distribute the primer evenly over the face, so that overall it is extremely productive. The application is best done in a circular motion from the inside out. Once the primer is on your skin, it leaves a powdery finish that has a mattifying effect. The fine formula is odorless, does not stick and smoothes the skin.

This light texture is the perfect foundation for a flawless foundation. It provides a waterproof and extended hold with a smoothed and refined complexion. In addition, the ingredients are vegan. Matching the primer, you can also buy from L’OREAL the Indefectible Foundation, primed and matted. For redness and minor bumps, this set is completed by the Indefectible Concealer. Overall, this L’OREAL range is more suitable for combination or oily skin, as the matting effect is particularly pronounced. Due to the good yield and the simple product formula in conjunction with the low price results in the bottom line a very good price-performance ratio.

Whether the purchase of the gel-like primer from L’oreal pays off for you, of course, depends on your requirements. Below is a summary of the pros and cons of the product to help you make the decision.


  • Structure: The gel-like texture is not too firm, the primer is almost transparent and leaves a particularly silky skin feeling.
  • Ingredients: Overall, the product consists of only three vegan ingredients, making it very suitable for a little more sensitive skin.
  • Frosted: Once applied, the primer visually leaves a powdery and therefore dull finish.
  • Price-performance: The price-performance ratio is very good due to the good workmanship in connection with the high yield.           


  • Not for dry skin: Due to the matting effect, the product is more suitable for oily skin and combination skin.
  • No covers of redness: Since it is a transparent product, redness and minor bumps cannot be covered

3. Clinique Superprimer Face Primer

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A quality primer is essential for perfect makeup. If you are wondering what the best primer on the market is, you can consider the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer. True to the quality of Clinique brand cosmetics, the L’Oreal 45269 base corrects and perfectly unifies your complexion.

Mattifying makeup base to apply before makeup, this model allows a long-lasting of your foundation and allows you to enjoy a perfect complexion in maximum comfort. Enriched with a mineral complex, the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer mattifies your complexion while providing your skin with a velvety touch like powder. 

Designed for different types of skin, this basic makeup model is suitable for normal and dry skin and can also be used as a morning routine for oily and combination skin. Its transparent gel texture makes this base light, soft and easy to apply. It does not dry the skin thanks to its formula rich in hyaluronic acid. A quality makeup base, the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer allows you to enjoy a soft and sublimated skin with a unified complexion for long-lasting makeup.

If you are looking for the best brand of makeup basics, this model can meet your requirements. It fulfills its role well since it smooths and mattifies your skin. The product also promotes the good performance of the foundation. In addition, it is not as heavy as it is the case for some items.


  • Effective: Being a brand well known in the world of cosmetics, Clinique surprises users with this base that corrects imperfections. It also unifies the complexion so that you look even more beautiful.
  • Quality: This product contains a large number of mineral complexes that ensure the desired result. Your foundation can last longer than before.  


  • Unsatisfactory: According to users who have tried to compare this product with others available on the market, it would hide little pores but nothing more. They are disappointed because the product makes the skin rather shiny instead of matte.
  • Covering effect: Since it is a transparent primer, redness and impurities can only be covered to a limited extent.

4. ASTOR Skin Match Protect

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Behind the inconspicuous tube of ASTOR hides a very cheap make-up primer, the Skin Match Protect. The nourishing formula with vitamins A, C and E provides long-lasting hydration and helps to protect the skin from premature aging and negative environmental influences. The universal color matches any complexion and the creamy texture blends smoothly with your skin. Light glitter particles make you shine! Thus, you can use only the primer and omit the make-up.

Moisturizing elements such as argan oil and Nutri-Complexe care for your skin and the SPF 25 simultaneously protects it against UV radiation. The ultra-light texture smoothes and refines, so pores and wrinkles are less noticeable and your skin is soft and tender. It also has a matting effect and yet remains breathable. The manufacturer promises 24 hours of maintenance, which has been confirmed in the test. This will give you a perfect foundation for your make-up that lasts longer and spreads better on the face. The primer comes in a tube that does not look so noble, but can be taken very comfortably and also allows easy dosing.

This primer has a long list of ingredients, including PEG-based surfactants (which are banned for natural cosmetics, for example), as well as acid and alcohol-containing polymers. For sensitive skin, it is therefore not recommended. Even more greasy skin types should not make use of this primer, as it is very oily. ASTOR has released a Skin Match Protect series that nourishes and protects your skin. You can buy the matching foundation and concealer.

However, people with insensitive skin can access it without hesitation because of the low price and the very good effect, because the price-performance ratio is very good.


  • Price: In terms of price, the product from Astor is very cheap, so that results in a very good price-performance ratio.
  • Effects: Thanks to vitamins A, C, and E, the product helps to support the skin positively and to prevent aging. In addition, substances such as argan oil provide additional moisture.
  • Hue: The color matches any facial color and additional glitter particles provide a discreet shine.
  • Smoothing effect: The creamy texture effectively smoothes wrinkles and pores.
  • Durability: The product can last up to 24 hours on the skin.
  • Dosage: The compact and simple tube still allows a good and accurate dosage.     


  • Ingredients: Due to the many ingredients, the product is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Even people suffering from atopic dermatitis should definitely do without the product.
  • Not for oily skin: People with greasy skin should also refrain from using the primer, as it is very oily.

5. Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting

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The primer from Revlon comes in a pump dispenser, which makes it very easy to dose. It has photochromatic pigments with subtle glitter particles that reflect light to refine the complexion. The velvety-light gel texture with pink tint smoothes the skin and reduces pores and small wrinkles. The primer can also be worn without make-up, as it leaves a slightly toned complexion.

Revlon’s PhotoReady range promises a perfect and vibrant look. In addition to the primer, there is a PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Make-up, a powder, a translucent finisher and a concealer in a convenient stick format for easy application and perfect for on the go. The primer and PhotoReady BB Cream are particularly well tolerated.

The primer is free of oils, fats, perfumes, and parabens, but contains silicones and paraffin. Overall, he feels more like a cream, which can leave a slightly sticky feeling. It is more suitable for oily and oily skin because the matting effect makes dry spots easy to dandruff. Unfortunately, the overall effect of the primer, as well as the processing of the pumping mechanism, is not ideally realized. Nevertheless, the product is generally recommended and also offers a good price-performance ratio.

What strengths and weaknesses the Revlon product offers you can be seen in a concise form in the following comparison?


  • Effect: Through the pigments with glitter particles, the skin is refined and looks silky and fine, but at the same time also a matting effect is achieved.
  • Tint: The pink tint provides a smoothing effect and reduces wrinkles and impurities.
  • Ingredients: The primer is free of oils, fats, perfume, and parabens, which makes it suitable for slightly sensitive skin.  


  • Consistency: Since the product has a creamy consistency, it can leave a slightly sticky feeling.
  • Not for dry skin: Due to the matting effect, the product is not recommended for dry skin.
  • Pump dispensers: The pump dispenser is not ideally processed and makes dosing a little more complicated.

How to choose the primer?

It is a golden rule to choose a primer based on the color of the skin, opting for a pair of shades lower than the foundation or blush you will use later.

It is generally distinguished between two types of primer: classic and illuminating. The first has a matt effect. The illuminating one, on the other hand, serves to give a luminous appearance to the base, giving the face a fresher and rested air.

It contains pigments and particles that reflect light and, through a soft-focus effect, minimize discolorations and imperfections, making the skin more homogeneous and radiant, illuminated with diffused light, without glitter or shimmer.

If you think you should use it on the road, you can opt for a small travel jar, very practical to carry in your purse.

Next, to the types for the face, specific primers for the eyes and lips can also be found.

Skin types and primers?

Those with oily skin can benefit from the primer. Its application prevents excessive sebum secretion, prolonging the life of your make-up. In the case of open pores, it is recommended before cleaning them.

With dry and normal skin, the primer gives a smooth and radiant appearance, without the risk of cracking and plumage. In this case, the illuminating face primer is ideal, also using it mixed with the foundation to lighten its texture.

A face filler or filler primer is more suitable for those who are struggling with pores. This type of cosmetic is a real pore minimizer: it creates such a layer on the skin to minimize imperfections and the signs of aging.

It has a temporary smoothing effect which then allows the foundation to adhere perfectly, creating an impeccable result.

Colored face primers

On the market, there are also last generation primers that are characterized by a particular color. With their wide range of colors, it is possible to hide imperfections.

It can be found in many shades, such as:

  • yellow, anti-stain or dark areas,
  • green, anti-redness
  • orange, for very light, pale or dull skin
  • Purplish, anti-gray.

Care must be taken when applied: they must be carefully dosed and used with great skill!

How is the primer applied?

The application of the primer takes place in different phases, to be carried out with scrupulous care to obtain the desired results:

  • Start with facial cleansing to gently remove any impurities
  • distribute a quantity of primer the size of a pea
  • Gently apply the primer to the center of the face. Make circular movements to spread it with the utmost care and lightly over the entire face
  • let it absorb for a couple of minutes
  • At this point, you can proceed with your normal makeup routine by applying the foundation.

Silicone in the primer?

Not a few women are hesitant in using this makeup base: in fact, the primer often contains silicone as one of its ingredients. However, there are now silicon-free primer formulations with lighter textures, with purposes that are also illuminating, moisturizing, dull or corrective. And anyway, even with regard to the most filling and “strong” ones, it is not that for this alleged “heaviness” they should be demonized: we simply need to understand how to use them correctly.

Application and suitability

In principle, a primer is an everyday product. You can apply it daily and especially on special occasions when make-up should be particularly effective and long-lasting. Here are the positive properties as a primer to full effect. Since primers are applied only extremely thin and delicate, they are very productive. You, therefore, do not need a large container, small quantities are already sufficient.

Usually, only a skin cream is applied, which can be absorbed and only then comes the primer used. Here a pea-sized blob for the complete face is absolutely sufficient. The primer is then massaged. If necessary, you can also provide only the forehead, nose and chin with the primer and leave the rest of the face out. This too can already provide a positive effect.

It should also be emphasized that primers are suitable for all skin types. Since a thin film is on the skin, the product does not fatten and moisture is better stored in the skin, so you should definitely apply your day cream before. Note, however, that a primer is by no means to be understood as a substitute for daily skincare. The effect is purely visual. A grooming product is not a make-up primer. Therefore, you should also clean and care for the skin in the evening and rid it of the remains of the primer. This must be done carefully because the silicones contained are waterproof.

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