What to Do When You Have Acne and Dry Skin

Acne and dry skin problem is not a new or rare problem. In fact for some reasons like our nature or pollution now we are facing the problem more frequently. Whenever we are facing the problem, we have to find that what to do when you have acne and dry skin. If we research or think carefully there can be many ways come out but we should follow some actually effective procedures like described here.

Idea about dry skin:

The most outer layer of the skin is found like a barrier between face and the outside which is medically referred as the skin barrier function. The cells in skin of face are like bricks and natural oils in that are the mortars to tie them up. The cells called bricks are filled with water and fats for pointing the swelling in skin if there is any. Though the swelling is good, because it normally is for packing up cells tightly and making it hard for anything that is penetrated on that outer layer on skin. These fats on top of skin are also like natural water barrier. They prevent moisture to lock them up in skin. So without the layer and the construction of skin we actually have dry skin

Causes of dry skin:

  1. Harsh detergents and soaps like sodium lauryl sulfate causes dry skin
  2. Topical acne drugs like Benzoyl peroxide, retinoids can cause dry skin.
  3. Too alkaline cleansers look for balanced ph and are the reason of dry skin.
  4. Taking long hot showers may be one of the reasons
  5. Chemical irritants in household products as laundry detergent is one of the biggest reasons
  6. Some medications, for example, Accutane.

Using lotions and lotions:

We agree that most of the treatments of acne problems have drying aspects but some of them not that much. For example, lotions, ointments or creams are some of them. Just keep in mind that whatever treatment you are using, never use more than what the directions says about the product to use. If you think differently, it will not make a good effect rather than bad. Notice your skin after using any cream or lotions and decide actually what product is suiting to your face properly and what feels you better.

Fetching cleanser well:

Cleanser, the product that should be in consideration in this case. Like moisturizers of acne treatment, they can be extremely drying. Cleansers that are not foaming at all can get you best result in this case. You have to remember that use a non-medicated cleanser if you are using a typical medicated cream, lotion or ointment for acne. Otherwise consulting your skin doctor can be another option to choose the product.

Moisturizing regularly:

You need to moisturize your skin on regular basis for keeping it away from dryness. All you have to do to is preventing breakout of acne to continue having moisturized skin. So, always be aware of moisturizer’s type you use.

Avoiding over washing:

Sometimes skin strips off natural oils and moisture of its own for washing excess. Wash your face just once a day if you are using a cleanser. A few splashes of water should be enough after you have removed your make-up for getting the dirt off your skin. By this way, you may keep your skin clean and can avoid being dry.

Some home remedies can be effective:

Some basic things of daily use can easily answer the question what to do when you have acne and dry skin.

Tomato Pulp:

Tomatoes have vitamin A, K and C that help skin dry up acne. You have to cut a tomato in slices and rub that on face evenly like a scrub. Besides you may mash the tomato and put the most mashed part on face like a face pack and repeat for a few weeks.


Potatoes contain vitamin C that helps to boost the production of collagen and prevents skin healing damage caused by rays of sun. Vitamin B in potatoes is also good for regeneration and lightening the skin.


Garlic works as skin treatment having sulphur, zinc calcium, and allicin and other antibiotic properties. Mix  garlic and cloves with water and apply the paste on your face and wash after a few hours.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon is highly acidic and makes acne dry instantly. Squeeze lemon juice on to cotton balls and apply on acne or dry areas and get a smoother skin without dryness.

Among all the procedure you can adopt anyone. Here we have pointed some effective guideline you can research on that and choose one of the best options following them.


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