What to Do When Your Dry Skin Becomes Drier in Winter

Dry skin is one of the biggest problems we have in skin especially in winter its affects more in our skin. So, we often been seen worrying about what to do when your dry skin becomes drier in winter. Not any more I guess after getting the solution here we are going to discuss in detail.

Why winter affects more on skin to be dry:

While dropping temperature and blowing cold winds, both inside and outside there is low humidity which makes your skin harder. In additional point the combination of cold and dry outside and hot and dry inside makes your skin cells dry from deep pores. You can keep your skin smooth and hydrated by specialized products which will lock moisture in skin to nourish that even in cold environment with complete radiance.

General symptoms of dry skin while winter:

Here are some points that may irritate you as first symptoms of dry skin.

  1. You will have itchiness in some areas
  2. You will feel some thickness and feel like rough skin
  3. Some painful cracks may occur in skin
  4. Normal dermatitis involving red, inflamed, and scaly skin
  5. Other skin problems like eczema can appear slightly with itchy and red patches on skin

What to do when your dry skin becomes drier in winter

Using serums:

You must use serum and booster for skim renewal to give you the best results. These innovative formulas do their work in perfect way without changing your regular facial routine. These actually matches with your current skincare routine being packed up with the ingredients needed for skin for looking silken, softer, and radiant.

Regular skin care routine:

You need to maintain your skincare routine having dry skin also. Using a soothing cleanser which is soluble in water and wet toner can be a solution which normally be loaded with replenishing components for skin like AHA and BHA.

Having sunscreen:

A sunscreen having richly and restorative effects with creamy moisturizer can be used. They will protect from sun and keep your skin soft in nighttime.

Avoiding hot water:

Hot water makes dry skin worse and especially when you use hot water with soap. Washing with hot water can make strip the protective oils from skin and leave it vulnerable after drying.

Having bath for short time:

Keeping baths in a short time period like 10 minutes or less is wise for those who have dry skin in winter. In this case also use a little warm water rather than hot.

Avoiding scrub or related things:

Reduce the risk of trauma for skin avoiding sponges at the shower time. Scrub brushes and washcloths should be also rejected. If you can’t give them up together try to use a light touch at least. Do pat or blot skin and never rub when toweling dry.

Not using soap too much:

Using too much soap can be a reason of skin dryness. You should apply soap only when you need it under your arms or feet. Choose mild and free from products that are designed to be less drying

Applying moisturizer:

Moisturizer should be applied always after having bath or after washing hands and feet. Thus you can get spaces in your skin plugged between skin cells and seal of skin still damp. Moisturizer can be used in form of oil, lotion or regular moisturizer or ointment.

Greasing up feet:

In winter feet skin need stronger stuff. Try to find lotions having petroleum jelly or glycerine as well. Better exfoliants for having dead skin off sometimes works to maintain pure moisturizers to sink faster for skin welfare.

You can believe on what you use to avoid dryness in skin. Follow the rules regularly what you follow in hot weather but besides that you just have to add some aspects described here. You can pick one of the ways from here and be careful about using them as extra care of dry skin in winter.

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